Windows Live Writer

I have just downloaded and installed Windows Live Writer on my laptop.  Let’s see how this post will look like in my blog.  But first, let me try to change the font color to blue.  This looks fun.  The good thing about the Windows Live Writer is that it looks like a standard Microsoft Word document.  It has the same menu and word formatting features.  Well, it’s from my Microsoft… =)

Now, let me just try to insert one of my favorite pictures. 

Allan Inocente

This was taken during my trip to Chicago.   On my background is a big, shiny, droplet-looking thing they call “The Bean”.

Ok, what else can I do?

  • hhmmm…I can try to create a bullet point..
  • and another bullet point…
  • and some more…


Alright, that’s enough for now. 


Business Life Lessons

Chuck and the Buy More guys

I’ve been watching “Chuck” the past few days.  It’s a new TV series about an ordinary guy, “Chuck”, who  accidentally uploaded secret government information into his brain by reading an email from his spy friend “Bryce”.   He has a very high capacity for absorbing information and got himself recruited by the CIA and NSA unknowingly.  He works at “Buy More”, an electronic shop who sells and supports electronic gadgets, computers and laptops.   Working with him in the “Buy More” store are funny guys who remind me of the “Geek Squad”.  I like this show.  It’s funny, not so emotional, and entertaining.  It makes me laugh.  Got to get back to the TV. =)


Boracay – the Philippines' most popular beach

Boracay - the most popular beach in the Philippines

I love going to the beach.  The clear water, the white sand beach and the twinking stars at night make the beach so peaceful.  One of the best beaches I’ve been to is Boracay in the Philippines.   The above picture of Boracay beach was taken last December.  Notice how clear the water is?  It’s very beautiful.  I can’t wait to go the beach again soon…perhaps checkout Palawan…or Bohol?



American Idol – comparing apples to oranges

I’ve just watched American Idol. As usual, David Archuleta and David Cook both put on very strong performances tonight. One David is a hardcore rock artist. The other one is a balladeer. I hope they get to the final showdown. It’d be one hell of a show.

It’s a bit of a challenge to compare the two though since they are very good in their own genre’s. Who’s to say that the rocker is better than the balladeer? Perhaps those who like rock. But all those who like ballad would surely love to hear the other one sing. It’s like comparing apples to oranges. There’s really no point in comparing. Which reminds me, American Idol is an entertainment business after all.

In the end, they are both very good singers. Any of the two will surely make a great album. Selling the album will be another story.



I’m watching “Life”, the TV Series. It is not as witty and surprising as “House”, and it is also not as scientific looking as CSI, although they both deal with crime. I guess, it has its own merit in terms of connecting all the episodes together on a central idea, to know who was responsible for framing the main character up. The TV show also tries to make it appear as a “reality” show by inserting some interview clips of people around him, the same trick the “Friday Night Lights” TV show overdid on season 1. I have watched only a few episodes. I’m not as hooked as when I watched “Heroes” the first time. It’s still a long season to go. Maybe there will be some surprises along the way. Until then, I’ll have to enjoy this one for now.


Filipino Food – the king of great breakfast

I’m craving for “danggit”, fried “dilis”, salted egg, fried eggplant with bagoong or soy sauce with “kalamansi”. I really love my favorite longganisa, adobo, and Purefoods tender juicy hotdog. Of course, nothing is good unless there’s rice. “Sinangag”, the Filipino fried rice in garlic or soy sauce, or just plain rice, is the best partner for these delicious treats. I miss having breakfast in the Philippines.

Top it up with a nice “barako” coffee from Batangas and it surely is a great breakfast in the taking.

Books Business Life Lessons

iWoz and my microprocessor days

I’m fond of going to the bookstore and see if there’s anything new. I like to read on the lives of great people. I’d like to know how they think, how they got to where they are, what they stand for.

After reading iWoz, a book written by Steve Wozniak, I had a renewed appreciation for Engineers. Steve Wozniak is an Engineer by profession and he created the Apple II computer. He is an excellent designer, using as few chips as possible, continuously making improvements, finding delight in the thought of beating himself.

In some ways, reading the book made me remember the wonderful days I had working with chips as a student. I worked on some small projects at school. At one time, I had to attach a keypad and an LCD display on a microprocessor chip, added a few resistors, capacitors, transistors and make it do some neat things. If you type in a number on the keypad, the number appears on the LCD and then starts counting down. Once it reaches zero, it blinks three times as if to explode. It’s a bit scary walking around with it going to the malls. The security guys might mistake it for a bomb and have me arrested.

At one point, I was also involved in creating a fingerprint-identification system for use on office time-in/time-out. I can still remember my delight when I was able to make the thing work at the middle of the night. There I was, watching my own fingerprint on the computer screen, smiling up to my ears, as if seeing the face of a beautiful girl.

I guess, I just miss those days. It was a wonderful experience. I hope I get to experience the same feeling again in the future.

Business Life Lessons Life Updates

a little something about me

This is my first post. I’ve been toying with the idea of a website for quite some time now. I haven’t really figured out what I really want. I love reading books, and I wanted to create an online bookstore. But then I realized, I don’t have the infrastructure to support the whole thing. I don’t even have any experience setting up anything like it. I guess it is just a dream for now…it will have to wait.

As a first blog entry, I wanted to tell a little something about myself. It’s my simple way of introducing myself to the world.

I am a software testing consultant by profession with extensive experience in mainframe, banking and credit card systems. I love reading books, listening to music, playing basketball, going to the beach, singing karaoke, playing guitar, dreaming and sleeping.

That’s it about me for now…next time I will share something about what I really like.