5 Surprising Truths Google Adsense and Launching an Ebook Taught Me About Earning Money Online

I’ve wondered a few times whether I’d share this information to you or not.  I hesitate because the topic of earning money online invoke different emotions from different people.  One of my main goals in this blog is to be as transparent as possible but my fear of being taken negatively is getting in the way.  Today, I’m taking a leap of faith to share with you what I learned trying to earn income from Google adsense and launching an ebook to help inspire you in your own financial journey.

Google Adsense

Last week, I was able to finally claim my very first $100 Google Adsense earnings.   That’s after 1 year and 5 months.  The $100 minimum threshold was actually reached by the end of January but Google takes another month to compile everything to have the necessary payment issued.  Here’s a picture of the payment.

While trying find the yellow receive money form of Western Union, I was surprised at first because the form was a bit different that what I expected.  It’s now smaller than what it was previously.  I filled-up the new form anyway and gave it to the Western Union agent.  In less than 3 minutes, my money was handed out to me in cash.  Hassle free.  Of course, I had to bring two IDs (my driver’s license and employee ID) for identification purposes as well as print out the payment details in my Google Adsense admin page but that’s pretty much it.

Why am I sharing this to you?  Simple.  It took me 1 year and 5 months to earn $100.  Hardly exciting.  But when you think about it, this is purely passive income.  I didn’t have to create or ship any product, hire employees or even actually sell anything.  All I did is copy-and-paste an html code provided by Google upon signing-up for FREE to automatically generate Google ads.  Whenever someone “clicks” on those ads, I get an income paid by the advertisers of those ads. Google tracks and manages every part of the process.  All I do is copy-and-paste the code once and forget about it.  After reaching the threshold, I received the $100.60 amount from Google. It’s a relatively small amount, but being able to earn it passively is mind bloggling.

How it all started…

A few years ago while still working as an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) in Malaysia, I started writing about my thoughts on money and investing and published them here at Rich Money Habits (you can check out my old articles at the archives section).  In March 2009, I got interested in the potential of making money online and tried putting Google adsense ads into this site.  After 8 months, my Google adsense earned me a whopping total of $1.08.  🙂

For some this was a very very small amount.  And it is!  That’s just enough to buy a small burger.  But one thing that got stuck in my mind from earning that small amount is the realization that I can actually earn money online — it is indeed possible!  That helped inspire me to try to learn about how to do it more effectively.

I really didn’t know much about Internet Marketing then, so when I found out from attending Bo Sanchez’ Financial Coaching Seminar that Jomar Hilario is offering an Online Internet Marketing Mentoring program, I grabbed the opportunity right away.  From Jomar’s Online Mentoring program, I learned that you can display the Google ads in a certain way to maximize your Google earnings.  I did apply some of it and noticed my Google earnings start to grow.  It really suprised me because after a month of applying those lessons, I now earned $6.10! Still not that huge, but it is now more than 5 times what I earned in 8 months figuring it out by myself. 🙂

This could have been higher if I bombarded this blog with Google adsense to the point where you cannot read the articles anymore, but as I mentioned in one of my previous articles, I decided early on that Google ads will not be the main focus of this blog.  For as good as the “passive income”sounds, there are still some things that are worth more — that is helping you read through the articles without disctractions, so you can focus and absorb the money and investing tips better.

Rich Money Habits Guide Ebook

Rich Money Habits 3D book coverLast February 17, I launched my very first ebook guide Rich Money Habits – 8 Ways To Shift Your Money Habits and Be Rich.  Because it was my first time to publish a paid product, I didn’t know what to expect.

What if no one buys?  Am I asking for too much?  What will other people say?  I had all these fears and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that these ideas are only in my mind…they reflected my own internal struggles that I had to battle through.  I had to refocus my attention away from my own fears.

There was only one question I had to answer — “will this help other people?”  My short answer was a definite YES!  And because I created the product from beginning to end and applied the same ideas myself, I know how valuable it is.  But I still didn’t trust myself enough.  I had to go and ask other people, specifically those who have read the same information through my newsletter…and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.  It was enough to give me the courage to actually launch the ebook.

Launching the ebook was my own little experiment.  And it’s aligned with one of my goals this year to earn $100 monthly income passively from at least 3 income streams.  I wanted to share with you the results (so far) not to brag, because there’s nothing to brag about, but to help inspire you to take your own journey as well.  Here it is.

Total guides sold: 15

Total sales: $118.38 USD

Affiliate share: $8.97 USD

I am not a best-selling author and I don’t claim to be one.  I am just like you, an ordinary person still working full time as an employee looking for ways to bring value to other people and earn income without having to spend so much of my time…because in reality the bulk of my time is still being consumed by my full-time job.

5 Surprising Things I Learned from Launching My Ebook

1) Comparing Ebook Earnings vs Google Adsense Earnings.  The $100 amount was reached in just a week after it was launched.  For a moment, I realized the same result ($100) was achieved a lot faster compared to Google adsense!  1 week vs 1 year and 4 months!  It’s hardly a comparison.  Of course, Google adsense pays only in cents while the ebook is priced at $9.95 initially.

2) The value of launch.  As expected, the bulk of the sales (80%) was made on the launch day itself and continuing on to the next day.  After that, the sales began to taper off in the next few days.  Now, it’s 1 guide sold every other day.  Which is not disappointing considering that this is now purely passive income.  I don’t have to do anything anymore.  Everything is being taken cared of by e-junkie, my shopping cart provider.

3) Being true to your customers. One buyer sent me an email asking when will the book delivered.  After receiving the email, I was surprised.  Suffice it to say, I didn’t expect it and was confused at first.  One, because I was selling an ebook, not a hard copy version.  And two, because I was totally clueless that the book description was misleading people.  I checked my site again and realized that there’s actually no specific mention that the guide is sold as electronic copy only (i.e. ebook) and there’s no paper-based actual hard copy to be delivered.  After calling the buyer, I figured out the miscommunication right away and promised to fix the problem.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t ship a hard copy book to the buyer so I decided to do the next best thing.  First, I decided to refund the payment immediately.  Also, I gave away the ebook, including the bonuses to the buyer for FREE to help compensate for the inconvenience.  Last and more importantly, I had to go and modify the description of the Rich Money Habits package to say that the buyer will get an ebook, not an actual hard copy paper-based book to prevent other people from facing the same problem.

4) Facing your fears by taking action.  One surprising thing I learned from the whole experience is that — “your fears are not as scary as you might think.”  My fears didn’t materialize.  Someone actually bought my ebook.  That alone gave me the confidence to think that this could actually work.

5) All the support that you need is nearer than you think. Some of my friends were delighted when they learned that Bo Sanchez wrote the Foreword to my ebook.  The reality is that Bo Sanchez wasn’t even paid to write the Foreword.  And I didn’t even have to meet him in person to make the request.  One night, while thinking who should write the Foreword for my ebook, I asked myself this question — “if there’s one person in this world that you look up to and would like to write the foreword to your ebook, who would it be”.  There’s only one person that came into my mind — Bo Sanchez.   I learned a lot from Bo Sanchez so to have him write the Foreword would really be the greatest thing in the world for me — a seemingly impossible dream at that time.  I hesitated because I felt my own insecurities cropping through my mind.  Thoughts like “who am I that Bo Sanchez would take the time to write to foreword of this ebook?”was making my own personal doubts stronger.  But I started writing the email anyway…and at the last second, I closed my eyes and took a leap of faith by clicking the send button.  The next day at 9AM in the morning, I got the surprise of my life.  Not only did Bo Sanchez read and replied to my email — he even wrote the Foreword and included it in his email reply right away, no questions asked!  Wow!  To say I was happy is an understatement.  I was wearing a very wide smile the whole day!  🙂

Throughout this journey of trying to learn to earn income through the internet, I’ve met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot along the way.  But my journey is only just beginning.  I am still a long way from financial freedom…but I’d like to think I am inching towards my goal each and every day.  My wish is that this article help inspire you in your own financial journey.

Cheers to your financial success!