American Idol: will it be David vs David?

Will it be David vs David in the Final Showdown?

That will be the question for tomorrow’s American Idol.   Earlier this evening, I was able to watch the first songs of the top 3 American Idol contestants.  I thought the performances didn’t really make someone stood out. 

They had pretty much the same performance as their previous weeks style and it made the show a bit predictable.  The requested songs from the judges suited the contestant’s style, except for David Cook’s rendition of “The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face”.  The song was requested by Simon Cowell, perhaps to see how the hard rock artist would perform the non-rock, sweet melodic song of Roberta Flack.  It’s obvious from David’s reaction upon receiving the SMS message from Simon and tonight’s performance that it wasn’t easy for him.  It was not David’s best performance, but he also did not make a mess of himself.  It’s amazing how he was able to sustain his voice during the successive long and high notes at the end of the song. 

David Archuleta sang “And So It Goes” as requested by Paula Abdul.  David’s rendition is as expected: very soothing, not forced, but also did not make David the odds on favorite for the night. 

Syesha Mercado, on the other hand, sang “If I Ain’t Got You”.  It’s also a tricky song.  The fact that the song is very popular made it hard for her to create some personal touches and not mess up.  She did not mess up.  But she also did not put on an unforgettable performance.  

In the end, everyone played it safe.  I think this will work out to the two David’s advantage.  But who knows?  Perhaps, America has other ideas in mind.  So, will it be the two Davids in the final showdown?  Or will it be Syesha and one David?  Who will it be?