Announcing the winner of the FREE Rich Dad Poor Dad book!

First of all, THANK YOU very much to all those who participated in the first-ever Rich Money Habits Readers’ Survey

Your inspiring life’s stories, financial goals and dreams and suggestions on how Rich Money Habits can be of help to you are very much appreciated.  Rest assured, we’ll definitely keep them in mind as we aim to constantly improve the Rich Money Habits blog to be more relevant to your financial needs.

Without further ado, I am very delighted to finally announce the winner of the FREE Rich Dad Poor Dad book as part of our first ever Rich Money Habits Readers’ Survey promo. 

And the winner is… Lunining Arabiran! 


I was so amazed at the personal finance tips and stories Lunining shared that I want the readers of this blog to learn from and be inspired by it as well. 

Here’s her answer to the question What are your money habits and how they have affected your life?”

I’m earning a little over minimum wage and I was "awakened" that after 3 years of working I had so much less than what I was hoping for. I cleaned up my act….

  1. I love Manga (Japanese animation) so much so that a large chunk of my money goes here. I curtailed the Manga-buying impulse. (I still do buy but occasionally).
  2. I don’t use my credit card except when buying groceries twice a month.
  3. I bring lunch to the office.
  4. I had my mom invest my money that has a 12% APY.
  5. I read about how to invest in the stock market.
  6. I built up and completed my 1 year emergency fund.
  7. I am building up my retirement plan. I’m also looking into consulting someone who works for the SSS. So I can compute the actual amount of pension I’ll be receiving when I’m 60.
  8. I am taking up my Master’s degree so I can go ahead and get side jobs. (This wasn’t really necessary to get the jobs but understanding more concepts and theoretical background would help) and I’m almost done, just the thesis left.
  9. Next time I get to be in another country, will be saving my per diem like crazy. Last time I was in the US, I spent my money on a lot of souvenirs.
  10. I created a budget.

All of those things are the stuff that I’m doing, have done and will be doing. There are a couple things more but I think this is getting too long.  Basically, knowing and being conscious of how money is spent has taught me that when you spend money now, you’re not only giving up that money in that instant but you are also forfeiting the right that, that money can earn in the future.


How about you?  What are your money habits and how have they affected your financial life?


  1. My money habits have not always been the best; in fact, I used to be the typical “in debt” guy until a few years ago; one of the important catalysts for me was finishing university, and the second was landing a decent full-time job. Since then I have limited my consumer spending, not spending my money on plasma TVs and expensive restaurants but instead putting most of it away and taking the occasional vacation. I still have a long way to go, and I have a bit of a late start, but I am learning more every day, from books such as “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

  2. That’s a great story Kevin! Welcome to RMH! I really believe that learning to “undo” bad money habits is half the battle. Forming new rich money habits is another challenge that takes a lifetime to build. Just starting out or not, what matters is we continue to learn to be responsible stewards of our own money. More power and I wish you well on your financial journey!

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