Here’s my personal recording of the Beatle’s Yesterday. Enjoy! ūüôā UPDATE as of May 8, 2009:¬† Unfortunately, about a month ago, SINGSHOT was no longer available as EA discontinued the service.¬† Too bad.¬† Anyone know of any other alternative for online videoke site? Rate this performance at The Sims On Stage

Windows Live Writer

I have just downloaded and installed Windows Live Writer on my laptop.¬† Let’s see how this post will look like in my blog.¬† But first, let me try to change the font color to blue.¬† This looks fun.¬† The good thing about the Windows Live Writer is that it looks like a standard Microsoft Word… Continue reading Windows Live Writer

Chuck and the Buy More guys

I’ve been¬†watching “Chuck” the past few days.¬† It’s¬†a new TV series about an ordinary guy, “Chuck”,¬†who¬† accidentally¬†uploaded secret government information into his brain by reading an email from his spy friend “Bryce”.¬†¬†¬†He has a very high capacity for absorbing information and got himself recruited by the CIA and NSA unknowingly.¬† He works at “Buy More”,… Continue reading Chuck and the Buy More guys

Boracay – the Philippines' most popular beach

I love going to the beach.¬† The clear water, the white sand beach and the twinking stars at night make¬†the beach¬†so peaceful.¬† One of the best beaches I’ve been to is Boracay in the Philippines.¬†¬† The above picture of Boracay beach was taken last December.¬† Notice how clear the water is?¬† It’s very beautiful.¬† I… Continue reading Boracay – the Philippines' most popular beach


I’m watching “Life”, the TV Series. It is not as witty and surprising as “House”, and it is also not as scientific looking as CSI, although they both deal with crime. I guess, it has its own merit in terms of connecting all the episodes together on a central idea, to know who was responsible… Continue reading Life

Filipino Food – the king of great breakfast

I’m craving for “danggit”, fried “dilis”, salted egg, fried eggplant with bagoong or soy sauce with “kalamansi”. I really love my favorite longganisa, adobo, and Purefoods tender juicy hotdog. Of course, nothing is good unless there’s rice. “Sinangag”, the Filipino fried rice in garlic or soy sauce, or just plain rice, is the best partner… Continue reading Filipino Food – the king of great breakfast