CitisecOnline’s Philippine Stock Market Outlook for 2011

Today, I got curious when I saw an email Newsletter from CitisecOnline, Inc in my mailbox.  The newsletter contained some videos discussing the Philippine Stock Market Outlook for 2011, at least from CitisecOnline’s point of view.

I was amazed because I didn’t expect to receive such a video report prepared in painstaking detail.  I must admit I often get bored seeing power point presentations. Oftentimes I don’t understand half of it.  But I still I thought it would be a good idea to at least share them with you so we can both learn something new today.

DISCLAIMER: I am not connected with CitisecOnline other than as a customer.  I don’t earn any income from promoting them on this site.  All rights to the videos below are with CitisecOnline, Inc.  Please exercise due diligence and consult your own financial advisors before acting on any recommendations mentioned on this site.  I am not liable for any loss or damage from direct or indirect use of the information contained in this site including the videos below.

With that said, here’s

CitisecOnline’s Philippine Stock Market Outlook for 2011


by Ms. April Lee-Tan, CFA

Topics: Inflation and interest rate hike concerns, fund flows, strong fundamentals of the Philippines and the investment boom in the Philippines.



Topics: today’s valuations, following a buying plan, and the COL Stock Picks for 2011.



…If at this point, your head is about to explode because of information overload, wait till you watch the following videos. 🙂



by Mr. Juanis Barredo

Topics: brief market overview, a 1-Year Performance read of the Philippine index, a look into the global recovery and current fund drifts.



Topics: Headwinds facing the market, the impact of inflation and interest rates, an examination of Europe and what our observations are.



Topics: What is up ahead, a weekly and daily overview of the PSEi, CitisecOnline’s expected scenario and our technical outlook stock picks and support points.


I hope you didn’t get a headache from watching the videos. 🙂


Readers, what thoughts do you have about the stock market outlook for 2011?  Do you think the market’s optimism will carry us through?  Or will the stock market be sluggish this year?


Good luck investing!



Allan Inocente

Rich Money Habits


P.S.  Something is brewing here at Rich Money Habits…Watch out for my next post, as I try to fill you in on my very first project for 2011!  This is going to be really exciting! 🙂