Featured Success Story: Former Engineer and CPA Couple turned Entrepreneur Gets Their Dream Car

About 3 years ago, one reader of this blog emailed me to ask about the business that I was involved in at that moment. I didn’t personally know them at that time. When I had a chance to meet them up for coffee they said they read my article in 2011 about my 3 goals for the year and they were curious how to be a part of it. It was a long journey from that day to who they have become now with many ups and downs…but the rest as they say is history.

I really admire this couple for their tenacity, for their drive and ambition and never-give-up attitude. RJ De Lara is a former Electrical Engineer, a jolly guy who is very approachable and accomodating. He makes you feel at home and welcome even though you just met. Jacq De Lara is a former Certified Public Account. She’s the energy and passion behind their success in the business. This husband and wife tandem is like a speeding and powerful car. Jacq, the wife, is the engine, and RJ is the wheels and body of the car.  Early this year one of their dreams, came true. They got their dream car, a Mitsubishi Montero nicknamed “KC”. Just like this muscle car, they too are UNSTOPPABLE.

Recently, I got a chance to interview them for a feature in this blog.  I’d like to share their story with you in the hope that you learn from their journey as well. Read on and enjoy!

1) Can you give us a background on what you were doing prior to doing business?

We were electrical engineer at a known electric utility company and an accountant/ financial analyst in a known petroleum/energy company respectively.

2) When did you realize that you wanted to go into business?

It all started when we read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. That time, we realized that even if we have good corporate careers, we figured out that we still in rat race, living pay check to pay check. That book opened our mind into the world of passive income through starting an income generating asset like a business on the side while being employed. Why work for something you cannot own if you can work for something that you can own and pass on generations to the next generations.

3) What was the greatest challenge you encountered and how were you able to overcome it?

The greatest challenge was the fear of rejection and criticism. We overcame those by attending trainings that shifted our mindset and beliefs. Also, we hangout with like minded people who shares the same attitude and drive to get what they truly deserve in life.

4) What motivated you to continue your business even when the results were not very encouraging at the start?

We have a deep why bigger than fear, rejections, doubts and negatives around us. We both came from very humble beginning so we want our future children to experience the life that they deserve. Though money itself can’t buy happiness. But money can buy things that makes our family happy and comfortable. Money will help us to pay our utility bills, to pay our basic necessities, send our future children to excellent schools, visit different places around the world, buy things that our family want. If we have financial independence, then we will get our time freedom as well…spending our precious time with our family rather than spending our time working for the rest of our lives.

5) How do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

We see ourselves already harvesting the fruits of our labor in the past 5 years, enjoying our dream house, travelling with the kids around the world, being invited as to talk to internationally as a motivational and inspirational speakers and helping more people to attain financial independence by educating them about financial literacy so that they can too get their dreams as well.

6) If you have a superpower, what would it be, and why?

We want to have teleportation power. We’ll use this power whenever we’re stuck on a traffic and instantly go from one place to another, from one country to another.

7) What 3 tips can you share with those who want to start their own business?

1. Believe that you will succeed, that’s the first thing and very important because we both agree that all of us have infinite potential. We just have to harness it.

2. Work hard and don’t quit. you must be willing to exert extra effort and anticipate discouragement along the way. As the saying goes “if you do what is easy your life will be hard, if you do what is hard your life will be easy.” Pray and ask God for his grace and mercy and help in times of trouble and thank him for all of his blessings.

3. Look for a mentor. Initially, we know we need to have an income generating asset but we dont know where and how to start. It is important to look for a mentor who will coach and guide you all the way in doing your business. All you have to do is do what they say even if we dont understand at first. Just trust them because they have been there, they have many experiences that made them successful.

I hope you learned something from what RJ and Jacq shared with you. I pray that God grants you the courage to pursue your own dreams and the tenacity to see it through until the end just like how RJ and Jacq did. I’m excited to feature your success story in this blog soon! Cheers to your financial success!

P.S. To get in touch with RJ and Jacq, you may add them in Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/rjdelara12 and https://www.facebook.com/jacqdelara,

P.P.S. I am looking for 4 new people to coach and mentor on how to earn US dollars while in the Philippines like how I did to RJ and Jacq this July. This is going to be very intensive one-on-one coaching and I only work with people who are open-minded, teachable and who are serious in making a change in their lives. I will be investing a significant amount of time coaching you personally, and you must be willing to invest your time, money and effort throughout the process. If you are not willing to commit to a 6-month program, and is not willing to undergo training in Makati personally, this may not be for you. If you have gone past the “kaya ko pang tiisin” stage, and REALLY want to make a significant improvement in your financial life, and you are willing to BE COACHED, LEARN and WORK HARD, simply hit the reply button and send me an email OR add me up as friend in Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/allaninocente and we’ll set up a time to get to know each other and explore if we can work together or not.

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