Finding the song in me

It’s been a while since I tried to listen to music on my ipod.  I miss it.
It’s very refreshing to hear the music play.  The rhythm makes my heart

Sometimes, there are so many things that concern me.  My head is spinning
and it is going nowhere. It’s hard to relax.  It’s hard to make sense with
anything that’s going on.  In moments like these that I want to raise my
hand and say “God, take charge”.

I am a man of a few words.  I am more comfortable with silence.

How does it feel to sing a song you can relate to…finding the spirit that’s
been buried a long time ago.  To revive the fire that’s within.  To bring
passion and excitement everyday.

Oftentimes, I remember having a great time when I was a child planting
vegetables, dreaming for a bountiful harvest.  I am a farmer by heart.  That’s what my
parents taught me.  The value of hard work and earning your way, they taught
it to me everyday.  You have to work for it, they’d always say.  I saw how
hard they worked.  And that’s what I also did, hoping that it will give a different
results from what I already saw. They had enough. But so little time.

Having more money, meant less time.  Why can’t I have both?

Both money and time.  That’s the goal.  To pursue those things that excite me.
What excites me?  What are the things that make my heart beat faster?  What
are the activities I enjoy doing?  What seems to be playing for me?  What is
it that gives me joy even without the money?

What it is that  I want to be, that I want to do, and things I want to have.
Be – do – have.

The key is in being.  Being the best that I can be in everything that I do.
Being the owner, not the boss.  The goal is to focus on efficiency, minimum
effort with maximum result.  Work on tools to make things
easier.  That’s what I want to do.  To be able to make sense of this world,
I need to be free.

Free to do WHAT I want to do, WHEN I want to do it, WHERE I want to do it.
That is the goal.  The goal is to be FREE! Free to do the things  that excite
me and minimize those things that don’t excite me.  This is my goal.

Is the pursuit of happiness supposed to be lived without the enjoyment of
the moment?  Life is an illusion.  I need to watch out what I believe in.
What I think.   What I speak.  Watching the words coming out from my mouth,
there I will see what it is in my heart.

Looking at my life now, I know that one day I will be free.  And that
moment is coming.  There is freedom.  And it is possible.
I don’t have to do things that I don’t want to do, that don’t make sense to
me.  The goal is to be free.