Funny math video-are you cheating yourself?

Here’s a funny video I came across about the tricky world of Mathematics. 

So, who do you think is the better Mathematician? 🙂

While watching the video, I learned that anyone can easily manipulate numbers to prove what he or she believes in, even in the seemingly accurate & precise world of Mathematics. 

The danger happens when we use the same tactics to deceive ourselves and make excuses instead of facing our money problems with honesty. 

You might say “I’m not interested in money”.  But the reality is, you’re willing to do anything to get a job and earn some money. 

Or you can say “I saved 50% off when I bought this new pair of shoes on sale!” The reality is, if you didn’t buy anything, you would have saved 100% of your own money!  🙂

How about you?  What “excuses” have you been telling yourself lately?


  1. This reminds me of the Beardstown ladies money club where they claimed they were doing x amount return when they didn’t really because they had not calculated it correctly. I see that a lot.

    There are all kinds of ways of calculating return and you must know the difference between time weighted returns, real rates of returns, inflation adjusted returns, compounded annual rates of returns, etc. If you don’t know— ask.

    1. @Fern, precisely the point. Using numbers may sound an exact science but without knowing what the numbers really mean, you still end up confused…or worse you end up convincing yourself to believe what you want to hear even when the other person actually meant something else.

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