Happy New Year!

First of all, I’d like to greet you and your family a very Happy New Year! May God’s blessings continue to pour through your life and bring you happiness, love and hope that a more prosperous 2010 awaits ahead!

Second, I’d like to THANK our dear readers and subsribers of Rich Money Habits articles. About 3 months ago, the site akosiallan.com was re-launched as Rich Money Habits – a personal finance website helping people build long term money habits so they can achieve financial freedom with peace of mind. The response has been simply amazing, as the visitors of the site grew to a whopping 300%! Thank you very much for continually inspiring me to bring more helpful, practical and useful money & personal finance articles. Watch out for more interesting articles to help you with your finances this coming year!

Third, I’d also like to thank our friends who are continually inspiring people to learn to make, save, grow and invest their money wisely.  May the coming year bless you more so you can continue to inspire and encourage people to be wiser with their own money.
> Fitz @ Ready To Be Rich
> Jay @ Foreclosure Philippines
> Tyrone @ Millionaire Acts
> Celine @ Frugal Pinoy
> James @ Pinoy Money Talk

Lastly, watch out for more exciting things happening @ Rich Money Habits in 2010 as we create more new ways to help you build rich money habits and live the abundant life.

Again, Happy New Year to you!

God bless,

Rich Money Habits