Interview With Internet Marketing Guru — Jomar Hilario

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In continuing our series of featuring real-life success stories here at Rich Money Habits, I’ve had the priviledge to interview one of the most successful Internet Marketing Coaches in the Philippines — Jomar Hilario.

Jomar Hilario is widely known as the internet-marketing consultant of Bo Sanchez, who holds his own Internet Marketing Workshops in Manila and Cebu as well as offering his 1-Year Online Mentoring Club. He got started into internet marketing when he helped Bo Sanchez promote the Jars of Clay concert in Manila within 30 days while still working full-time as an IT manager for a multinational consulting firm in the country.

I met Jomar when I attended Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program. He was one of the resource speakers and I really enjoyed his animated presentation on the merits of doing business through the internet. I have since signed-up to his 1-Year Online Mentoring Program where I learned a lot of very useful tips on internet marketing that really helped me build Rich Money Habits. Simply said, without Jomar, I don’t think there would be any Rich Money Habits today. That’s why I am really honored to have Jomar grant this exclusive interview and make this available to you.

Without further ado, here’s my interview with Jomar Hilario.

1) Can you give us a little bit of background on what you did prior to getting involved with internet marketing?
I was managing hours and tasks of around 15 people in a big outsourcing firm. If that sounds like a lot, it is. “managing” means inputting numbers into an old computer program and watching the numbers “balance”. That’s pretty much it.

Before this I was developing, testing and implementing big and small IT projects for a local bank for 16 years.

Most of the technical know how for internet marketing didn’t come from the two above. The familiarity with technology, yes – it was impacted by work but I was familiar with computers BEFORE i even started college – so that’s like most teenagers today.

2) What made you decide to get into internet marketing and how did you get started?

I had to promote this Christian Rock band – Jars of Clay – in 30 days so
people can go to their Araneta Center (20,000 seat) concert. I loved
Christian Music, specially Christian Rock so I volunteered to sell tickets
to this event.

This will give you an idea of the Music:
Idea of the band:

Understand that I really loved this band and what they stood for(Christianity) – hence I had to do something DESPERATE to promote them even if I had WORK during the day. Online promotion (friendster, multiply, yahoo groups) was the only thing I can think of – so that’s what I did – and since a marketing master told me (via an audiobook) “Marketing is synergy” – I hired 10+ people (Virtual Assistants/VA) to help me tell the internet about the concert.

In summary, I had passion for a band’s mission, and I THOUGHT of a solution called “Internet Marketing with VAs” without knowing it was called that.

3) Can you share with us the greatest obstacle you’ve had to go through so far and how you overcame it?

It depends on what you mean by obstacles. (this part will sound like it’s
taken from a book, but it’s not). I’m alive – hence almost everyday there’s a new obstacle – if I interpret it as such.

For example, buying and reading all the marketing books I want to read may be an obstacle for most people, but to me it’s a hobby (nope: more of a TEMPTATION:)

I tackle many hours of marketing interviews and seminars on my 160 GB ipod (the first I got for myself) – that’s not an obstacle as I listen to them repeatedly.

I run a small, young business (less than 5 years old) – so sometimes when business is very good, I do NOTHING for the business – and let the VA’s do LITERALLY everything. This is not good for young businesses – I should be the one planning and thinking about marketing. The obstacle is “finding the time/place” to think.

Everyone reading this going “WHAAAT? You’ve got a lot of time and you don’t think you have time?”.

Well I have kids and a wife, and if you’re single you won’t understand. But if you have a family like mine – the entire day is consumed by them easy – with no time for anything else – if you let it.

I’m writing this long piece in a hotel in Tagaytay – where I am checked in – alone. That’s why you’re getting quality long replies from me. Don’t get me wrong, I can also be writing this on one hand while my other hand is holding the laptop in the air to prevent Sean (age 2) from reaching it -and this will still be long. But imagine that situation for a minute and you’ll realize that it’s not a great scene for deep thinking or strategizing about your company.

Time to plan is a challenge hence I just created this planning retreat out of thin air patterned after corporate retreats and how Bo (Sanchez) plans out his year.

Another obstacle is forgetting and small thinking.

During my “concert days” I’m constantly bombarded by audio reminders (via the ipod) on marketing, the right mindset and impt tech news. Now that I’m home based, there’s less of that because I don’t carry an ipod at home. So I forget. I forget to declare things aloud before an event (declaring to the wind/universe what I expect the event results are). And the lack of audio encouragement has also led me to forget big thinking.

What’s that? Quickly answer this: In a room of 1000 people, if you were to sell them a product or service costing P 1000 per item per person, what’s your expected sales?

Correct answer: P 1000 x 1000 x 1000.
Everything else is a result of small thinking unless your result is higher
than the one above.

I will not explain how that’s possible. Ask me, in I’ll tell you.

Here’s a hint: How come Bo Sanchez is targetting the creation of 1000 Feasts all over the world when all he has now is 20?

4) What two things you’ve done or currently doing that has yielded extraordinary results for your business so far?

1. Thinking Big – see example above. Whaat JOMAR? You just THOUGHT BIG???

Well it starts there — and so actions after that reflect the big thinking. Haha, and you live your life thinking “what is the secret to success” and when you find it – you’re disappointed it’s that easy? Do not fret, it’s not easy to “think big”. Try it, it needs exercise. Lots of it. Think of it as MARATHON training.

One of my think big exercises have yielded almost P 400,000 in one day -and that’s not a real estate commission or profit. And I gave away HALF of it too.

2. Hiring Virtual Assistants – w/c I did from the very beginning in 2004.

Lots of things happen in a day for my business because of VAs. So I’m here now in Tagaytay, the VA’s are “taking care of business, answering customers questions, caring for them etc”.

The result: More time for me to think! (w/c is a more precious commodity than you think, for example: Compare the # of hours you’ve thought about your life vs time you’ve used your brains to think about your WORK and work problems?

5) What’s a typical day in the life of a Jomar Hilario?

Typical Year: (I told you this will be long)

Jan Vacation for a week with family, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Feb Planning Retreat before Feb 14, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Mar Vacation for a week with family, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Apr VA Seminar (1/2 day)
May Vacation for a week with family, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Jun VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Jul Vacation for a week with family, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Aug VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Sep Vacation for a week with family , VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Oct VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Nov Vacation for a week with family, VA Seminar (1/2 day)
Dec VA Seminar (1/2 day)

So fine, that wasn’t clear, so in summary:
6 months of week long vacations,
one VA event per month (1/2 day).
6 IM events per year (random dates)
perhaps 2 visits to Cebu (or another city) for the year.
all year long: always online

Total number of days in year: 365
Total number of massages a year (me alone) : 200

Of course this can change. If more live events come, GREAT, I love doing

Typical day: It depends on MWF or TTHS, let’s tackle TTHS:
7am-9am – Swimming with everyone (including yaya)
9am-10am – Breakfast by the pool
10am – 1pm – Work on the computer while family “rests”
1pm – 2pm – Lunch
2pm – 3pm – Sleep
3pm – 6pm – Work/Fun on the computer while family sleeps, literally,
6pm – 7pm – Dinner
7pm – 10pm – Cavorting inside bedroom with wife and 2 kids until kids fall alseep
10pm – Honestly, I plan on doing the computer but normally just sleep.

Ideal / planned schedule is:
7am-8am – Breakfast
8am-10am – Walking the stroller with kids in the garden
10am – 1pm – Work on the computer while family “rests”
1pm – 2pm – Lunch
2pm – 3pm – Sleep
3pm – 6pm – Work/Fun on the computer while family sleeps, literally,
6pm – 7pm – Dinner
7pm – 10pm – Cavorting inside bedroom with wife and 2 kids until kids fall alseep
10pm – Honestly, I plan on doing the computer but normally just sleep.

Pattern is changed by:
1-2 dates with wife per WEEK
“Palengke” time and Grocery time
Week long vacations

Work – surfing the net, reading blogs that I like, listening to podcasts of tech news, seminars of good authors, managing the VAs

Fun – playing Asphalt 6 (a racing game), Lara Croft : Tomb Raider, discovering new apps for the ipad/ipod, reading magazines, watching shows like “Outsourced” and “Human Target” plus a bunch of Sci fi or comedy shows.

6) How do you motivate yourself to work on your business when you are working at home?

I like doing what I’m doing: A daily activity would be answering questions from my Club members and blog readers. Don’t really need to motivate yourself to eat ice cream MOST of the time right? Same thing with me. I’m so talkative It’s fun to be able to make this part of my work.

7) Can you share with us specific tips on how to become successful in internet marketing?

1. LEARN TO SELL, enroll in MLM or Insurance if they offer training, repeat the training 100 times. I am not joking.

2. Learn MARKETING by reading lots of books, listening to marketing masters (not newbies). You should learn it enough that you know exactly why Selling is different from marketing.

3. LOVE LEARNING about the internet. You’ll need a passion for learning what’s new in the internet to succeed in this business. Know this: The way you made your first 2 million (yeah 1 M a goal is too small for a first goal) is not going to be the way you’ll make your next 30 million. So keep learning. Learning must be a LOVE.

Give you an example: In my Social Mentoring Club last Nov 2010 I delivered a talk. In TRQ Cebu I modified the talk for the Jan 2011 talk. THIS WEEK, parts of both talks will need to be modified because FACEBOOK just changed their Pages format. It’s very easy to be obsolete in the internet. Do nothing and you’re left behind.

8) What advice can you give to our readers who want to earn an income from the internet?

Get a mentor or you’ll have to love making mistakes to learn things the hard way. But why punish yourself? A mentor always COSTS something – an amount, time etc. MISTAKES? They cost more.

To learn more about how to successfully build an online business, you may get in touch with Jomar through the following links:

To your success!

Allan Inocente
Rich Money Habits

P.S. Dear readers, I hope you enjoyed reading Jomar’s story and picked up valuable tips you can readily apply into your own situation.

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