Life Lessons

Is It Enough?

Have you ever asked yourself – IS IT ENOUGH?

You know you’ve been working so hard for many years, getting yourself promoted in the process, building your skills…but it seems something is off, and you are still only getting by…you can’t seem to put a finger on it, and you ask yourself, is this all there is to life? Is what you’re doing the best you can do, and the best you can be?

My story is like that of a typical Filipino. I worked hard in my job for so many years, but when I realized my earnings were still not enough for me to get my financial goals, the only solution I could think of was to GO ABROAD! And that’s what I did, for 2 and half years. The money was good, until recession struck. That’s when I realized how temporary or unsecured the life of an OFW really was. I did not get fired. But when the opportunity came for me to come back home to the Philippines, I grabbed the chance.

When I got back, I promised myself, I will learn how money works so that I won’t have to face the uncertainty of getting fired because of recession again. I read books on money. Lots of them. I attended seminars. I ventured into stocks, real-estate, businesses. Nothing came easy, but every opportunity gave me a chance to LEARN. Sometimes the lesson is painful. I failed lots of times. But some of those ventures introduced me to people who opened new doors for me. We became business partners and our partnership has given me much more than MONEY. It gave me an environment to find out what my TRUE WORTH is.

After 6 months of working on it part-time, I was able to give up my 9-year IT career. It’s been more than 3 years since I last held a job but every day I am fulfilled because not only did I gain financial blessings (much more than what I used to earn), but I also gained TIME to spend with my loved ones (which is priceless.)

Everyday, I am thankful because someone took a chance on me and gave me an option to grab an opportunity of a lifetime. Today, I’d like to extend the same invitation to you. If you feel what you have IS NOT ENOUGH, if you think you are WORTH MORE than what you are having right now, if you are willing to UNLEARN, LEARN and RE-LEARN, if you are willing to be MENTORED and WORK HARD, I have good news for you.

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