New Series: Baby Steps to Financial Riches

Over a year ago, I was an overly stressed employee trying to find a way to tinker with several online/offline passive income streams.  I had my hand dipped in several places, trying them out all at once.  It was a chaotic experience to say the least. I earned some, I lost some. But I learned a lot along the way.  It never crossed my mind that my simple goal to create 3 streams of income earning $100/month each would lead me to the life I am living now, being able to spend time with my newborn son and not be a regular dad who spends only 7 days on paternity leave to spend with his new baby.

The funny thing was after visiting our son in the hospital for more than a week, the doctor asked me if I was on leave from my job.  I said, “yes, I am” to keep the conversation short, not wanting to explain myself any further.  In my mind, I wanted to add, “yes, I am…on leave indefinitely.” 🙂  The next day, I was asked the same question again from another doctor…and then, the next day the same question popped up again. This time, I explained a little bit.  I said, I actually don’t have a job…I have a business, and my business is being taken cared of by someone else at the moment.  That’s why I am here spending time with my wife and my newborn son. As if hearing myself for the first time, I realized how blessed I really am to be in a position to enjoy spending time with my love ones at a very important time in my life, and not worry too much about having to go back to work right away because I have to.  Now, I finally have a CHOICE.

Here’s the good news. You can learn to discover how to get yourself in a position to have that same CHOICE.  For you it may not only be about having TIME, but perhaps it’s also about having other options or means to earn extra income to pay for your debts, or your kid’s schooling, or your retirement.  Whatever financial goals you have, it is always better to have MORE OPTIONS than none at all.

With the goal of helping you have that CHOICE, I am starting a new series entitled “Baby Steps to Financial Riches”.  This is of course, inspired by the birth of my new baby. :-)You will now finally get a chance to learn how I managed to go from dreaming of $100 stream of income, to starting to live the life of my dreams of having both money and time on my hands.  This has been a long overdue project of mine to write about the journey I’ve had the past few years delving into the online/offline passive income streams.

In the next coming weeks, I will be sharing with you my experiences in earning my first $100 dollar in passive income, what specific lessons I learned along the way, and how each experience has led me to other income streams which proved more financially rewarding than I initially thought it could be.  You will also learn how I was able to go from a full-time employee to a full-time dad, with part-time online/offline ventures. 🙂

Here are some of the questions you will get real-life answers to in this series:

  • what is passive income? is it for real?
  • how do you earn money from online? offline?
  • how do you earn from stocks? real-estate? businesses?
  • is network marketing for you? how do you distinguish the scams from the legitimate ones?
  • which type of income stream is better: stocks vs real-estate vs network marketing vs online businesses?
  • what are the challenges of having time freedom?
  • what you should know before quitting your job?
  • and more…

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Watch out for the first article of the series to be published on Tuesday. May 29, 2012!

God bless you!

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  1. Hi Mr. Allan. Have been away from your blog a long time. I’m happy you are where you are right now. Hopefully soon I will too. When I gather all the courage I could get. Congrats to the new dad. Mine’s turning 1 this Sep. 😀

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