Philippine Stock Market Investing Basics

Last month, I had the priviledge of being invited as one of the resource speakers in the University of the Philippines Diliman College of Business Administration’s (UP CBA) Alternative Class Learning Experience (ACLE).  The event titled “Stockticks: Learning the basics” was organized by Adelfe Enu Crea Sorority, UP CBA’s only business sorority, helping promote Philippine Stock Market Investing to students of UP Diliman.

The experience was a blast!  More than 60+ students were able to attend the event and learned the basics of investing in the Philippine Stock Market.  I was also fortunate to share the stage with one of the more experienced stock market investors in the Philippines, Mr Aaron Say of Rhyme and Reason Investing.

Good news for you, my wife (a.k.a my number one fan), was able to take a video of my talk.   In the video, I discussed the basics of stock market investing, what a stock is, how do you make money from stocks, its advantages/disadvantages over other investment vehicles and more.  The video is around 30 minutes long so I had to split it into two so it can be uploaded to You Tube.

CLICK HERE to watch part 1 of 2 of the video.

CLICK HERE to watch part 2 of 2 of the video.

Watch and enjoy!

P.S.  I understand that the information contained in the video is basic for some who are already investing in the stock market…but for those of you who are still clueless how to invest in the philippine stock market, I hope this will be a welcome mini-tutorial for you.  I am like you and I know how it feels to want to learn but don’t know where to start.  This video is a good starting point, if you’re really interested to pursue stock market investing in the Philippines. 🙂

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a licensed stock market analyst or stock broker, nor am I a seasoned investor.  I am just like you, an ordinary person wanting to learn how to grow the money I have.  Please note that everything I say in this blog and in the video are purely my own personal opinion and nothing else.  Take them at your own risk. 🙂 If you seek professional advice, please consult licensed professionals engaged in that line of business.

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