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Rich Money Habits Carnival – Summer Edition

Welcome to the Summer Edition of Rich Money Habits Carnival. In this edition, we will showcase the best of the best personal finance articles and stories through our Rich Money Habits Top 5 picks! Explore with Dora and find out how to manage your own money.  Strengthen your mental beliefs and develop a richer financial mindset!  Most of all, enjoy the summer with a healthy dose of financial ideas to help you achieve your dream of financial freedom!

Rich Money Habits Top 5 Picks

  • Jason @ Redeeming Riches presents 5 Things Dora the Explorer Teaches Us About Personal Financial Planning posted at Redeeming Riches, saying, “Learn what a cartoon can teach about personal finance!” [RMH] Great analogy.  Not surprisingly, the seemingly complicated ideas on money are best explained by going through an ordinary day in the life of Dora the Explorer.
  • The Investor presents Earn more money by tackling your mental beliefs posted at, saying, “Most of us have subconscious attitudes towards money that affect our thinking – and even how much we get in our paycheck at the end of the month.”  [RMH] Very interesting article on limiting belies that prevent you from achieving your financial goals.  It reminds me of T Harv Eker’ Secret of the Millionaire Mind book.  Read on and become aware how these limiting beliefs can rob you of your chance to becoming financially rich.
  • Joe Plemon presents Stretch the Life of Your Mower by Giving Him a Name posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “The best way to stretch the life of your mower is to care for him, but if you are less than meticulous about equipment maintenance, naming him works pretty well.” [RMH] Great story about the life of a mower.  The mower springs back to life and became “Lazarus”…but I am getting ahead of myself.  Read the story and you’ll know how giving importance to your blessings (even a mower) can give you so much stories and wonderful memories to treasure.
  • Roshawn Watson presents What’s Your Financial Mindset posted at Watson Inc, saying, “A study by Nielson and research firm Inmar has illuminated the spending habits of the affluent. Did you know that affluent households tend to be heavier coupon users than those with lower incomes? This is one of the ways a person gains a high net worth in the first place: he knows how to spot a deal” [RMH] Very powerful message.  I can’t help but remember the same ideas from the book Millionaire Next Door.  While it’s very true that being frugal is NOT glamorous and does not sell on TV, it is also good to know what’s really important to you – the glamour you get by pretending to be wealthy like the one portrayed on TV? or liberation from 9-5 drudgery by building your money habits to achieve financial freedom?
  • Writers Coin presents Five Money Ratios to Live By posted at Wisebread, saying, “Five simple ratios to simplify your financial life. But are some more valuable than others?” [RMH] Very informative.  I think these ratios are very useful in that they give you a quick measure of your financial health check and can help you decide how much should you save, invest, spend of your money.

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[…] participated in the following last week: economy and finances, rich money habits, money saving ideas, money hackers, festival of frugality, personal finance, money stories, best of […]

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