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Tagaytay, Philippines – Sonya's Garden Anniversary Lunch

Last December, my wife and I along with my in-laws went to Tagaytay, Philippines to have our anniversary lunch at Sonya’s Garden.  Tagaytay is a 2-hour drive south from Manila, the Philippines’ capital.  It’s a windy place similar to Baguio (the summer capital of the Philippines) with its scenic hills and slopes.

In Tagaytay, there’s a very popular place they call "Sonya’s Garden".  It’s a favorite place for weddings and other special events.  Their specialty is serving home-grown salads like the one below.

Although I am not a big fan of salads, the experience at Sonya’s is certainly a delight. I even had a great time drinking their bottomless tea.

After lunch, we went around the garden and took some pictures of lovely flowers.

There’s also and old wooden bench with wheels on the side.

Sonya’s Garden is wonderful place to relax, have some fresh salads, appreciate the natural beauty that is within us. Although it doesn’t come cheap, I am glad my wife and I spent a few moments to enjoy the food and take a walk along the garden paths and appreciate the beautiful flowers, reflecting the wonderful experiences we had the past year.  Maybe I’ll come here again next year.