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Where to Invest in 2010 Series: Part 2 – Life Cycle Investing

This is part 2 of a series of articles discussing the lessons and tips from Moneysense Live’s Where to Invest in 2010 Seminar.

Part 1 of the series introduced the Filipino investor profile and shared the overall financial outlook for 2010 along with some tips on how to invest in the coming year according to one of Citibank’s financial analysts.

This time we will be sharing the 5 Stages of Life Cycle investing which was discussed by a BPI representative during the seminar. 

5 Stages of Life Cycle Investing 

  1. Orientation
    • Eager Beginner (mid 20’s and younger)
    • Learn the different types of savings
    • Cultivate the habit of savings and investing
  2. Exploration
    • Investment Apprentice (mid 20’s to 30’s)
    • Gain knowledge and experience on the different investment options
    • Develop skills to choose the right type of investments and avoid scams
  3. Accumulation
    • Wealth Builder (30’s to 40’s)
    • Optimize returns
    • Accumulate wealth by owning a home, new car, higher education, etc
  4. Preservation
    • Asset Protector (50’s to 60’s)
    • Seek less risky investments to protect money accumulated
    • Live on interest
  5. Disposition
    • Legacy Bestower (60 and above)
    • Self-sufficient
    • Leave heirs with as much assets as possible

Rich Money Habits Thoughts

The above 5 stages of life-cycle investing allows you to assess your financial situation and where you’re supposed to be at specific points in your life.  It is a handy guide to achieving your dream of financial freedom. It is a financial roadmap.

If you’re still young in your 20’s, it would be to your advantage to start learning how to personally manage your money as soon as possible.  This is very hard to do especially when you’re young.  You would rather enjoy life and spend as much as you can than worry about saving and investing your own money. 

If you’re in your 40’s and still struggling to save, that’s an obvious sign that you urgently need to start catching up fast.  Decide now to learn about the various ways to save and invest your money while you still have some time. 

If you’re looking for ways to build your retirement fund, you’re in luck as part 3 of the series will discuss the available retirement accounts in the Philippines (PERA vs CTRP) as well as the tax incentives from choosing one over the other.  The article will also touch a little bit on REITs.  So watch out for that in the coming weeks.

If you’re already approaching retirement, I wish you well.  I hope your retirement income from your investments can support you to live out your dream of financial freedom!  Have fun and enjoy life!


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P.P.S. We will also be launching the Rich Money Habits Newsletter this month which includes a special section showcasing the results from the first ever Rich Money Habits Reader’s Survey.