How to Invest in Retail Treasury Bonds in the Philippines – Interests and Fees

Last October, I wrote a story on how my wife and I were able to invest in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) in the Philippines.  We’ve practically forgotten about it until we received a letter from the bank informing us that they have already credited our settlement account with Bank of … Read more

Be featured in the 1st ever edition of Rich Money Habits Blog Carnival

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Increase Your Financial IQ Book Review – Part 5: Improving Your Financial Information

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How to Invest in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) in the Philippines

Are you frustrated from earning too little from your savings account or time deposit?  Do you want to find a way to invest your money securely but with relatively higher interest rate?  Investing in Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs) may be for you.   What are Retail Treasury Bonds (RTBs)? Retail … Read more

Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program (Day 1)

Last Friday and Saturday, my wife and I attended Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program.  The event is a two-day seminar showcasing financial lessons and tips from Bo Sanchez and his mentors on business, real-estate, stocks, mutual funds and internet marketing. In this 2-part series, I will try to … Read more