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Jomar Hilario Internet Marketing Workshop Club Review

Jomar Hilario is widely regarded as Bo Sanchez’ internet marketing guru and the “Tim Ferriss” of the Philippines.  I’ve been a member of Jomar Hilario’s Online Internet Marketing Club since last year.  I wanted to do a review of his online mentoring club for quite a while now, but because of busy schedule I have been putting it off lately.  This time, I want to get the review out ASAP so readers of this blog can take advantage of the huge discounts being offered only until June 29, 2010.

I first met Jomar while attending Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program.  During the seminar, Jomar shared his experiences on how he got started pursuing financial freedom through various ways.  He animatedly described his adventures struggling to make money through multi-level marketing, taking pictures of houses from one end of Metro Manila to the other by trying to sell/invest in real-estate properties, as well as his initial successes promoting a huge concert through the internet in just 30 days!

In that same seminar, Jomar offered his invitation for a 1-year online mentoring program to those serious about learning internet marketing.  The price is definitely NOT cheap if you compare it to the numerous ebooks about internet marketing out there.  But when you compare it to similar internet marketing coaching programs, which can run up to US $1,000, it is low priced.

Besides, 1-year mentoring offers something else that cannot be found in reading ebooks alone, or even a 2-day workshop.  The 1-year online mentoring program allows you time to digest everything you need to learn about selling and marketing through the internet.  You can ask Jomar to review your blog, ask him questions on any of the online lessons, you even get some special discounts to his other seminars.  As an added bonus, you also have the opportunity to learn from and interact with the other online internet marketing club members through the forum discussions.

In all honesty, when I heard the price, my initial thought was that “it’s too pricey!”  While pondering whether to sign-up or not, I tried to browse through Jomar’s site @  To my surprise, I saw a birthday promo being offered that time, which gave a whopping 50% discount!  I immediately emailed Jomar to sign-up and the rest is history.

Here’s an actual feedback I shared in the Online Mentoring Club forum discussions a few months ago about my experience with the club.

Reply by Allan Inocente on March 25, 2010 at 10:19pm

Before IMW Club, I earned a measly $1.08 from Google adsense in 10 months of aimlessly trying to learn how to make money from blogging. Since joining the club, my Google adsense earnings have steadily climbed up to reach the all time high of $32.23! That is 30X earnings in less than 5 months of applying the lessons learned from the IMW club.

The great thing about being in the club is that you can go back to the online lessons over and over again…if you still don’t understand, you can post your question in the forum, and someone will always be willing to share a thing or two to help you out with your problem. This is on top of Jomar’s very useful and straight to the point suggestions and recommendations, of course.

Be warned though, the club is not for the impatient nor is it for the half-hearted. The lessons may be simple and easy to learn but finding the discipline and willingness to apply those lessons will definitely play a crucial role in helping you achieve your goals.


Allan Inocente, IT Team Lead
Rich Money Habits @

Who should sign-up for this online mentoring club?

  • if you are tired of waiting for your next paycheck or promotion
  • if you are constantly frustrated with your measly income
  • if you are not a techie but willing to learn how to earn money online
  • if you have an existing brick-and-mortar business you want to take online
  • if you want to have more time to be with your family
  • if you want to work whenever and wherever you want, even from home

Who should NOT sign-up for this online mentoring club?

  • if you are living in debt or on a tight budget and it’s all the money you have
  • if you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, this is definitely not for you
  • if you are not really planning to follow the lessons
  • if you are afraid of the internet and don’t want to learn anything related to it

It’s been months since I signed-up and I’ve learned a lot since then.  But there is a lot more to learn.   If you do decide to sign-up for a 1-year online internet marketing mentoring program, congratulations and see you at the club!

P.S. I wanted to get this review out ASAP so readers of this blog can take advantage of the huge 50% discount to Jomar Hilario’s Online Mentoring Program!  Unfortunately, this promo is being offered exclusively to Truly Rich Club members until June 29, 2010 only!  So hurry, sign-up to the Truly Rich Club now so you can take advantage of this amazing offer.  Once a member of the Truly Rich Club, you can go to to avail of the 50% discount to Jomar Hilario’s Online Mentoring Program.

P.P.S. If you’re curious, my Google adsense earnings has already reached US $49.81.  Not much, but if you’re like me who didn’t expect to earn anything at all, earning that amount of money “passively” is definitely a huge boost to my confidence!

DISCLOSURE: If you sign-up for a 1-year online internet marketing mentoring program, I get a little affiliate commission.  If you buy through the above link, send me an email with the receipt and I will give you a surprise gift. 🙂  If you don’t buy or or you buy from other links, that’s perfectly fine.  I still thank you for taking the time to read this article until this point.  Dont’ hesitate to contact me if there’s anything I can help you with.

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Passive Income Opportunity Myths & Realities: How to Spot a Scam

The idea of a passive income attracts a lot of people mainly because it promises to earn you money while doing little or no work at all.  Some even think of having a passive income stream as an opportunity of a lifetime.  Who wouldn’t want to earn money while you sleep?  Who wouldn’t want to make money the easy way?  Who wouldn’t want to sit comfortably on the beach, drinking a glass of your favorite drink while your “passive stream of income” works hard to make money for you.

That is the dream, right?


What is passive income?

Passive income is the residual income you receive from rental properties, royalties from your books, licensing income from your businesses, etc.  This income is passive because it supposed to be earned with little or no work required from you at all.

While passive income promises a lot of things, it is NOT without a price.  Identifying the myths & realities of a passive income opportunity allows you to spot if it’s an opportunity of a lifetime or a total scam.


Myth: Little or no work at all

Reality: A lot of upfront work


The most common myth about a passive income opportunity is the allure of not having to work at all while money keeps coming to you.  While this may be true at some point, it is NOT the complete picture.  In most cases, the reality is that setting up these passive streams of income requires a LOT of hard work especially in the beginning.

Real Estate

One of the most common examples of a passive income is rental income from tenants through real-estate properties.  To some degree, it is a passive income. But still not purely 100%. If you are the one managing the property, you have to worry about maintaining the property and possibly fixing toilets in the middle of the night. 🙂  If you do hire a real-estate managing company, then you would need to make sure they do  their job and worth more than you’re paying them.  Otherwise, you stand to lose more compared to running the business on your own.


Ask any employee what they plan to do after retirement.  Most of them will answer that they want to go into business because “finally” they have enough capital to do so.  Unfortunately, it could be the riskiest move they will ever make.  The odds are against them.  Statistics say that 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years.  Few do make it.  Others are forced to go back into employment.  The rest are content to live a “cheaper” lifestyle and forego their dreams.

Running a business needs your time and attention.  It demands your focus.  For that reason, it is not a passive income until you’re able to setup your business systems.  Setting up these systems will demand your hard work, your patience, not to mention your time and money.

If you’re able to set these systems up properly and hire a great CEO to run your business, only then can you let the system work for you and allow it to give you a steady stream of passive stream income.

However, if you setup the wrong system, especially if the system requires you to be the one managing the property, you will end up having a job instead of a sustainable business system.


Myth: You need a lot of money

Reality: Having money is not a guarantee


Some people think that building systems to create passive income requires a lot of money.  The reality is that successful entrepreneurs are not hindered by the lack of money in setting up their business systems.  They even use it as an inspiration to be more creative in selling their ideas to potential investors and partners.

While having money is an asset to a savvy entrepreneur, it is actually a liability for someone who doesn’t know what he is doing.  A lot of money in the beginning for an inexperienced businessman can be a hindrance to his success.  With money readily available, a frustrated and inexperienced entrepreneur can just throw away money at any problem that comes his way.

This is hardly the way to set up a business system.  It will only make the problem worse because the real problem is not identified and fixed, hence, the system does not improve.  All it does is throwing money down the drain.

In the end, money is an asset or a liability depending on how a person makes use of it.


Myth: Setting up a passive income stream is very hard

Reality: Setting up a passive income stream can be learned


While setting up a passive income requires a lot of work especially in the beginning, it certainly is not limited only to hardworking individuals.  Sometimes, not wanting to work hard can also be your asset as it forces you to think of ways to setup the business without you having to work for it.

You can choose to hire hardworking employees to do the work for you.  You can spend your time learning and figuring out how to set up efficient systems.  You can concentrate on the 20% of things you do that brings in 80% of your output and delegate all the rest.

Doing any of these things allows you to leverage your business system to complement your employees’ strengths and provide more high-value offerings without necessarily doing the work yourself.


In this day and age of living in the information superhighway, it is now easier for someone to be in business. With access to the internet, someone working at home can setup a blog or sell stuffs through ebay, amazon, or other online stores.  While this requires you to learn how internet businesses and marketing works, you can certainly hire someone to do it for you if you really don’t want to be involved in the technical details.

Making money online is such a popular dream for many of us.  The reality is, it is also NOT for everyone. It requires a lot of learning, patience and self-discipline to make the system work.  As with any brick-and-mortar business, it also needs your skills, time and attention.  It demands your focus and unrelenting desire to give more.  And with more and more clutter competing for your customers’ attention, there’s no other way to serve but to stand out and give your customer ALL you’ve got.


Demystifying the myths of building a passive income stream is only the first step of a lifelong journey.  The only way for you to learn how to build these systems, is to do it yourself, always remembering that something worth doing, is worth doing well.

In the same way that an overnight success is actually a culmination of a decade long history of working hard, building passive income streams is a journey laden with challenges and opportunities.

In the end even though creating passive income may be an opportunity of a lifetime, it is still up to YOU to make it happen.


P.S. CLICK HERE to email me if you would like to learn a legitimate, legal, low-capital investment with huge passive income potential.

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Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program (Day 2)

Since my wife and I were late during the first day of the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program, we wanted to make the most of the seminar by being early on the second day. Before 8AM, we were already on our way to Valle Verde Country Club. Since it was a Saturday, there was not much traffic jam and we arrived a little around 8:15AM. Thinking that we were early, my wife and I sat on one of the benches outside the room. I saw the room where we had the seminar yesterday and noticed that some people were already preparing the place. I thought to myself, maybe in no time they’d be done preparing the place and we will be sitting comfortably inside the room. After a few minutes, brother Bo arrived with his usual winning smile. He saw us and invited us to go inside. Thinking that he was going to where the waiters were preparing, we hesitated a bit. Only when he entered the OTHER room beside it did we realize that we were looking at the wrong room. When we followed Bo and entered the room, there were already many people inside, some of them having a great time drinking their morning coffee. I couldn’t keep from laughing at myself for thinking and being proud that we were the early birds for the day. 🙂

Basic Foundation of Financial Planning

DSC_0617 The first speaker was Noel Arandilla, from International Marketing Group (IMG).  He talked about the basic foundation of financial planning.  He shared some tips to having better finances like increasing your cash flow, building long term asset allocation, how to compute the right amount of insurance that you need, and more.

I learned that there are only two things you can use to generate cash flow: time and money.  We all have 24 hours in a day.  But how you use your time determines whether you become rich or poor.  For most people, the only time available to become rich is after work or during weekends, that is – spare time.  It is very important to utilize the spare time that you have in money-making generating activities and not waste it on watching TV, sleeping, gossiping, and more.

Noel also shared that a person normally starts out in life with very little or no money but with lots of responsibilities.  For example, he has to help his parents with household chores, he may need to send his younger bother or sister to school, or earn a living to help with the family’s finances .  After a few years of getting his paycheck, the typical person would earn a little bit more each year while his responsibility gradually  decreases.  Once he reaches retirement age, all of his kids have probably graduated by then, hence he would have minimal responsibility.  At this stage, he’s supposed to have money working for him to fully enjoy the remaining years of his life.  That is the purpose of financial planning.

Be the Bank!

May I tell you a little secret?  Do you know how the bank earns money?  Let me illustrate the answer by using an example.  After spending 2 years as an OFW, you have a little extra cash that you don’t really expect to use for the next 30 years.  Let’s say you have  100,000 pesos in total.  Now, being a saver, you deposited the whole 100,000 pesos into a time-deposit account at 5% annual interest for 30 years.  Right after you left the bank, a business man came in, asked the banker for a loan of 100,000 pesos payable in 30 years at 15% annual interest.  The banker than says “OK”, took the 100,000 pesos from your time-deposit and gave it to the business man.  After 30 years, the bank’s 100,000 pesos loaned to the businessman has already earned around 6.4 million pesos including interest, while your 100,000 pesos invested in time-deposit earned only about 400,000 pesos.  When you claim your time-deposit earnings, the bank give’s you the 400,000 pesos, then keeps the remaining 6 million as profit.  I’d love to be bank! 🙂

How you’re losing money from your savings account

In the Philippines, most people still invest by saving their money into banks over a long period of time.  The bad news is this. Banks are offering very minimal interest rate on savings and time deposits.   With less than 1% annual interest rate on your savings account, what future does your money hold?  Counting average inflation of 7% per year, you are actually losing money at the rate of -6%. This is because of inflation.  Inflation is the effect of steadily appreciating prices of goods.  For example, your 100 pesos can buy 5 loaves of bread 20 years ago.  But today, the same 100 pesos could NOT even buy 1 loaf of bread.  The same thing is happening, when people say “if only I bought that piece of land 20 years ago, today, I would already be a millionaire!”

Start early.  Invest your money for the long term.

tarlacroad I love the way Noel spoke about ordinary experiences and making them as great examples of interesting financial decisions.  For example, you get your 13th and 14th month bonus today worth around 40,000 pesos. The question is, would you save and invest it on a mutual fund at 10% average interest rate?  Or would you buy another NEW mobile phone? For some, the answer is simple – buy a mobile phone for “pogi” (handsome) points. For others, they would hesitate quite a bit but eventually give in, saying “I’ll just invest my next year’s 13th and 14th month bonus. For now, I’ll buy myself a gift.  I deserve it.  My brand new cellphone, here I come!” For those a little bit financially savvy, they might invest it through mutual funds, or stocks, potentially earning even better average annual returns around 15 – 20%.  For most people, it is hard to invest because earning an interest over a long period of time is NOT tangible RIGHT NOW and you need time to make it work. The delusion of instant gratification is the enemy of long-term investing.

Money is flowing

The second speaker is also from IMG.  He shared his personal observation about how rich people in the Philippines spend their money.  He noticed that Henry Sy, Lucio Tan and other billionaire tycoons move their money around.  In a way, they are actually just buying from themselves.  For example, Henry Sy who owns the very popular SM department stores, is renting mall space for his department stores from SM properties, which is a different company but still owned by the same family.  When SM properties build new malls or residential buildings and need money, who do they ask money from?  Instead of borrowing from other banks, they borrow from their own bank – BDO, which, is owned by the same man, Henry Sy.  The same is true with Lucio Tan.  When his Philippine Airlines and several tobacco companies need money to finance its projects and investments, from which bank does it borrow money?  Of course, through Allied Bank or Philippine National Bank, which Lucio Tan owns a stake.  So you see, money is just flowing around, being controlled by the same rich people who owns most businesses, selling high quality goods and providing world-class services for our countrymen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do the same thing?  Wouldn’t it be nice to buy from yourself and save on costs?  You might even want to give yourself a hefty discount as part of your loyalty program. Who wouldn’t want to be a loyal customer to one’s self? 🙂

Mutual funds

The idea of mutual funds, I learned, is making investing available to ordinary citizens.  Each person invests a small amount, as little as 5000 pesos.  The money from all the investors are then pooled together and invested into money generating assets like bonds, stocks or both.  The money is managed by professional fund managers.  The goal of the fund manager is to make money for the small investors.  Whether you invested big money or not, you earn the same profit percentage as that of the group.

This is particularly beneficial for ordinary citizens who don’t have much time and money to participate actively in managing the investment and content to just leave their money to professional fund managers.

One way to minimize risk, is to use an investing method called peso cost averaging.  It is an investing technique based on the assumption that since you’re unable to time the market, you just try to average out the risk by investing same amount of money every month or every quarter  to take advantage of the times when the price of the stock/net asset value per share (for mutual funds) becomes very low.  Even though the price is fluctuating, or is going roller coaster, the risk is minimized as the same amount of money can buy more shares when the stock price is low.  When the price is up you can either take away your profit/earnings or leave it there to earn compound interest.  It is advisable to maintain a long term outlook on your investments like a 10 or 20 year time frame in this scenario.  If you need the money within 1 year or 3 years, it is best to leave it at the bank where it is safe and liquid.

There are also different types of mutual funds: 1) bonds & securities, 2) stocks & equities, and 3) combined.  Mutual funds which invest in company or government bonds & securities are stable but offer limited earning potential.  These funds are especially designed for those that are risk-averse and those that are already retiring and don’t want to spend their time analyzing funds for themselves.  The mutual funds which invest in stocks have high growth potential but also entails higher risk especially during times of booms and recessions.  This is advantageous for those still young and can tolerate the swings in the market that even if they lose money, they can still go back up.   The upside is that if they make money, they earnings is also big.

Passion, Hardwork & “Angel” Investors in Business

The third speaker was a successful businessman.  His name is Ronnie Siyasoyco.  He has built several successful businesses to which he attributes most of his success today. He shared personal stories on his many ups and downs and a little bit of luck dealing with business failures, learning from them and enjoying his successes.

Ronnie got started selling “uling” (charcoal) one summer day.  He and his brothers experienced being laughed at by their friends because of their dirty clothes which was battered from their having to lift several sacks of charcoal each day.  The painful thing, according to Ronnie, was seeing their friends make fun of them, and them not being able to enjoy the seemingly “easy” lives that their friends had.   Many times,  he went home crying, asking himself, why they are very poor.  But with a powerful & positive attitude, he worked hard, ignored the joke from their friends, even hired some of them to do the charcoal delivery themselves and earn extra money. That summer, he and his brothers were able to sell 3 truck loads of charcoal.  Not an easy feat for 3 young high school boys.

In those early days, he learned the value of hard and honest work.  Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs, breakfast and dinner time was shared and business ideas were freely discussed among the family members.  His mother would always ask him if there’s anything he needs to do for the day.  When he starts answering “nothing”, he would be scolded and the words “there is ALWAYS something to do” would then be ingrained in his head.  If you have nothing to do, you find something to do.

Very early in his life, he had asked his parents why they were so poor.  His mom would say that they are NOT poor.  They eat 3 times a day.  They go to school.  They have the necessities of life.  His dad would add that the only legacy that their parents can pass on to their children is good education.  So it was in their hands to make the most out of it.  If they squander the opportunity, their lose will be their own doing, not the fault of their parents.

Ronnie also shared his personal story on how he lost 80 million pesos through a cancelled deal and several outside forces devaluating the peso and skyrocketing the value of his loans.  For one month, he was not able to sleep very well.  That went on and on, until he prayed and surrendered his problems all to God and a miracle happened.  Since he was not doing anything one day, his friend invited him to drive him to meet up someone.  He was  just listening there watching his friend speak to this very rich businessman, when the businessman suddenly asked him, “you, gentleman, what are you doing here?” To which he replied that he was accompanying his friend.  He asked again, “what do you do? what business are you in?” and so he answered again and provided a background on his business.  And so on until the businessman asked how his business was doing and how he can be of help.  At the end of the conversation the businessman offered to help by giving him a cheque, enough to help him pay back his loans and get his business moving again.  He referred to this businessman as an “angel investor”.  The moral of the story he says, is saying “yes” to your friends when they ask you to drive them. You never know, an angel might be waiting on the other side for you. 🙂

What I appreciated about Ronnie is how he passionately shared about his ups and downs.  His story is truly inspiring.

Internet Marketing

The last speaker of the day was Bo Sanchez’s internet marketing mentor, Jomar Hilario.  Jomar talks fast and is very entertaining.  He shared his experiences selling concert tickets through online internet marketing.  He also mentioned his initial attempts to enter the world of marketing through selling “forever living” products, carrying a big box with him, seemingly always in “high” state, shouting positive affirmations to himself.

After reading from Robert Kiyosaki’s book that one needs to visit at least 100 properties to buy just 1 house, he visited houses one after another and took a lot of pictures of those houses using his old film camera.  At the end of the day, he was exhausted.

At some point, he also mentioned the story on how he spent 80,000 pesos to attend a wealth seminar in Singapore, bought the training materials, only to find out that the ideas on the training materials are the same ideas he had already done before when he promoted concert tickets in 30 days to fill a whole coliseum, all by himself.

Lastly, Jomar extended an invitation to his upcoming Internet Marketing Seminar and his Online Marketing Workshop Club.  You may learn more about his seminars by visiting

Action starts now!

It was long day.  With lots of financial information to digest, I had to prevent myself from suffering “information overload”.  Overall, the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program was a very good seminar, showcasing the different financial vehicles and opportunities on how to invest and make money.  From here, the only thing to do is take action!

Watch out for the next articles in the coming weeks and months, as I try to share my progress and experience taking action on some of these financial lessons.

Do you like to attend Bo’s Truly Rich financial seminars but you are based outside the Philippines? Here’s your chance!

Join the Truly Rich Club!
Join the Truly Rich Club

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Bo Sanchez's Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program (Day 1)

Last Friday and Saturday, my wife and I attended Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program.  The event is a two-day seminar showcasing financial lessons and tips from Bo Sanchez and his mentors on business, real-estate, stocks, mutual funds and internet marketing. In this 2-part series, I will try to share what I’ve personally learned from the seminar. This is part 1 which includes the insights I’ve learned during the first day of the coaching program.


“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Confucius

We arrived at Valle Verde Country Club around 2pm Friday.  We were actually late because we came all the way from Makati and we still had to drop by our house in Mandaluyong, have lunch and take a taxi going to the venue.

When we arrived, the seminar already started.  We were just in time for the first talk of the day.  Thanks to the small note outside the room and a little luck, we managed to find which room the seminar was being held.   The funny thing was, we actually arrived at around the same time as the first speaker.  When the speaker entered the door, we took a quick peek inside and saw that the organizers and the other participants were already inside the room.  We registered right away, took our seats, settled down and prepared ourselves for a very exciting and interesting financial coaching seminar.

Online Stocks Investing

The first speaker was Juan ‘Juanis’ Barredo, the VP of CitisecOnline, which is an online stock brokerage firm in the Philippines.  He has 18 years of experience in the stock market.  What struck me about Juanis is the way he spoke very fluent English.  I thought – “this guy can speak!”.  The way he captures the right words to explain the most intricate subject of stock investing is excellent.

One of the first things I learned from his talk is that less than 1% of the Philippine population invests in the stock market.  Which is really very small compared to other countries like US, Hong Kong, and even for our neighboring countries such as Indonesia.  In the US, even cab drivers invest in the stock market.

The main idea of stock investing is – you buy “shares” of a company to become a part-owner.  That means you are actually investing on a business.  Just like in business, one of the strategies used to gain a profit is to buy “low”, then sell “high”.  The tricky thing about stocks is how to know if the company’s shares are being sold “low” or “high”.  Is it based on the “market price”?  Or is it based on the “actual value” computed from analysis of the company’s earnings and performance?  Or is it both?

I realized that investing in the stock market is a lot like buying a pair of jeans on sale.  How do you know if it’s on sale?  First, you need to know, how much is it truly worth?  That is, how much is it really selling for when it’s not on sale?  For jeans, usually it’s around 1,000 to 2,000 pesos.  Of course, you can buy cheaper jeans from Divisoria, or more high-end jeans from branded stores.  So if they say it’s 70% off, they’re selling the 1000 peso worth jeans for only 300 pesos.  Would you buy?  If it fits and you like it, why not?!  The same is true with stocks.  When a share of the company is worth 1000 pesos and they are selling it for 300 pesos only, would you buy?  If you like the company, and based on your analysis it is really worth 1000 pesos, why not?  Among other things, it should also fit you.  Is the company something you want to be involved in?  Do you and those people running the company share the same core values?  If you have all the money in the world, would you build the same business?

During the seminar, I asked Juanis which companies he personally invests in. Many people in the room laughed. I’m guessing because it’s a familiar territory almost similar to asking your classmate what the correct answer to a question on your exam is.  The main reason I asked is because I wanted to know if he is practicing what he is saying.  To me, more than the information that he shares, it’s the integrity he exudes that really matters.  When he shared what he personally invests in without hesitation, I knew he was someone who really walks his talk.

Business is about relationships

The second speaker was actually the owner of CitisecOnline. His name is Edward Lee.  Actually, I already saw him in one of Bo Sanchez’s videos for Truly Rich Club.  When I spoke to Bo during one of the coffer breaks, I said it was kind of surreal to be able to actually see some of the guys in person, where before we only saw them from the DVDs that we received as a member of Truly Rich Club.

Edward Lee has a very long track record of business success and he shared with us some of the key things he learned as an entrepreneur.  What struck me was that here was a man who’s very successful and wealthy.  But when he speaks, you can see the integrity and passion in his voice.  He’s really excited in sharing the lessons that he learned, occasionally sharing  some personal stories from which he derived most of his business success.

One very important thing I learned from him is that – business is all about relationships.  It’s building relationships with your people, your customers, and your suppliers.  As Bo mentioned later, “you buy from your friend”.  Upon reflection, I realized that “yes, I am like everyone else, I really buy from my friends.”  When I want to know something, I ask my friends.  When there’s something I want to buy, I try to find out who from my friends are into that business.

I realized we are just one piece of a big puzzle.  We do our share.  When we buy from our friends, what we’re really doing is sharing what we have to the world.  It’s the same thing when we sell.  Because we address a problem that our friends are facing, we’re making their life a little bit easier.

Business is about Integrity

The second thing I learned from Edward is that it’s very important to be very trustworthy and keep your word.  Even if it losses you money.  Even if it costs an arm or a leg.  This is a core value that rings very close to my heart.   I like to deal with those I trust.  I realized that when I don’t really believe in something, I hesitate to share it to my friends.  I am a silent man, but when I share, I want to make sure it is something my friends will benefit.  More than the money, it’s because they are my friends.  Friends look out for each other.  We want the best for them. Isn’t it great to give and be able to share something valuable with your friends?

Real Estate

The third speaker was Larry Gamboa, the author of Think Rich Pinoy.  He shared about the idea of franchising in the world of real estate.  Perhaps because it was something new and still in its infancy, I had a hard time following where the talk was going.  I guess because it is something that was still in the works, it was also hard for him to explain.  What I appreciated about him is that he realizes what people are going through.   He recommends learning while also earning at the same time to shorten the gap between dreaming and execution.

Internet Marketing part 1

Bo also shared some tips on internet marketing.  He mentioned that is making money through donations, all through the power of the internet and marketing. The website is actually making lots of money from those donations which all goes to the many programs that Bo is organizing to help those in need like the Anawim – a place for abandoned elderly, or the charity that aims to help pregnant women.  This is a very good example of showing that the ultimate purpose of money is to help and love other people.

This is only day 1 but there were already so many things I’ve learned. Watch out for the part 2 of this blog post where I’ll share personal insights I’ve learned from day 2 of the Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program.

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