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How To Get Unstuck

In a couple of days, June is finally over. The first half of the year is done. This year has been a roller coaster ride for me so far. How about you? Perhaps we are both going through some challenges right now. I have some encouragement for you. This too … Read more

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Featured Story: Billy De La Fuente Transformation Story

Today’s article is very special because I will be featuring one of my mentors for the last 7 years in my journey as an entrepreneur. His name is Mr. Billy De La Fuente. One of the things I admire about him is his passion to teach and train people, regardless … Read more

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Why The People Closest To You Can Make You Rich or Poor

They say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with. At the top of your head, who are these 5 people in your life? Your colleagues? Friends? Family? Make a guess as to how much they are earning. Compute the average. More often … Read more

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2018 Focus

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the first day of January. A new year is about to unfold. Every year, I share with you my goals and plans for the year. This year, I’d like to do things differently. Instead of goals, I will be sharing with you … Read more

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2017 Year-End Review

Year 2017 is about to end. This is the perfect time to look back about the past year and share with you the lessons I learned. This year marked my 6th year being a full-time entrepreneur. It has been a year full of challenges and blessings. They say, most businesses … Read more

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Featured Story: Ana Angelica Ricafrente – Former IT Software Developer Fulfills Her Dream Europe Trip: 49 days, 11 countries, 26 cities

A couple of weeks ago, Ana Angelica Ricafrente or “Anj” as we call her, shared her inspiring story with our team. She was back from a 49-day Europe trip travelling 11 countries and exploring 26 different cities. Anj is also an IT professional just like me so I related so … Read more

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The #1 Reason Why People Don’t Become Rich

Over the years of coaching a lot of would be entrepreneurs, I realized one thing that I think is the #1 reason why people don’t become rich. Most people think that to become rich all you have to do is earn more income. But only a couple of months after getting a … Read more

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The Price of Your Dreams

If you are like me, you have already realized by now that relying on your paycheck alone won’t give you the desires of your dreams. Want proof? Let’s say you are a young family with 2 kids. You and your wife both have a stable job with a promising career. … Read more

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My personal goals this 2017

Sometime in 2011, I shared my 3 goals in my blog. It was so simple back then. I only had 3 goals in my mind: 1) earn an extra $100/month from another stream of income, 2) lose some pounds, and 3) go to a place I’ve never been to every … Read more

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Where am I in my financial journey

It’s this time of the year when I spend sometime looking back what the past year has taught me…as well as make some plans for the next year. But this time, I wanted to give you a little more glimpse of what I have been doing the past 5 years … Read more

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