Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Seminar and Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program this June

While attending the Feast at Valle Verde Country Club the other week, I chanced upon the next schedule of Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Seminar and Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program

How To Be Truly Rich Seminar

by Bo Sanchez

June 12, 2010 (Saturday, 8:30 am to 12 nn)

Shaw Blvd, Mandaluyong City (near Shangrila Plaza)

seminar fee:  P497 only


Truly Rich Financial Coaching Program

by Bo Sanchez and team of financial mentors

June 18 – 19, 2010 (Fri, 2pm – 9pm to Sat, 9am – 4pm)

Pasig City (near ULTRA)

seminar fee: P5,975.00 per person


It’s been almost a year since my wife and I attended the truly rich seminar and the financial coaching program.  While we have not reached the monthly income we’ve set out to achieve yet, there have been so many financial blessings we’ve received over the past year that we’ve already earned back the seminar fee several times fold. 

More than the money we’ve earned, the experience also opened our eyes to the true purpose of being rich, that is, to be a blessing to other people.  My wish is that you too become truly rich in every sense of the word.  May God bless you on your financial journey!


P.S.  Are you an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) struggling to save, protect and grow your hard-earned  money?  Join Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club now and become a better steward of your own money, wherever you are in the world.


  1. hi allan – just want to know how can i invest in stock market when im working overseas? if i opt to join the club & receive all those coaching stuffs but im overseas, how can i possible invest? kc dba may mga forms na need ifill-out satin before i can buy stocks? sorry, no idea..please can u enlighten me on this? i dont have anyone kc who can do those stuff for me in the philippines so i want to do it myself lang sana..kaso ang fear ko is that, di ako makapagsimula kc di naman ako makauwi to personally do the investing myself..please help..

    1. Hi Dez, if you’re planning to invest in stocks, I believe you can send your application documents via courier to the stock brokerage firm (e.g. citiseconline). They will contact you for verification and further instructions. Once your account is opened, you will have to fund your investment account before you can invest. For that, I think it’s preferrable to have a bank account in the philippines where you can just transfer your money from your bank account to your investment account so you can fund it and have something to invest.

      Btw, what club are you referring to in your comment above?

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