Money Summit and Wealth Expo: Early Bird Discount & Bonuses until June 12 ONLY

Be part of the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2010, the BIGGEST wealth building and income opportunities super conference and expo in the Philippines, this coming July 2-3, 2010 at RCBC Plaza, Makati City.

Learn the best money secrets to grow and invest your hard-earned money from 16 of the most successful entrepreneurs, real-estate investors, best-selling business authors, sales superstars, and money experts in the country today.

Hurry!  Early bird discounts & BIG bonuses available until June 12 ONLY!

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Who is this seminar for?

If you are an employee…

• who want to quit your job?
• who want to get out of the rat race?
• tired of your 8 to 5 job?
• tired of paying too much in taxes?
• who want unlimited income?
• who want to earn extra income without quitting your job?

If you are a professional, freelancer, or self-employed proprietor…

• frustrated with self-employment?
• who want to grow into a real business?
• tired of working 24/7?
• who want cut back on your time working?
• overworked with non-stop servicing of clients?
• who want to tap new markets?
• interested in new sources of income?

Today, I’ve signed up to the 2-day event and got the PhP 1,000 early bird discount as well as the extra bonuses worth a whopping total package value of more than PhP 15,000.

How about you?  Get your early bird discount and lots of bonuses NOW!

Hurry!  Early bird discounts and huge bonuses available until June 12 ONLY!

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P.S. If you refer your friends, you earn a 5% referral fee.  If 10 of your friends sign-up for the VIP package, you get a whopping PhP 2,247.50!  And yes, I earn PhP 224.75 too if you sign-up as VIP now and indicate me (Allan @ Rich Money Habits by as your referrer. 🙂  Let’s continue learning rich money habits to achieve our dream of financial freedom!  Cheers!

P.P.S. Of course, I will still share whatever I learned from the event through this blog for the benefit of those who are unable to attend the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2010.  Watch out for that in the coming month/s.