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3 exciting awards in 3 amazing days

3 exciting awards in 3 amazing days!
It’s been an exhilarating 3 days for me and my wife, indeed!
Blessings upon blessings kept on pouring! Thank YOU Lord!

Day 1: We received our xMillion Peso Achiever trophy during our company’s Masquerade Ball in Edsa Shangri-la! Now, I can truly say it’s really true, earning your first million is the hardest, the next million gets easier because you also get better.

Day 2: We received for the 3rd time our Quarterly Growth trophy as Top 12 in the whole Philippines for the 4th quarter of 2014 during an exclusive luncheon with our company president, our general manager and other top growth income earners in the Philippines at New World Hotel Makati!

Day 3: We received our BIGGEST and MOST-PRESTIGIOUS achievement yet in our business, get awarded as Philippines’ Top 7 Growth Income Earner for 2014 in front of 8,000+ people in the BIG DOME, the Smart Araneta Coliseum!

These 3 awards are especially meaningful for me personally because they represent not only the growth of our income from our business, but also of our own personal growth as leaders as well. There were lots of hardships and sacrifices my wife and I have been through over the past few years. There were endless nights where I questioned myself whether a shy kid like me, who likes to keep himself silent, who barely spoke a word, has what it takes to make it in business. There were moments when I doubted whether I too can succeed.

Thankfully, my business mentors BELIEVED that I too can make it. Without them, I won’t be to where I am today. Because of their belief in me, slowly but surely I was able to develop myself and gained the confidence to make it. In time, I too became the mentor who encouraged and believed in his apprentices that they too can make it — and they did!!!

As my wife and I were receiving these awards, our apprentices, the people who believed in us also received their own awards!!! Two other couples RJ & Jacq De Lara and Will & Chelle Abriza also received their own xMillion Peso Achiever trophies! Yet another set of couples got awarded in Araneta with their own Growth Circle trophies! Many others in my team were also awarded promotions to Directors ($600/week potential income), Silver Directors ($1,000/week potential income) and Executive Gold Directors ($1,000+/week consistent income) and many many more!

If someone like me, and others who believed in me can do it, I think you can too. Many people have done it, why not you?

Here’s the good news I have for you today. I am always on the lookout for people who have BIG DREAMS and a CARING HEART, who are eager to learn and be mentored, who value integrity in everything they do, who are exploring to make a change in their lives for the better, be it in the form of additional income for the family, or to grow their value as a person or an entrepreneur.

If you’ve read up to this point, I believe you have what it takes to make it. Reply to this email or LIKE my business page @ and PM me. Let’s get you started in living your dreams! Cheers!

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Goals for 2015

The first month of the year is almost over. Even though it may be a little late, I’d like to still share with you my goals for the year. It’s always a good time to set goals at the start of a brand new year for it gives you that refreshing feeling of looking into the future and visualizing the feeling of accomplishment at the end.

1. Level up my fitness by having a more active lifestyle.

Any goal needs to be more specific and measurable, and the easiest to measure is my weight. In 2011, I had a goal to bring my weight down to a more manageable level.  As I add more years into my life I find it harder and harder to keep my weight down. Today, I’d like to have a similar goal of having my weight go down to 180 pounds. I feel it’s a goal that’s not going to be easy but if I give my focus to it I know I can do it. 🙂 I hope this will improve my body mass index as well and overall fitness. My plan is to have a more active lifestyle and not stay up too late at night. Wish me luck with that! 🙂 I will also be trying to eat healthy food more. I know this is one department where it’s not going to be easy because I love to eat. 🙂 But I know with a little momentum, anything small can become big and the law of compounding will take care of itself and help me with my goal. 🙂

2) Expand my business team to double the number of business centers earning at least $100 – $1,000.

This is going to be particularly challenging without a strong team behind. I am confident it can be done because I work with business leaders who share the same eagerness to learn and achieve. However, I will be needing more help than I’ve had had in the past 3 years of doing business.  Anytime you want to expand by doubling your business growth is always challenging. I need people who value integrity but are open-minded enough to listen and make his own decisions, not influenced by inexperienced people who don’t know anything about building a successful business. I need people who are like me, who can stand up on his own and become a leader when called to serve the many. I need people who are humble enough to swallow their pride and are not afraid to find out what they are truly worth. I am looking for people who are kind enough to understand that anything worth doing needs to be acted upon immediately and not analyzed endlessly, for a successful business is run not only by a thinking mind, but also with skillful hands and a loving heart as well.  I need people who can give 111% of his effort and sacrifice for 1 to 3 years of his life in order to have the chance to live a life worth living for the next 10 to 30 years.

3) Go to a place I’ve never been to at least once every quarter. 

This is a similar goal I tried doing in 2011. I feel like travelling is one of those activities I enjoy most. I learn a lot just by immersing myself with a different culture, just watching how people do their daily business, meeting with different backgrounds.  With what I do today, this is something I really treasure. I used to sit in front of a computer all day long, just minding my own business, never really taking the time to get to know other people.  In what I am doing right now, all that has changed. I have been exposed to many different careers, meeting people from all walks of like sharing their inspiring stories on excellence. It’s really a great blessing getting a glimpse on what is it like to be a world champion or a star player in a competitive field like sports. It’s also humbling hearing them share their stories on how much effort they put into their crafts and how much focus and dedication they have to battle through on a daily basis just to succeed in their line of calling. It makes me even hungier to work even harder in building my own business. Another benefit of travelling of course is just realigning with the rhythms of nature. Sometimes, we get carried away with the busy-ness of life that we tend to take all things in a hurry, compromising a lot of things like going straight for days without sleep causing stress and fatigue, only to find yourself on bedrest for days and watching all your efforts go in vain. This is one area I’d like to focus on this year. I feel having a balanced lifestyle of focused work creating fast spurts of growth while having lots of vacation time in between is going to be more productive than a continuous hurried life of unproductive work with lots of stress and fatigue.

Of course, to achieve these 3 goals there will be a lot of mini-goals and targets I will have to hit along the way. I fully expect that this year is going to be a more productive year. I will be stretched and so are the people around me. There will be growth. There will also be fulfillment. It’s not going to be easy, but I know I can make it. With a strong team behind me, I know anything is possible.

P.S. Many readers of this blog have time and time again encouraged me to post more frequently. Unfortunately, with my busy schedule I have not been able to do that. I am more active in social media, particularly Facebook at the moment because it’s a great communication tool for my business. It also allows me to post quick updates more frequently. If you want to get in touch with me and get to know me more, you can add me in my Facebook Personal Page @ I have 4,247 friends at the moment and I know Facebook has a limit of only being able to accept 5,000 friends. The goods news is, as of this time, I can still accept 753 friends more. 🙂 The bad news is, it may not be long before I cannot accept new friends in my Facebook anymore. For those who would like to receive only business tips, articles and updates from me, you can also like my official business page in Facebook @ Thank you for reading up my blog. I hope I have shared something useful to inspire you in your own life. Cheers to a successful 2015! 🙂

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My new direction for this blog…and no, I will not be closing it down

It’s been a long long time since I last posted in this blog because of so many things that I’ve been so busy about this year.  I have been putting off updating this blog so much it even got to a point where the site went down for sometime without me knowing it because I forgot to renew my hosting account. Talk about being so busy. 🙂

Anyway, another reason is because I’ve been contemplating a lot on what direction I want this blog to take. For the past 3 years, I’ve changed so much that sometimes all the things that I’ve been through and want to share with you, I don’t know if they are still relevant to you or not anymore.

Some of you have come across this blog after searching for investing tips on stock market or through some other search key words. While that has generated a lot of traffic to my site, I have since taken a different direction with my blog that I don’t feel I am the right person to guide you in your stocks investments. I wrote that piece almost 4 years ago when I was still exploring about the different ways on how to earn an extra income through various investments in real-estate, stocks and businesses. I have been invited quite a number of times in different schools to share my experience with stock market investing and whatever knowledge I might have gained from it. I feel really blessed to have been given those opportunities.  However, the time to change has come.

Now, I have a little bit of clarity in terms of experience and the path that I would like to take for at least the next 2 to 3 years. And obviously, it will affect all the things that are involved in my life including this blog.

They say, the life that you have right now is the result of the decisions you made 5 years ago.  When I look back 5 years ago, I was fresh from a 2 year stint abroad and I was at that stage where I wanted to learn so many things.  My real-estate venture was great and it opened up a circle of friends that I will be forever grateful for, for it led me to so many opened doors.

Sometimes the little decisions we take which seem insignificant the day they were taken, will prove as the turning point of your life in the future. I was at that stage where I’ve already read hundreds of books on business and investing and I had nothing to show for it. I was shy and timid (or perhaps I was the only one thinking I was like that), and had limited communication skills. I’ve attended lots and lots of seminars and paid tens of thousands of pesos for each, and after several of those I still had nothing to show for it. Money is still going out of my own pocket and nothing is going in.  I was so frustrated about my results that I was ready to TAKE ACTION on ANYTHING. I can live with a failure, but I can never live with myself in NOT TRYING.

Many things have happened since then. In the beginning of my business career I had to overcome a lot of personal doubts and fears. Eventually, with the help of my mentors, I was able to see a glimmer of hope that I could hold on to…eventually, the results came and the best part of it is in being given the chance to mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs as well and contribute in helping them become successful as well.

Today, I am writing to share with you so many things that have happened this year alone. My wife and I went to Hong Kong Disneyland TWICE. One was in April when we attened an International Business Convention, and enjoy being a child again with some of our business partners afterwards…and the other time was when we were given a special travel incentive for FREE last September.

My wife were also fortunate to earn another travel incentive on the same month of September, an all-expense-paid ASIAN CRUISE trip to Hong Kong, Sanya China and Halong Bay Vietnam. We were able to visit the remotest part of China they call "End of the Earth" as well as Hong Kong, but had to skip our excursion in Vietnam because of a brewing typhoon in the area. Anyway, it was our first Asian Cruise experience and I realized we were one of the youngest crowd in the trip. Most of those with us in the cruise were already at a retirement age. I am guessing it is their gift after a fruitful career in employment or business. Seeing them unable to enjoy the amenitites so much, it dawned on me that building a sustainable business that can operate without you and generate passive income for you is one of the most powerful vehicle you can ever build. It gives you the option to enjoy life at an early age and not have to wait for retirement.  After 7 days of NOT WORKING because there was NO INTERNET CONNECTION (we’re in the middle of the sea most of the time), and having the time to really enjoy the travel, the income from our business grew even more…as if saying, we don’t need you, go have more vacation! 🙂

I also had the opportunity to share our story and inspire almost a thousand aspiring entrepreneurs in Baguio City. As speaker, I was awarded a FREE 2-day stay in Bagiuo City Country Club with an eat-all-you-can buffet breakfast.  I learned later on that the place I stayed in is one of the most exclusive hotels in the area.

The best part of this amazing journey is in seeing those who trusted you achieve similar or even greater results than you. It is in helping other people that you realize this world is abundant with blessings for those people who are willing to pay the price in hardwork and perseverance.

Today, I’d like to share with you my plan for this blog going forward. One thing I want to do is to go back to how it felt when I first started sharing the lessons I learned when I started this thing. I wanted to share from the heart. I don’t want to write something just so I can be top 1 in Google search engine or anything like that. I truly wanted to share my experiences so that other people who read it might find inspiration and realize that if I was able to make it, so can they.

As such, in the next weeks and months, I will be sharing more about the journey that I’ve been the past 3 and half years. The lessons I’ve learned and the lessons that I have yet to learn. The stories I will be sharing will be those of my own and the stories of the people I’ve personally worked with in my journey. The stories will include topics in business mindset, marketing, leadership, as well as tips on how to grow a business from the ground up using online and offline marketing strategies, and how to generate "passive income" by building a stable and sustainable business.

With that said, I will no longer be able to cater to other topics in personal finance like stocks investing, real-estate investing, saving or dealing with debts. You can find answers to those specific topics from other blogs (if you want suggestions, email me and I can share with you a few of my suggested sites). If you happened to stumble into my blog looking for topics on investing in stocks, bonds or forex or other paper assets, I may not be the best resource person for those topics. If you received this in your email and wish to unsubscribe and no longer wish to receive information from me, feel free to click the unsubscribe link below. Thank you for stumbling into my blog and I hope I was able to share something to you that added value into your life.

However, if you want to learn how to develop the mindset and skills to establish a business that can generate passive income, I can help you, just like how I was helped by my mentors 3 and half years ago.  I’m looking forward to sharing more stories with you soon. Cheers to your success!

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Would you like to travel the world with me?

Today, I’d like to give you a glimpse on what’s been happening with me for the past few months.  It’s been so thrilling going through all the experiences that I haven’t had the time to actually stop and reflect upon all the blessings that’s been happening lately.

Last month, my wife and I and a group of business partners across asia-pacific went to Hong Kong to attend a business convention.  It was my second time attending but the experience is nonetheless exciting.  Travelling abroad is fun.  It is even more enjoyable if you’re with a group of young, energetic people like XTRM 1-11.

Here’s our picture in Disneyland. Imagine the excitement we had while lining up on all the rides and chasing after Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  It felt like being a child all over again!

During the convention, my wife and I got a chance to capture our family picture on the "Wall of Fame".  It’s so thrilling seeing yourself on international stage.  

On the same day, we also got the chance to grace the stage as one of the awardees. Here’s a picture of us representing the Philippines in the international arena and bearing the Philippine Flag! It was so much fun!

After coming from convention, my wife and I decided to take our business to the next level. Our hard work bore fruit when we got the following awards a few weeks ago. 

One of them is becoming part of the Philippines’ Top 18 businesses with the highest income growth during the first quarter of 2014! For that we were awarded a free exclusive luncheon in Holiday Inn and Suites Makati.  The week after, we got another great news when we were informed that my wife and I were included in one of the travel incentives for business leaders, a 6-day trip to multiple countries, a trip-for-two Asian Cruise escapade in 3 countries! I can’t wait!

The good thing about our business is having to contribute to other people’s successes (and travels) as well. One of my partners Will and Chelle Abriza are scheduled for an all-expense-paid Asian Cruise trip of their own next month in Jeju Island Korea and Shanghai China! Another business partner of mine, Francis "Kiko" Lumbo is also scheduled for an all-expense paid trip to Maldives! It’s so much fun doing business when you know you are not the only one being blessed but also the people around you.

It’s only the first quarter of the year and it’s shaping up to be another amazing breakthrough for a lot of people who trusted me when I was just starting.  The good news is that we still have 3 quarters to go and make this year a year to remember! The bad news – time flies so fast.  Before you know it, we’re already half way through the year.

The great thing about travelling is meeting new people, getting experiences and just enjoying and learning new culture at the same time.  I wish for you to exprience the same. Join me in my next travel. Be part of our team and learn how you can get to be part of this great adventure! Add me up in Facebook @ and PM me, (or simply hit the reply button if you’re receiving this on your email.) Let’s travel the world and explore the unlimited possiblities. Let’s make your success story and travel escapades be the next feature in this blog!


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Exciting New Project for 2014: Be Part of my Dream Team

Time flies so fast. We’re already halfway through January and I’m only starting to share my goals to you just now. Every year, I try to share with you my goals for the year in the hope of inspiring you in your own financial journey as well.

Last year, this blog has undergone a lot of changes, the most evident of which is the lack of updates and postings. 😀 I apologize to you my dear readers for that. It has a lot to do with the BIG changes that has been happening to my life as well as the business direction that I want this blog to take in the next months and years.

The past 2 years have been a LIFE-CHANGING experience for me.  I was an uninspired employee before; Now, I am a very busy and mobile entrepreneur with 2 very active kids.  Before, I used to delve into a lot of things, trying out so many. I was exploring into stocks investing, real-estate investing, online blogging, affiliate marketing, e-book selling, and many more.

Until I started my own business 2 years ago, all I had was a DREAM that one day, I can live a life outside the cubicle and have a chance to DIRECT the course of my life the way I want it, without my boss or my work getting in the way. Now, it’s been more than 2 years ever since I last held a job and while it’s been full of challenges, I have also learned so many things along the way that I would not have learned otherwise.  Not by reading hundreds of books. Not by attending lots of seminars.  The life of an ENTREPRENEUR is best learned through the daily action of talking to people, selling yourself and your vision, LEADING a TEAM and overcoming challenges everyday. Over time, you will learn to welcome every opportunity with a smile on your face, and march on inspite of the pressure around you. 

I don’t claim to be an expert. I only know enough to be able to SURVIVE and BE COMFORTABLE without having to rely or NEEDING A JOB, or have to WORK ABROAD and BE AWAY FROM YOUR FAMILY. That’s why, everyday I work hard, investing time to BUILD MY BUSINESS so that someday I CAN PASS IT ON TO MY KIDS.

It’s only been more than 2 years since I started the business but some of my partners are also now starting to get some of their dreams.  One of those people who first believed in my vision and my ability to execute was my friend Will Abriza, an IT consultant for 10 years, whom I met in my real-estate investing ventures, is still doing the business with me PART-TIME (I tell you he’s earning quite a lot in his IT consulting gig) recently bought his own Ford Everest, a fit car for his growing family of two kids. 

Another friend of mine, Francis Lumbo, brought our business overseas.  He is also an IT consultant who used to work for one of the biggest financial services company in the world.  He was based abroad for a few years, but after parterning up with me PART-TIME in my business WHILE BASED IN SINGAPORE, he was able to COME HOME FOR GOOD IN THE PHILIPPINES after only 1 year and 5 months. Now, he’s enjoying his life as an entrepreneur and spending his time with his wife and young kids.  There are a lot more success stories I want to share with you but perhaps you will get to know them some other time.  Or maybe next time, YOUR SUCCESS STORY will be the one featured here in this blog. 🙂

Here’s the EXCITING PART. Right now, I am looking for NEW BUSINESS PARTNERS for a new project team that I am forming. I am looking for 10 people who would like to be MENTORED and COACHED personally by me and my team of coaches to become like Will Abriza and Francis Lumbo.  Contact me if you are interested. Add me as friend in Facebook @ and PM me. Or simple hit the REPLY button to this email.

This emails gets sent to thousands of subscribers across the globe.  While I would like to be expanding overseas, I want to have a more FOCUSED mentoring and coaching sessions for now. If you are overseas, you are still welcome to send in your inquires. My PRIORITIES, however, would be those who are in Metro Manila, particularly those people who are based or working in Makati or nearby areas. This will make it easier to schedule face-to-face meetings and coaching sessions. It is going to be an EXTENSIVE MENTORING, and it may be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You will be WORKING SIDE-BY-SIDE WITH ME until you get your business goals and become successful yourself. You will get to see me up close on how I work, get to ask me questions and receive your answers right away. You will get first-hand access to me, my leaders and my team. You will get a chance to learn from my experiences and of the whole team.

I have BIG teams in Singapore and Japan right now, and that would be another advantage for those people living in those countries. If you are not in those areas but are REALLY SERIOUS about becoming my NEW BUSINESS PARTNER, and prepared to INVEST YOUR TIME, MONEY & EFFORT to make it work, then I am not one to say no to a determined person.  I’m sure you won’t let anything discourage you from sending me an email and inquiring about my offer. 

Here’s a similar Facebook Post I shared to my friends a few days ago and the RESPONSE has been simply OVERWHELMING.  I received inquiries from all around the country, from QC, Pampanga, Bohol, etc. Some friends overseas also sent their PMs in a span of only a few hours. Now, I am opening the same OPPORTUNITY TO YOU.

My goal this 2014 is to help 38 more people become like Will Abriza and Francis Lumbo who are now starting to realize their dreams and get to enjoy the financial and time freedom that a successful business brings. 

I’m looking for the NEXT SUCCESS STORY to tell.  Why can’t it be YOU?

P.S. If part of your new year’s resolution is to start your own business or would like to start a part-time where you could earn extra income or would like to check what my business proposal is all about, Contact me . Add me as friend in Facebook @ and PM me. Or simple hit the REPLY button to this email.

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2013 Year-End Review: A Year of Tremendous Growth in Business, Family and Personal Life

It’s been a really long time since I last posted here in this blog. When you’re having the time of your life, it’s hard sometimes to just take a step back and appreciate all the things that has happened. I’d like to take this time to update you with what I’ve been very busy about for the past few months as well as give you a glimpse of the highlights from this year. We’re about to end the year 2013 in a couple of weeks.

While I’ve not been so active in this blog lately, I am however, am very active in my Facebook Profile. The other day I saw a feature in my facebook profile titled “See Your 2013 Year in Review – Look back at your 20 biggest moments from the past year.” This gave me an idea about creating a post featuring the highlights of my 2013 to share with you.  Unfortunately, 20 for me is too much so I just listed down what I could find. Here you go, the biggest moments of 2013 according to my Facebook page in pictures.

January – Year kick-off with a retreat featuring Bo Sanchez and Francis Kong in a 3-day 2 night stay in Tagaytay.

March – first time to attend an international convention for the whole asia pacific and met business owners from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, and more. Proud to be delagates from the Philippines!

We were able to receive an award during the convention. It was very exciting and an eye-opener experience for me. I got to see how the Chinese treat business – no drama, just do it, hardwork mentality.

May – Received our first award in Araneta Coliseum in front of 10,000+ people.

Shared my story to a group of hundreds of young, energetic Entepreneurs in Mega Trade Hall.

June – Welcomed the birth of my second son, Ervin.

August – My wife and I were supposed to receive an award in the U.S. but we decided to postpone our trip for next year instead so we could spend more time with our young baby boy Ervin.  Good thing the U.S. visa granted to us is valid for 10 years. We still have a few years left. 🙂

September – Received numerous invitations to speak about financial literacy from different schools around the country.

October – I shared the BIGGEST REASON why I am working hard in my business.

Received another award, this time in Philippine Sports Arena (ULTRA).

Received an invitation to share my story to fellow OFW’s in Singapore.  Here I was enjoying a free accomodation in Marina Bay Sands, special thanks to my Singapore business partners and teammates/mentors from XTRM 1-11. 🙂

October – My friends and business partners received special awards for being Top awardees from the whole Philippines.

One of the skills that I was able to improve while doing business is being able to confront your fears and do it anyway.  This post from my wife says it all. 🙂

December – celebration lunch with a few of my business partners.   Doing business has allowed me to meet fantastic people who I would never have that chance to meet otherwise.

The year is not yet done, but as you can see 2013 has been a fantastic year!!! So many new experiences, so many people whose lives were changed for the better.  If this is 2013, I can’t wait for 2014 for it will really be HUGE!!! As of now, I’ve already been scheduled for 2 out of the country trips for next year!!!! I am super excited!!!

I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! May the blessings of the Lord shower upon you as they have been into my life for this year!!! God bless you!!!

P.S. If you are tired of having the same Christmas every year, desperately waiting for something INSPIRING to happen into your life, may be this is the time to make a RESOLUTION THAT WOULD CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER. Contact me  and we’ll go from there.

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Mid-Year Update: Hong Kong, Araneta, Project 100, Greatest Blessing of the Year

Time flies so fast. The first half of the year is almost complete. There were so many things that have happened in the past few months and I can’t even begin to imagine how to share them all to you.  Today, I’m just really excited so I’ll still try to share them with you anyway. 🙂

After the first quarter, I’ve been very busy with my business that I hardly had any time to post and share significant events that have happened. Now, I have a little bit of time on my hand (as you will know later on why…clue: greatest blessing for the year.)

Hong Kong Escapade

Last March, I attended a 3-day international convention in Hong Kong. It was a great experience being able to travel again after some time, thanks to the joys of fatherhood. Not that I am complaining. 🙂 It dawned on me when I was in Hong Kong that I missed travelling. Maybe next time, I’ll bring the whole family to Disneyland so we can all enjoy together.

It’s really a great learning experience when you visit other places and get to interact with people from different countries.  I remember getting really stressed out because in Hong Kong not many locals can speak English. So you have to try very hard to communicate through sign language or anything you can think of.  Fortunately, my wife and I survived (we almost didn’t I must admit.) 🙂 

It was my first time attending an international convention and describing the whole experience as OVERWHELMING is a HUGE understatement.  The 3-day event was held at the Asia World Expo, a really big arena where almost tens of thousands of people have gathered together.  It was really an eye-opening experience for me just absorbing everything, from the excitement of all the other nationalities representing their own countries, all the way from Japan, Australia, Singapore, Korea, Malaysia, and more. It was really nice being able to represent my country the Philippines, as delegates to the event. Here’s my wife and I getting up close with delegates from Australia.

Some of my mentors were invited to speak at the convention and it was really surreal seeing them talk in front of thousands of different nationalities, inspiring them that if you pour your heart into something, anything is possible. It was truly an awesome experience.

Being Awarded on stage at Araneta Coliseum

A month after the convention, a huge breakthrough in my business happened and we received our biggest recognition so far.

Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined that one day I will grace the stage of Araneta Coliseum and be awarded in front of tens of thousands of excited and screaming crowd.  Here’s a short video of the awarding ceremony.

Project 100 Update: 2 down, 98 more to go!

Around May this year, one of my friends in Singapore earned $1,000+ in a month and became the second person to do it as part of Project 100. In as much as I would like to take the credit for it, the reality is that majority of what he achieved was because of his own hardwork, dedication and self-initiative.  Mentoring someone from overseas is a challenging task, and it only works out if someone at the other end is self-initiating and has the drive to put in the EFFORT & TIME, and willing to be coached without any regard for ego, pride or mindless excuses.

Watch out for the featured story on the project 100 graduates in the coming weeks.

My Greatest Blessing of the Year

As they say, "save the best for last." Last year, the greatest miracle of our lives happened and my son Ethan Gabriel was born.  Now, more than a year after, another dream has come true.  Last Tuesday, my wife gave birth to our second son Ervin Daniel.  Truly, there’s no greater gift than the gift of family.

It’s only been almost half-a-year and the blessings have already been overflowing! Thank you Lord!

Of course, the past months have not been without challenges, but that’s life, all the challenges only make the journey all the more sweeter and enjoyable.  In the end, everything is all for the greater glory of God.

How about you? How’s your first-half of the year so far?

P.S. Some readers have sent me messages requesting for a more frequent posting of articles in this blog… and I agree 100%. For the past months, I have not been able to post as frequently as I wanted to.  Hopefully for the rest of the year, I’ll be more active in sharing some stories with you in this blog and post the articles more consistently. Wish me luck! 🙂

P.P.S. I’m currently expanding my business and I’m looking for 4 new partners. Some of my existing business partners in Makati, Singapore and Japan are now earning an extra $200 – $1000 a month part-time as part of my growing team. I am looking for 4 serious people who I can work with. If you would like to work with me, drop me an email or add me as friend in Facebook and PM me so we can schedule some time to get to know each other and see if we can do business together. This business is obviously not for everyone, only for those people who want to work hard and pursue a legal and ethical way to earn money. Not for those looking for a get-rich-quick scheme.  If you are looking for a get-rich-quick way to make money without putting in any effort, time or money, please don’t bother contacting me.  I can tell you right now, this is not for you.  So please save us both the time. The first time I offered something like this, my mailbox got so many inquiries that it took me 3 days to go through all of them. So if you don’t receive a reply from me within 24 – 48 hours, please resend your email or Facebook message again as I might have missed it or it got buried along with the other emails/messages. God bless!

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Life Updates

Exciting Things Ahead: My Personal, Business, Health and Spiritual Goals for 2013

Today, I am celebrating my birthday.  One thing about getting a year older, you tend to reflect a little bit more about your own goals.  So today, I’d like to share with you some of my personal, business, health and spiritual goals for 2013.  In sharing my goals, I hope to inspire you to write yours as well.

Personal Goal: Write 3 new books. 

I haven’t had much time to spend in writing the past year.  I missed writing to you.  Sharing my stories.  Sharing the experiences I’ve been through.  These books will be more about the experiences I’ve gone through the past few years venturing into different things.  I will share to you some intimate details, the failures along the way, and some of the exciting things that have happened to me as a result of the decisions I made.

Why 3 books?  Because I think I have so much to share that one book will not be enough.  Besides, my books will not be as long as some of the textbooks you read in College anyway.  Because then, you will not read mine anymore.  I like it short, inspiring and based from real-world experiences.  I like to write books that I’d love to read for myself. If you have already bought and read my book at, you know what I am talking about.

Business Goal: Triple business income from 2012.

I am enjoying my time being a young entrepreneur.  Year 2012 has been great for my business.  I’ve learned a lot last year from my every day conversations with my mentors, customers and business partners. I am very fortunate to be given the chance to change the lives of many people…Of course, business income was great as well.  This year, I want my business to have explosive growth, that is to triple the income from last year.  I am very confident it will become a reality because of the solid team behind me in XTRM 1-11.

Last year, project 100 was a success.  There were 104 people who earned $40/week – $1,000/week income as part of the project.  Unfortunately, the project is now closed.  The good news is that I will be launching a new and improved version 2.0 of the project soon. I’m really excited to share it with you but I’m still finalizing a few details.  Watch out for my announcements about the new project in the coming weeks.

One thing I realized about business is that it is like any other thing in this world, it can be learned. As long as you put in the effort, the time, and be willing to let go of your pride, something is bound to happen and you will learn whatever you need to learn so your business will grow.  Granted, 9 out of 10 businesses fail in their first 5 years.  Out of those left, 9 out of 10 will eventually fail within 10 years.  But why look at those which failed?  Look at the one business that succeeded! Ask the owner how he made it happen so you will know how to build a successful business as well.   

The good thing about business is that once you learn the skills, no one can take it away from you.  Even if that business collapses and you lose everything, as long as you know how to build a successful business, you can do it all over again.  That’s one of the reasons why I ventured into business myself.  No amount of reading books or attending seminars will replace the learning you get by actually being there in the field, starting and growing your own business.  I am still a newbie and have a lot to learn…but in my few years doing business, I feel I have gained more knowledge than all the books I’ve read over the years combined simply because I now have a little bit more real-world experience.

Health Goal: Lose weight to reduce waistline by 4 inches. 

Don’t ask what my waistline is now because I will not share it with you.  🙂  The reality is that when you have a lot of time to enjoy eating, you tend to eat…a lot. Of course, it’s not an excuse to over eat.  I feel I will be even more productive and have more energy when I have a lot less weight to carry around with me. 🙂

My new fitness goal of course is to make my waistline a little bit more fitting, down by 4 inches to be exact.  The paradox of time is that people think having a lot of time will allow them to do the things they want to do.  I don’t think so.  The reality is that if someone gives you more time right now, you will not know what to do with it, worst case you will think of other excuse like sleeping or watching tv for you to not do the things you "think" you want to do like exercising or doing something more productive.  Trust me.  I’ve been there.  I thought resigning from my job will give me more time to do the stuffs I "thought" I wanted to do.  It will work for a few weeks, but after that, something is bound to come up to take the time that was freed up. There’s laziness.  There’s procrastination.  There’s hundreds of reasons to convince yourself that putting it off for later is the best thing to do.

Spiritual Goal: Attend the Feast every Sunday.

This year I want to be more consistent in attending services of my spiritual community.  Bo Sanchez’ Light of Jesus community is holding Feasts at different days of the week all over the world.  Normally, I attend the PICC Feast during Sundays.  If you are there, may be we will bump into each other once in a while.  Anyway, sometimes something will come up…or sometimes because of laziness I am not able to go to the Feast.  I find attending the Feast very nurturing for my soul.  I appreciate the talks by Bo Sanchez and his other fellow Feast Builders…I learn a thing or two about dealing with different kinds of people, how to develop your emotional maturity, etc.  More importantly, I get to spend some time just being in the presence of the Lord with my family, enjoying the experience of a spiritual community.  This year, I want it to be more consistent and perhaps finally be able to complete the sessions of a Caring Group….and maybe get a chance to be more actively involved in the community as well. 🙂

That’s it for now.  I am very excited to be going after my goals for this year 2013.  I feel the abundance of blessings this year is going to be overflowing.

How about you?  What are your goals for this year?

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Life Updates

2012: A Year of Miracles, Life Changing Events and Blessings in Time and Finances

In about an hour, the hands of the clock will tick and another year will come to pass.  The year 2012 is filled with great memories that will forever be etched in my heart.  It’s the year that overhauled my personal and professional life.

The Greatest Miracle and Life Being a New Dad

On the personal level, I have witnessed the greatest miracle in the world (for me) in the birth of my first born son, Ethan Gabriel.  Nothing prepares you to becoming a new parent.  I am very proud of my wife Anna for her sacrifices for the 9 months that Ethan Gabriel was in her womb, and the many months of sleepless nights that followed after he was born.  Even though it was a challenging time for both my wife and I and our baby boy, I wouldn’t trade it for the whole world.  The experience bonded us together.  It gave us a deeper appreciation of how fragile life really is, and at a blink of an eye all the blessings can be taken away from you.  If not for God’s grace, everything would lose its meaning.

Being a new dad is really life changing. It has touched my life on a deeper level.  Now I feel I have a deeper understanding on how fragile it is to be caring for another life who is your own flesh and blood.  There were nights when I rarely got a decent sleep especially in the first few months…but eventually I learned to adjust.  Now, my baby boy is 8 months old and he is growing very rapidly.  His sweet smile can light up a room! Every day, he seems to be learning a new thing or two.  I’m enjoying every moment I spend with him.

First Year in Business

This year was my first year being a full-time entrepreneur.  In February, our business hit a milestone of earning $1,000 in a single week.  Thanks to our great team who made it happen.  We wouldn’t have made it had it not been for the support of each one of our business partners.  Thank you.

I’m still a baby in terms of running a business, and I feel very fortunate to have met a lot of great mentors who helped shape me to become a better leader, a better business partner and a better friend to those around me.  Thanks to XTRM 1-11 and its team of mentors.

Transitioning from employment to business is not an easy thing to do.  There were a lot of challenges, mostly in shifting my core values away from security to embracing the promise of financial and time freedom.  There were times when I certainly had doubts in my mind whether I made the right decision or not.  But every time I watch my son in my arms, I remember why I ventured into business in the first place.  I want to learn to become a better businessman, so that I can give the life without limits to my family.  There’s no greater joy than seeing them have all the opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer.

A Taste of Time Freedom

One thing I am very grateful about what I do is that it has allowed me the opportunity to spend some time with my wife and new baby especially during the first months after my wife gave birth…and the great thing was even though I was not working, the money still kept coming in.  I wouldn’t have experienced that in my job as an IT consultant where the motto is “no work, no pay.”  Every day was like holiday.

I remember a funny thing happened to me on my 2nd week at the hospital.  I was asked 3 times on 3 days if I was on leave.  Only on the 3rd time did I realize that perhaps it was unusual for a husband to be beside her wife and baby every day, for 24 hours/day because most dad’s only had 1 week of paternity leave and I was already on my 2nd week.  I felt really blessed to say the least.

When the greatest miracle happened in our lives, I felt really fortunate to have been able to save up for emergency fund which allowed us to cope up with the hospital expenses.  Yes, it was a challenging time, but having something to rely on financially allowed us to focus on the more important stuffs, and that is being there for one another physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We prayed together.  We cried together.  We were physically exhausted together.  We were blessed for we had each other.

It is true when they say, money is not the most important thing in life, but it affects the most important things.

Status of Project 100

This year also marked the completion of project 100. As of the time of this writing, there are now 104 people who have earned $40/week – $1,000/week as part of the project.  Besides the financial blessings that come with it, what gives me greater joy is in having the chance to elevate the lives of the people who have been part of the project.

It’s not been an easy journey trying to coach people with different backgrounds, different goals, different levels of maturity in their journey to financial freedom, but it is all worth it.  In the process, I’ve learned a lot of things about myself, about my weaknesses, about the things I love to do, and about life in general.  I’ve been blessed to have a great team with me who have helped project 100 become successful.

What’s next? In my next article on goals, I will reveal to you what’s next for project 100.

What to Expect in Rich Money Habits Blog?

With the changes that have happened in my life I have had very little progress made in this blog.  I apologize for not being able to contribute a lot to your financial growth through this blog.  Soon, I will share a lot more about my business adventures here.  As you might have observed, I have shifted my focus of this blog from stocks investing and personal finance to focus more on business.  I will share more about the reasons in the next articles.

Now, I’d like to take this time to personally thank you for your very warm support for this blog.  If not for you, I would not have had the confidence to continue down this path.

Thank you for your emails.  I appreciate you letting me get a glimpse of your life.  Thank you for sharing your dreams and struggles with me.  Event though I fail to respond to you on a timely manner sometimes, please know that I read each of your emails personally and your stories remain in my thoughts and in my heart.

I wish you well this coming year 2013.  May the good Lord bless your family not only financially but also in being able to spend time and celebrate with one another! Cheers to a great year that passed and to an even better year to come!

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Life Lessons Life Updates

Prequel to the Greatest Miracle in the World

I can still remember as if it was just yesterday.  After trying to have a baby for almost 4 years and patiently going back and forth to our doctor’s appointments, I can still remember how anxious we were, hoping and waiting for the good news on our goal to have a baby.

I can still feel the heart ache my wife went through when well meaning loved ones were asking her why we don’t have a baby yet.  I can only imagine the pressure that she had to go through every time she hears the same question over and over again. That’s why I am very proud of my wife. Through all the challenges, even when her faith was failing her, he kept holding on to her dream, our dream to have a baby.

Our well meaning friends and relatives told her not eat too much for her to lose weight to have a better chance of conceiving.  Of course, they don’t know that my wife was having a hormonal imbalance…and that having a voluptous figure can be because of other things not related to overeating.  In fact, she has already done that, eating only “half-rice” at every meal.  On top of that, she even went through a strenous dance class  in the hope of shedding a few pounds which only made her cry and trembling in exhaustion after a few gruelling sessions.  If it were me, I may not have the emotional strength to go on and continue with what she went through.  My wife is a strong woman.  In spite of her fun-loving, amiable and high-spirited front is a fragile lady with a loving heart full of dreams.  She’s the first miracle in my life.

The First Glimmer of Hope

After years of trying, my wife went through the next stage of the work-up as advised by her doctor.  She was told to take a medication, which she had to inject on herself everyday for the next week or so.  One injection is worth PhP 3,000, and when I last counted, it was 10 injections that she had to take.  Not only was it painful physically for my wife…but also painful financially. That’s when I realized that if you have a dream big enough, you really don’t mind spending more than you normally would.  It is an emotional thing.

Finally, the good news arrived.  My wife was tested positive!!! Yehey!!! We’re finally going to have a baby.

But the good news didn’t last for very long.  The next few days were some of the most trying times of our lives.  Everyday for the next week, she had spotting. She was losing blood.  Exactly 7 days after, I had to take her to Medical City at 3am in the morning. I remember vividly holding her tight as we walked and asked a cab in EDSA Mandaluyong to take us to the emergency unit of the hospital.  She was losing blood, a lot of blood.  In the end, the baby was lost.

Without sleep, depressed, numbed from the whole experience, my wife and I went out of the hospital past noon with no clue what to do next.  All I can remember was that we took a cab and went to my in-laws’ house to deliver the bad news.

While in the cab, I remembered that I had a scheduled appointment at 3pm on the same day with a friend of mine.  At first, I really didn’t want to go, but as luck would have it, that appointment would pave the way for God’s healing and the greatest miracle to happen in our lives.

The Making of the Greatest Miracle in the World

After some chit chat with my friend, she showed me what she was busy with at that time. My friend even introduced me to her mentors. That meeting proved to be a turning point in my life.  I didn’t recognize it at first, but luckily I suspended my disbelief long enough to have a clearer view of what it really meant…and soon 6 months after the greatest miracle happened in our 4 years of married life.

It was March 2011 after having gone through the tragedy when my wife and I decided to temporarily stop the work up consultation with our OBGYNE doctor.  At times, I would see my wife, still feeling the emotional stress from the whole event, crying at her own corner feeling depressed.  It pricked my heart seeing her so sad.

My wife stopped going to the doctor, stopped taking medications, and sometimes even stopped going to work in days she could not contain her emotional depression. As a loving husband, all I could do was watch her helplessly go through deep emotions that only a woman who losed a part of her own would know.

When my friend recommended a weight loss program for us, we really didn’t expect any result from it.  In fact, because my wife was depressed, there were times we would not be able to follow the program and eat out heavily in an eat-all-you-can restaurant.  Until one night, my wife accidentally saw our anniversary pictures on her laptop.  On that same night, we were really surprised to see the difference in her.  I was so excited, I asked her to put on the same dress and voila, here’s the picture I got. 🙂

That encouraged us to take a deeper look at what we have stumbled into. Because of the miscarriage, my wife and I were extra careful in what we were taking.  In order to prepare the body for conceiving, it is important to have a healthy lifestyle especially for the 9 months the baby is inside the womb. Also with all the medications she was under as part of the workup, she’s afraid it would take its toll on her kidneys and liver. We discovered that nourishing your total body health is important, and taking a high-quality vitamin supplement like Cellsentials is key especially nowadays that eating healthy is so hard to do. We learned that Omega 3 is good for those wanting to get pregnant, so we decided to take it.  We learned that Coenzyme Q10 is good for those with ‘hormonal imbalance’ and those wanting to enhance fertility, and also took some of it.  And so on..

After 6 months, my mother-in-law who is already a senior-citizen and still without a grandchild, prodded my wife for us to try again.  My wife, being a very obedient child who can’t say no to her parents, obliged on one condition – that she won’t have to go back to the same clinic and doctor again.  My mother-in-law referred another doctor to her. My wife went to the doctor bringing with her her very long medical history of PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). The doctor did a new ultrasound scan, and much to my wife’s surpise the doctor said, “Oh, normal ka naman. Ok na siya. Wala nang PCOS” (You’re normal, there’s no longer any PCOS). My wife was stunned.  She couldn’t believe it. She kept going back to the past 6 months and asked herself what changed.  All she could think of were the healthy lifestyle changes that we went through.

The doctor advised her of the timing, and when she can do a pregnancy test.  My wife was so excited she did the test a week early.  One morning, she woke me up crying while holding on one hand the pregnancy test kit result.  I was still half-asleep when I checked the test kit from her hand.  I don’t know if it was because I just got off from sleep, I saw one solid line and I thought I saw another very faint one but wasn’t really sure.  I couldn’t ask my wife because she was already crying profusely at this point. I didn’t have the courage to ask her whether she was crying because it’s already positive or she was crying because it’s negative again.  All I could do then was hug her and not utter any word.

Another week passed and my wife did another test on the day the doctor advised us to do so.  The lines were more pronounced at this point so we were getting very excited.  After another week, we went through the doctor and it was confirmed! We are going to have a BABY!!! We were so ecstatic!!!

Past forward more than a year after, my son is now 5 months old.

Sometimes I still can’t believe I am now holding my own child in my arms while he lay soundly asleep.  I still can’t believe that what was only a dream a year ago is now a reality.  Truly there’s no impossible to the Lord.

Everything happens for a reason. Even tragedies have a purpose. When I look back, perhaps it was really meant to be for us to experience feeling the loss so we will know how to value what we have when the blessing finally arrives.

I feel really blessed.  My son Ethan Gabriel is the Greatest Miracle in the World in my heart.  Everyday, when I see my son smile back at me, it reminds me how much God loves me and my family. Amidst all the financial blessings that we have received, truly there are blessings that are PRICELESS.  This is one of them. No amount of money can compare to the happiness my wife and I feel every time we see our son Ethan Gabriel smile.

All glory to God in the highest!

P.S. I hope Ethan’s story inspires you in your journey as you experience the greatest miracle in your life.  Hold on to that dream for God would not have put it in your heart if it was not meant to be fulfilled in its own proper time.

P.P.S. If you want to know more about the products we took that has helped us improve our health to have a healthy baby after 6 months of taking them, you can contact me here.

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