Featured Success Story: Will and Chelle Abriza – IT Consultant and Housewife Turned Entreprener

In the next few days, I will be featuring success stories of people I’ve worked with in the past 4 and half years doing business. My goal is to inspire you to go for your own success story. Who knows? Time will come, perhaps you will be the next one featured in this blog.

Today, I will be featuring my good friends turned business partners, Will and Chelle Abriza. Will is a former IT consultant for 10 years while Rachelle is a former call center agent.

I met this young couple in 2011 while venturing into real-estate. The first time I met this couple, we were having a family day with friends. They were already an established real-estate group and my wife and I were invited as guests. One thing that struck me about them was how young looking and kind they were.

We were only acquaintance then but I have proven their trustworthiness even before venturing together in business. One day, a reader of this blog inadvertantly deposited a payment to a seminar to Will’s account. I emailed Will right away, and lo and behold without much hassle, he immediately refunded the money and I was able to return it back to the reader of this blog. Everything went smoothly. The error was corrected. But that day, I knew I could count on Will to do the right thing when someting unexpected happens.

Fast forward a few years after, I saw Will again in a wealth summit seminar. He looked stressed. Unknown to me at that time, he was undergoing a heavy financial difficulty. I shared the opportunity to do business together with him and he grabbed the chance right away.

The first years doing business together were challenging. We are both IT programmers, shy and don’t speak a lot. We lacked a lot of things, skills and the right mindset.  But we had one thing going for us — we were both hungry to learn and become successful.

It took some time, but their business breakthrough finally came. After a few years, they have finally built one of the most dynamic international organizations in our company spanning a global operations in countries like Singapore, Japan, Canada, Malaysia and the Philippines. Their financial burden was finally solved through their business. They became multi-millionaires.

Even with their continued success, they have remained down to earth and humble. Due to their strong determination, they have helped a lot of people get their dreams. Because of that, they have been blessed much as well: 3-time recipient of an all-expense paid Asian Cruise travel for two, multiple awards here and abroad (Top 23 Philippine Growth, *Million-Peso Achievers, 4x-Quarterly Growth Awardees, etc). Now, they are the proud owners of BRAND NEW FORD EVEREST.

As much as I’d like to take the credit for their success, it’s through their own hard work and determination and keeping an open mind that has allowed them the success that they desired. I was only an instrument to show the opportunity that they have been looking for at that time.

I want to leave you with this video interview we did together a few months ago, while we were doing a photoshoot for all people who have bought their own cars in our group.  Watch this video and learn directly from Will and Chelle how to become successful in business. Cheers!

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