Featured Success Story: RJ and Jacq De Lara, Engineer & Accountant turned Entrepreneurs

This is a continuation of a series of success stories that I am featuring in my blog.

Meet RJ and Jacq De Lara. RJ is a former Electrical Engineer from Meralco while Jacq De Lara is a former Certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Shell.

In 2011, they had a great career working for them. But they had dreams wanting to get fulfilled. They were boyfriend-girlfriend when I met them, but now they are a husband-wife team with a young daughter. They even made me their godfather! Imagine that. Of course, I am honored but at the back of my mind I asked myself if I am “that” old to become a “Ninong” for a wedding. 🙂

Interestingly, I met RJ and Jacq at a time when I was also trying to shift from employment to entrepreneurship.

I was tired of reading hundreds of books, and attending seminars left and right with nothing to show for it. Then I finally got my hands on starting a business but failed miserably being a one-man team. I knew then that I lacked so many skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur. I don’t speak a lot. I am comfortable writing but not in talking with other people face to face. I liked doing things on my own. But I realized early on that if you want to become successful in business you need all the help you can get. Business, as they say, is a team sport. I knew I needed to learn all these things, that’s why I decided to give it another try and shared my experiences in this blog.

Unknown to me at that time, RJ and Jacq chanced upon and read one of those articles and got interested to meet up with me. They were venturing in real-estate at that time and knew the people I was working deals in real-estate with. That chance meeting over coffee turned out to be a turning point in our lives. That was the starting point of a partnership that I am very grateful up to this day.

When I met this young couple and talked about doing business together, Jacq had so many questions. What if this happens, etc. It’s understandable because she was trained to become meticulous as a CPA. Good thing I was not doing business by myself then, my mentor was with me and explained to her in detail how it would all work. I was just there listening, thinking and analyzing. You see, I was also trained being an IT consultant to analyze things…sometimes it works in my favor, sometimes it doesn’t. Especially when I use it as an excuse not to act, and I get bogged down with analysis paralysis. 🙂

I remember when I met them 4 years ago, RJ was the jolly guy who knew a lot about selling. In fact, because of him, they were able to close one of their real-estate deals. Jacq was a bit more reserved, but I knew then she was someone who would pour her hearts and soul into something she’s passionate about and believe in. Also, she knew what she wanted in life. She wanted to become successful because of her humble beginnings growing up. It turned out, they were actively looking for an opportunity to make their dreams come true at that time. I was the 5th person they were checking to do business with. I don’t really know what they saw in me, but to this day, I am thankful they trusted me even though we just met that day.

Life works in mysterious ways. Sometimes, people you hardly know (in the beginning) make the biggest impact in your life. That has been true for me in the case of RJ and Jacq.

When they got started, they were the most consistent in our business. They were eager to learn. They read books, attended trainings. Did everything they were told. But months after, the success they were aiming for has not come as fast as they wanted to. But they were not ones who get discouraged easily. They persevered, got a little bit of success, but a new challenge would soon come up. They hit a wall…worked over it, around it, under it but to no avail..Until something finally worked! After a couple of years, they finally hit their breakthrough.

People think that the fastest way to success is a straight line. Never ever failing. But I beg to disagree. If you want to become successful fast, you need to fail faster. Do things. Break things. Fail at it. Then you will learn, FAST. But if you’re afraid to even try, something will always hold you back. You will never start. Sometimes, you just have to close your eyes, and say $*%* let’s do this!

Being a mentor to someone gives you that special priviledge to watch those you coach become better, and stronger as day goes by. Sometimes, it gets to a point wherein they turned out better than you thought they would be.

Here’s a picture of RJ and Jacq while enjoying the white sands of Club Med Kani in Maldives! I haven’t been to Maldives but they got there for FREE as part of their travel incentive in our company. They say it’s one of the dream destination for most people. Even celebrities like Leonardo Dicaprio went there. Imagine going there for free because you were able to grow your business income by at least USD $7,800 in one quarter! That’s what RJ and Jacq did! 🙂

But one of the things I enjoy more these days is I get to travel for FREE and be with friends and business partners at the same time! Last June, RJ and Jacq were also awarded a FREE trip for 2 via Royal Caribbean Cruise just like me and my wife. It gives me joy when I see people who trusted and believed in me enjoy the fruits of their labor. I know I can’t take credit for their success, because they did it, not me. I just feel very fortunate to have been part of their journey to getting there.

We’ve been through a lot growing our businesses together. There were times when they were thinking of giving up. I too for the most part, have thought of quitting so many times. But just like in life, it matters more who you are with going towards your dreams! When you know someone else is depending on you, it’s a wake up call to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I am thankful that our lives crossed.  They have taught me so many things. They challenge me to be better. A better leader. A better mentor. A better business partner.

I wish for you to find business partners who you can rely on to be there through thick and thin. I have been blessed to have known RJ and Jacq. Now, it’s time to learn directly from their success story. Watch this video we made while doing a photoshoot for our team. Enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed their success story. I pray that you find great business partners like RJ and Jacq in your entrepreneurial journey.

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