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How to Invest in the Philippine Stock Market the Super EIP Way

For the past few months, I’ve been investing in the Philippine Stock Market using Citiseconline’s EIP (Easy Investment Program).  In a nutshell, it’s an investment program where you invest a fixed amount on a regular basis to take advantage of the cost averaging method.  I plan to do this for at least 5 years for the most stable stocks that I feel have the most probable chance of being profitable in the next 5 to 10 years.

The Super EIP of Bo Sanchez

I mentioned in my Truly Rich Club Review that Bo Sanchez recently launched his Stocks Updates Newsletter along with his e-book “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market”.  Through the Newsletter, Bo aims to share his stock investment advise.  He plans to tell you what stocks he is buying, what stocks he recommends people to buy and when to sell those stocks.

This very helpful information is available only to Truly Rich Club members.  Since you’re an avid reader of this blog, I’ll give you a sneak peek on what Truly Rich Club members are getting.

In the first issue of Bo’s Stocks Update Newsletter, he introduced the SUPER EIP investment program. The strategy is to search for “undervalued” companies with proven track record and buy them at a low price.  For example, if a stock is valued at $2 $1.50 and it is currently being sold at $1, you have a 50% potential profit once the market aligns with the stocks’ true value.  After the stock reaches $2, you can then sell your stocks and get 50% profit.  Keep in mind that this may happen after weeks, months, or even years.  For Bo’s case, his PhP 148,000 actually increased to PhP 441,000 when he sold his stocks after more than 1 year!  That’s a profit of around 200%!

At this point, I need to mention that the results will definitely vary from case to case and some people may even lose money.  In the end, you should still be responsible in making your own investment decisions.  Citiseconline, Bo Sanchez or even this blog may tell you what stocks to buy and when to sell but the reality is that it is still YOUR OWN MONEY.  There’s no one more concerned on how to make your money grow than you.

In an attempt to try out the SUPER EIP investment strategy, I’ve invested some of my money into 2 stocks (one valued at 47% upside profit, and the other one a 42% potential upside) starting this month.  As with Bo’s strategy, I also plan to take advantage of EIP cost averaging for these 2 stocks.  Every month, I plan to invest a fixed amount and once it reaches the target price, I will sell the stocks to take my profits.

I am really excited to see how this strategy will fare out in the future.  I can’t wait to share to you whether the money I invested will grow to its potential or I end up losing money.  Watch out for that in the coming months.

How about you?  What investment strategies are you using when investing in the Philippine Stock Market?

P.S. If you want to know the 2 companies I invested in for the SUPER EIP and other undervalued stocks in the Philippines, you can contact me or join Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club and read Bo’s Stock Updates Newsletter.

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How can I invest in the stock market? And how old do you have to be before you van invest in the stock market? Is there a minimum amount?.. I wonder if it’s possible to invest at only around 10,000php?.. thank you..

age doesn’t matter..i’ve seen students who are investing in stocks. yes, you can invest only PhP 10,000 as long as it is less than the minimum board lot of the stock you are buying

gudpm, can i ask how can be a member in your company bcoz i want to join.. thank you and more power….

hi raquel, which company? you can use the contact page to send me a private message if you want.

If you are investing in stocks you really do need to follow a 5 plus year game plan. I think that pulling out prematurely could often wind up turning into a loss.

Thanks for the post


Sounds interesting yet a little risky. I’d like to learn more about the two companies that you invested into and when to invest.

Well, It’s interesting.It’s time for filipinos to move fast for fast growing economy.Filipinos has potential to do something but we need to have patient,hardwork, and discipline to reach the goal.

Hi Dennison, welcome to RMH! Thanks for posting a comment. To answer your question, one of the stocks that I bought is actually down -6.59%, the other one is up 4.87%. In short, I’ve lost around -1.72% on paper. But since I haven’t sold any of the 2 stocks yet, I haven’t actually lost/gained anything. 🙂 Which reminds me, I’ll try to do a follow-up on this article in the next few days/weeks. Watch out for that. 🙂

at this time…for sure kumita na ang pera mo.kumita nga sa mutual fund e.ngayon na ba ang time ng pagbenta?or do you think tataas pa ang value?i think tataas pa hehehe.

Hi JayR – good to hear that. my investments are doing quite well. I’ve been asking the same questions and to tell you the truth I have no idea whether it’s going to go up for good or make a downturn once more. 🙂

Sir Allan,
I’m presently investing at COL’s EIP since February this year for the10 years term, following bro.Bo’s recommendation on TRC, I’ve chosen 5 potential stocks, putting fixed amount every month. As of July, 2011, my portfolio shown to have gain Php 500-600, for my total investment of almost 37K. Technically wise, am I on the right track on following the program or am I just expecting too much, too early. I am just a new investor, please care to enlighten me.
Thanks and God Bless.

Hi Olan, it’s good that you have started investing in stocks and gained at least a first hand experience about how to do it. Many people just dream about doing it someday but have not been able to actually make it happen. As far as EIP investing method is concerned, i think the returns are 5 months, the price may not change as much and shouldn’t bother you if you are looking at it in 10 years term. However, if you want to be a little more aggressive, I suggest subscribing to Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club because he has another investing method SAM (Strategic Averaging Method) he’s sharing exclusively to members of his club. That investment method has a more aggressive time frame and potentially earn you more but still leverages the power of cost averaging. Hope this helps.


May i ask a personal question because i really want to know more of the actual experience ng isang investor, i want to be enlightened and medyo kabado kasi rin ako sa pag invest ng na-ipon ko sa bank. as of today, magkano na na-invest mo sa stocks or mutual? and how much na yung actual kinita mo personally from it? and how long ka na sa ganitong investment po? thanks in advance.

Hey Vic, to answer your question, I’ve been investing in stocks since Feb of last for how much, I’ll just email you directly. 🙂

Good day Sir!
I would like to ask since I am new in Truly Rich Club and Citiseconline,
If I will follow the SAM of Bo Sanchez, this is still under the EIP product of Citiseconline right? Meaning upon creation of account, you will still use the EIP of COL?

hi analyn, you can opt to use EIP if you want, but you can also invest without using EIP facility of COL

Hi SIr Allen,

Im interested with SAM invetsment you have mentioned. I would like to more of this and how it works?

SAM is coined by Bo Sanchez. It’s a combination of value investing and cost-averaging. You still invest the same amount every month, but you’re also choosing specific companies based on their value. Unfortunately, the details on which companies are available only to Truly Rich Club members, thru Bo Sanchez’ monthly Stocks Update newsletter. Hope this helps.

hi guys,

im already a member of truly rich club since january 2011 but im just planning to start investing this month..may i know how to open a SUPER EIP account? thanks.. 🙂

hi hazelle! SUPER EIP is similar to EIP…but if you’re a member of truly rich club, you would have received Bo Sanchez Stocks Update Newsletter and heard of the new SAM method he is using…it’s the old EIP but more strategic, hence the acronym SAM for Strategic Averaging Method.

I think pwede, but you have to send in the signed copies sa COL if I am not mistaken…you can check out the FAQs in COL website.

yehey! sweldo na bukas (friday), so guess i’ll be going to citisec on monday to open an account. whooh! let’s do this! God bless us all ^_^

Hi! how is your stocks doing right now? Hope its growing. I am also planning to invest stocks but I have to learn a lot more. God bless us all! =D

some of my stocks are down…but i am not worried. i think this may be a good time to check w/c of my favorite stocks are now cheap so i can position myself and buy.

Hi Allan,

Okay lang ba na di ko naselect yung EIP when I bought the stocks? I think the default is “DAY”. Naprocess naman yung binili ko kaso sa Trade Porfolio yung EIP shares at Uncommitted shares ay di match. Thank you.

Hi Sir,

Tanong lng po regarding EIP. Kailangan po ba MONTHLY mg-add ng investment dito or it’s ok na quarterly? And fixed po ba ang Php 5000 per stock ang minimum na pwede mong i-add or pwede less/more?

yep pwede quarterly, pwede rin less/more than P5000 depende sa price ng share

hi! my husband and i are opening eip soon and planning for long term investment but when i’ve known bro bo’s trulyrichclub, it felt so good and likewise want to be part of it too. my question is do i need to do the eip first on citiseconline or be member of bro bo’s trulyrichclub so we can be guided first. our knowledge and experience in investments are very limited. the info that we know is basically from video clips and googled articles… pls advise!! thanks

i’d recommend being a member of bo’s truly rich club first because of 3 things. 1) you get a good foundation of financial literacy. without it, investing will only be a waste of time and money. 2) eip is a good investment strategy, but it’s only one piece of a bigger picture, truly rich club, there are other vehicles that might be a better fit for your own situation, and lastly 3) when you become a member of the truly rich club, you have the unfair advantage of receiving monthly stocks update from bo sanchez, it will specifically tell you which stocks to buy, when to buy them, and when to sell them, perfect for beginners and those with limited time to do research. hope this helps.

Hi! ask ko lang po.kung ang term na kinuha ko sa EIP is 10years, ibig po ba sabihin eh hindi ako mag sell in 10 yrs?Naguguluhan kasi ako sa sell eh.

yes, technically you will have to buy every month and never sell until after 10 years. but of course, if you decide to sell no one will be able to prevent you. it’s up to you to make the discipline to stick to the cost averaging (eip) method for 10 years.

Can you please advise on how to know more details/technicalities about stock market? Would truly rich club be of help? please advise on how to become a member of truly rich club? Thank you and God Bless us!!

yes, being a member of truly rich club is a big help, at least for me. bo sanchez sends out an easy to understand stocks updates newsletter and shares you when to buy and when to sell specific stocks as well. 🙂

One more thing, which memebership should i get? Ok na ba ung 247 a month? andun na ba ung SAM? thanks again.

Hi.. Im a newbie here and am very much interested to start investing under the EIP. Do I have to deposit P5k every month after I open an account?

it depends on you…you can deposit every month in to your col account..or decide to deposit more,say 20k but invest 5k only every month..

hi.. im new here.. ano ba mga activities once i become a member of truly rich club? may mga religious activities ba? im asking this questions kasi hindi ako catholic.. gusto ko mag invest thru super eip..thank you sir.

wala naman religious activities sa truly rich club, it’s an online club where you get to receive stocks updates, wealth strategies, and more.

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