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MoneySense Live’s Where To Invest In 2010

I recently received an invitation to attend MoneySense Live’s Where To Invest In 2010 Seminar at AIM Conference Center, Makati City.  As a first time investor I thought this is a good opportunity to learn more about investing, particularly the available investment options in the Philippines. 

I am planning to attend the event this Saturday and share whatever I learn from the seminar to readers of Rich Money Habits.  Watch out for that in the next few weeks.

Since this event will happen this Saturday, I thought it’s a good idea to extend the same invitation to you so you too can have the same opportunity to learn first-hand from the seminar.  Here’s an excerpt from the invitation.

Learn where to put your hard-earned money to work harder for you. Attend MONEYSENSE LIVE’S WHERE TO INVEST IN 2010, the third interactive seminar of MoneySense Magazine, which will be held on February 20, 2010, 1:30-5:30pm at the AIM Conference Center, Makati City.


The seminar features 4 relevant topics:

  • Where to Invest in 2010: Get an overview of and forecasts for various investment options, such as stocks, bonds, gold, real estate, and government securities
  • Life Cycle Investing: Understand how investing figures in important stages in your life and what appropriate strategy to take
  • Picking Stocks Like a Pro: Learn the various investing strategies of successful professional investors and fund managers
  • Where to Put Your PERA, How to Invest REIT: Know what these new financial products and reforms are and how to put them to your advantage

You can learn more about the seminar @ MONEYSENSE LIVE’S WHERE TO INVEST IN 2010.


In an attempt of full-disclosure to readers of Rich Money Habits, please note that I don’t earn anything from promoting this event other than a free-ticket to the seminar, which is nice.  :) 

Also, kindly bear in mind that I have NOT personally attended any seminar organized by MoneySense and Learning Curve prior to this event.  If you plan to attend the event, it will both be our first time. 

See you there!

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