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Rich Money Habits is joining the Yakezie Challenge

Today is a great day for Rich Money Habits.  This marks the day that I am joining the Yakezie Challenge.  I came across the Yakezie Challenge a few months ago after my guest post “5 Money Habits I Learned That Will Never Make Me Rich” was featured at  I thought about joining then but hesitated because I felt I wasn’t ready to take the challenge on just yet. 

What’s the Yakezie Challenge

”The Yakezie is an exclusive network of the finest personal finance and lifestyle bloggers in the world.  It was founded by Sam of in the hope of creating powerful friends and becoming an influential bunch of personal finance bloggers.  The Yakezie Challenge is to get your personal finance blog’s Alexa ranking to the top 200,000 in 6 months.  Rich Money Habits is starting at a rank of 1,079,182!  Yes, that’s 1 million ++!  Didn’t I say this is a challenge?! 🙂

Why am I joining the Yakezie Challenge

There are several reasons why I would like to join but mainly I just want to reach out to other personal finance bloggers out there.  One thing I realized while writing my Top 10 list of the emerging influential blogs of 2010 is that I didn’t know many of them.  This is an opportunity for me to reach out and become more involved.  Other than that, here are a few more reasons why I am joining the Yakezie challenge. 

1)  Personal challenge

Getting the Alexa ranking from 1,079,182 to 200,000 in 6 months won’t be easy.  It will definitely stretch me to do things I’ve never done before.  Until today, I’ve been content watching by the sidelines, minding my own business.  I think it’s time to challenge myself even further and truly commit to making this blog better and achieve a higher Alexa ranking.

2)  Be part of a great community

Blogging can sometimes be a lonely journey.  Most of the time, it’s just me facing my laptop and typing away at the keyboard.  Yes, there’s the occasional comment every now and then (which is great) but nothing beats being able to bounce ideas with other people with similar interests as well.  I think Yakezie network is a great community to be part of and a great venue to do just that.

3) Expand Rich Money Habits’ network

Being in the Alexa top 200,000 will bring a lot of benefits to this blog.  Traffic of course will be the main thing.  It means this blog will be able to reach out to more people.  More people will benefit from the interesting articles and the amazing products Rich Money Habits recommend.  Of course, that will also translate to more opportunities and income from this site, which is also nice.

That’s it.  I have a long, long, long way to go to get to Alexa ranking 200,000 so I better get started right away.  Wish me luck! 🙂


P.S.  Care to join me in this new challenge?  Join the Yakezie Challenge now.

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Im very happy you have joined! Great to have more international bloggers join the challenge and become full fledged members.

Stop by and register and introduce yourself in he public forums to your fellow challengers. You guys are the 2nd group of competitors and you should ge to know them.

See u around!


Hi Jonha, thanks. I hear you’re becoming more influential as days go by. Good luck on your journey. It’s truly inpiring seeing a fellow Filipino blogger making her mark into this world. More power!

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