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#1 Financial Coaching Site in the Philippines

I got the surprise of my life a couple of days ago when I learned that Rich Money Habits by is the #1 site on Google when you search for “Financial Coaching Philippines”.  Thanks to my good friend Jomar Hilaro for making me realize this.


Thank You For Making RMH the #1 Financial Coaching Site in the Philippines

This would not have been possible if not for you, our dear reader of this blog.  So to all of our dear readers, THANK YOU! I am not sharing this to you just to boost my ego, but I must admit it feels good to be number one at something.  🙂

What gives me greater delight is that this means more and more people are being blessed by reading the inspiring articles from this blog.  My only wish is that you find what you are looking for and that the simple articles from this blog help inspire you to build better money habits not only for your financial dreams but more for building a better life for you and your family. 

To make this site more meaningful for you, we will be launching some great new exciting features in the coming months.  Subscribe to Rich Money Habits now (it’s FREE!) to be the first to know of these exciting features once they are out.  Again, thank you for making this blog #1 in Google’s eyes.

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Plants vs Zombies Money Secrets Revealed

Do you want to know the money secrets of the rich? Discover these secrets from one of the hottest game these days – Plants Vs Zombies.  This article reveals the money lessons out of this unusually popular game.  If you haven’t played this game, here’s your chance to find out why you should.

These days, my wife is staying out late in the night…not because of work, but from playing plants vs zombies computer game.  I was looking over her shoulder one time and noticed how concentrated she was playing the game.  Curious why she gets overly excited over a simple-looking game, I was intrigued.  While listening to her unravel the mysteries and strategies of the game, I realized there are 5 money secrets that can be learned from this hugely popular game.

Secret #1 – There’s a season for everything

There’s a season for everything.  Just like in the bible, there’s a season of planting and there’s also a season of harvesting.  At the start of the Plants vs Zombies computer game, you have to plant sunflowers.  And when they bear fruit in the form of sunlight (weird huh?) you get points.  The more you plant, the more you can harvest later on.  It’s as simple as that.

Unfortunately, in the real world, we often forget to plant.  We become impatient.  We want the fruits (a.k.a. sunlight) right away.  You want that new car, even if you don’t have any savings and you’ve just started a new job.  You say, no worries.  I can secure a loan anyway.  What’s your “sunlight”?  New house?  New mobile phone?  New LCD TV? 

In the midst of this obsession for chasing these things, we should also keep in mind the most important thing – where’s your plant?  Are you planting seeds that will turn into money machines that will bear fruit and give you money later on? 

Secret #2 – The secret to success is preparation

One time, my wife was complaining to me how she’s so frustrated at a specific stage in the plants vs zombies game.  Apparently, it’s already her nth time repeating that level and she could not get around the zombies.  These creatures always overwhelm her, no matter what she does. 

After some time, I was startled to hear her jubilantly scream “YES! I finally defeated the zombies”.  Without me even asking, she proceeded to tell me how when she gets overwhelmed, she just restarts the game on the same level AND THEN on the next try, she PREPARES way ahead of time.  She plants the necessary flowers and weapons, even before the hoard of zombies come.  So that once they finally come, her plants are more than ready to defend her house by throwing more fruits at the zombies, more fruits than ever thrown at any stage in the game.  Now, it’s the zombies’ turn to get overwhelmed.

While we cannot just restart our real life (that would be like filing for bankruptcy), it’s very important to learn how to PREPARE.  This is the reason insurance and emergency funds are important.  You need to prepare for these things even before you need them.  This is even more evident for life insurance, since the younger you are, the cheaper your premiums will be.  Unfortunately, when you’re young, you are not concerned with life insurance reasoning that you still have a lot of time ahead of you.  You say, that can wait.  But while you’re waiting, the zombies are planning their attack.  Be prepared.


Secret #3 – Use leverage

To win the game, you can use different kinds of plants.  Some plants throw only one ball.  Others throw two at a time.  Others don’t throw anything but block the zombies way, delaying time.  Sunflowers, on the other hand, can’t do anything to protect themselves, but they give the most important thing of all – points.  Points to buy the seed for your other plants.

In real life, some people are working their way using only plants with one ball at a time.  That would be like having a job.  Your job can give you money, and scare away some of your zombies (a.k.a. financial problems – like not having any money).  If you have a job, congratulations.  At least you have planted your way to one money machine.

But while having a job helps, it can only throw a ball one at a time.  It’s a slow process.  The richest men in the world, however, own big businesses.  Their plants throw millions or billions of balls at a time.  Take Bill Gates, the billionaire who built one of the biggest software company in the world today – Microsoft.  Or closer to home, you can look up to Henry Sy, the owner of the most successful malls in the Philippines.  They have planted a different kind of money machine – BIG businesses.  


Secret #4 – Don’t panic

At every level, you start off really slow.  You plant one sunflower.  Plant another one.  Then your third comes along.  You only need to concentrate on what you can do at the moment.  That is plant more sunflowers to make more money!  Then use more throwing plants to fend off the incoming zombies. 

But once the zombies come in, their faces make you scared.  In real life, zombies do not look like scary creatures.  Often times, they are just unexpected events or people you meet, who forces you to see a better way to live.  So there’s no reason to panic especially if you prepared to the best of your abilities. 

When everything fails, know that it’s ok to restart on the same level.  In real life, this is equivalent to the many lessons you learn about money when you ACT.  When you start your first business, you may find that not a lot of people really need or want the thing you’re offering.  Your business fails.  So when you restart on the same level, like opening up a new business, it would do you good to do market research first to ensure a lot of people would love to buy what you have to offer. 

The most important thing is to just have the bias for action.  Take action.  Even if you fail.  Learn the lesson and try again.  If you fail, restart the game, take a more intelligent action.  Act again and again until you succeed and scream your hearts out to say “Yes! I’ve defeated the zombies!”


Secret #5 – Enjoy playing

If you don’t enjoy playing plants vs zombies, do something else.  Play Farmville instead. Or Restaurant City!  Play Cashflow 101.  Get up.  Get running.  Do something. 

In life, if you’re not enjoying what you do, it will all seem like an uphill battle and a huge waste of time.  Are you trapped in a job that you don’t even like?  Are you working 9am – 5pm on something that your heart is not passionate about?  Maybe it’s time to do something else.  Find your passion.  Life is too precious to waste your time doing something you don’t love.

If you’re young, the world is yours.  There’s no better time to be alive.  A lot of opportunities abound for the passionate mind.  Bless the world with your talents.  Help other people with your gifts.  The more people you help, the more the universe will give you what your heart truly desires.

Now, go play!



P.S.  Do you want to learn how to play the game of money better? Join Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club NOW!

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Why having a coin purse can make you rich

A few weeks ago, my wife and I went out with my mom to the mall to help her buy a helmet she can use when driving her motorbike.  Yes, my mom drives a motorbike!  Cool mom, huh?  Well, it’s more like a scooter so it’s perfectly safe.  Anyway, while looking through the men’s accessories section (yes, my mom doesn’t mind that we’re shopping under MEN’s accessories), I chanced upon a display of wallets.  There’s a small table where you can see and touch all kinds of wallets. 

My wife, being the very thoughtful person that she is, saw the wallets and immediately prodded me to buy one!  Not for bills, but for my coins! My coins seem to have a life of their own.  Most of the time, they are scattered everywhere in the house.  You can see them on top of our refrigerator, inside the drawer, scattered on the floor, etc until they are found out by my wife when she cleans the house.  And I get that glaring glance that I so love. 🙂

Why am I having a field day about a coin purse?  Because having a coin purse reveals an interesting money habit.  Why do you think men don’t like carrying a purse?  Because it is NOT cool and manly?  If you’re a guy, can you imagine yourself mustering the words, “oh wait, let me just bring out my purse”.  Only ladies carry a purse.  For the most part, that’s what I thought.  But when you’re like me who hates carrying heavy coins in his pocket all day, I’ll take that coin purse anytime.  And so, on that faithful day…I finally brought my coin purse.

Buying a coin purse is one of the greatest organizing tool I’ve bought for quite some time.  Whenever I buy at McDo, KFC, or even at the grocery store, the smiling lady at the cashier would always ask me if I have a spare change or coins?  Most of the time, I don’t because I hate bringing coins in the first place.  Whenever I have coins in my pocket, I try to empty it out immediately and put the coins inside my drawer.  They are too heavy on my pocket.  Unfortunately, when I try to have my lunch a few hours later, I (again) no longer have any coins with me.  When I am (again) asked if I have a spare coins I can only smile to my teeth and say I have NONE (again).

Since I don’t have the exact change,guess what the lady would give me as change?  I get another set of big bulky coins!  Yes, another set of coins!  When that happens I feel like being penalized for not carrying the exact amount. I guess my pocket is going to be heavy again…for a little while, until I get to dispose it into my drawer. 🙂

So how does having a coin purse make you rich?  The answer?  It’s in the habit.  The habit you cultivate in putting importance to the littlest of things like spare coins is priceless.  You learn that when you have more of those little things, they become big.  When they become big, their importance becomes more glaring.  They can give you something you cannot take for granted.  Like for example, having those extra coins allowed me to treat my wife for a simple lunch.  Nothing too fancy, just good food from good old coins. 

When you have coins, it forces you to use them.  Otherwise, it becomes heavy on your pocket.  When you use them, you become more precise.  How much is that meal again?  Oh, PhP85.  Let me give you one PhP50 bill, one PhP20 bill and three 5 peso coins.  Back when I didn’t have any coin purse, I would have just handed over the PhP100, get my change and forget about it.  Let that PhP15 change rot inside my pocket, or my drawer.  This time though, that PhP15 never left my wallet.  It’s still there, waiting for its chance to be a blessing to me and to other people.

How about you? How do you manage your spare coins?


P.S.  Are you a member of Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club?  Checkout the huge discount to Jomar Hilario’s 1-Year Online Mentoring Program / (originally Internet Marketing Workshop Club) @!  This promo is being offered exclusive to Truly Rich Club members until June 29, 2010!  Only 4 days left to take advantage of this amazing offer.  If you’re not yet a member, sign-up to the Truly Rich Club now!

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Giving back by running Bo Sanchez’ Kilometer for Kerygma (K for K) Fun(d) Raiser

This coming Saturday, May 29, 2010, my wife and I, along with my in-laws, will be one of the thousands of people flocking the SM Mall of Asia grounds at 5:30 in the morning!  No, it’s not because of a SALE 🙂  It is to join Bo Sanchez’ Run a Kilometer for Kerygma fun(d) raising activity to support the many ministries of Bo Sanchez.

I have always felt blessed throughout my whole life.  Even having learned 5 money habits that will never make me rich, I still felt blessed.  This is the main reason I want to give back in one way or another.

I have personally experienced visiting Anawim (Bo’s charity home for abandoned children and elderly) during one summer in my College days, and all I can say is that it is truly an amazing experience seeing lives being transformed before your eyes.  Not only is it a great blessing for the abandoned elderly and children seeking comfort in the loving home of Anawim, but more for those donors and volunteers caring, loving and serving selflessly.

Be part of the K for K and bring a smile to the hearts of many people!  Live the life of abundance!

P.S. You Can Grow Your Financial Abundance—No Matter Where You Are. Join Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club Now!

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3 Ways To Save Money on Your Next Vacation

I’ve been very busy the past month…going out to the beach every weekend! 🙂

The first one was to enjoy a summer outing with my wife’s high school friends.  The second, to attend a beach wedding of one our office mates.  The last, to celebrate my sister’s graduation with an overnight stay at a white-sand beach paradise in the north of the Philippines — Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte.

What can I say? It’s summer time in the Philippines!

la_luz_beach_loft_room_for_10 The Philippines, with its 7,107 islands boasts of very beautiful coastlines and mesmerizing beaches.  Enjoying a weekend at the beach, however, need not be expensive.  Here are some saving tips I learned while enjoying my summer vacation.

1) Share a ride

Share a ride together with friends to save on gas and/or travel expenses.  Do a carpool. 

The first time I shared a ride, I was the one driving.  Me, my wife and her friends went out on a summer outing to La Luz Batangas, a 3-hour drive south of Manila.  Two of our friends rode with us on that beautiful Sunday morning.  My wife enjoyed the trip because she was able to catch up and share stories with her friends while I busy myself driving us to our destination.

The second time I shared a ride, my wife and I attended a beach wedding.  One of our friends was gracious enough to offer us a ride going to the venue which was (surprise! surprise!) the same beach we went to the previous week for our summer outing.  Even though it was the same beach, we were still thrilled because it was our first time to attend a beach wedding. 

One thing I noticed while driving in the Philippines is that majority of Filipinos drive a van or something large to fit the whole family.  This is nice because you can save on gas if the whole family is riding with you.  But if you’re the only one in the car, you’re actually losing money because you consume more gas than if you were only driving a small car.  Just a little something to keep in mind when deciding to buy a car. 🙂

2) Share a room

Share a room with your friends.  You not only save on accommodation, you even get to spend more time with your friends.  The great thing about going to the beach with friends is that you get to share stories with them.  Sometimes, you even remember “old” funny moments together and laugh your hearts out reminiscing those days.

Besides, if everyone is having so much fun, finding the time to sleep is the farthest thing on everyone’s mind.  🙂

In both the summer outing and the beach wedding, we were able to share a room together with friends.  Our expense is about PhP 500 each per night.  That’s 10 of us.  So the room is actually around PhP 5,000 (US 100) for a one night stay.  Not too pricey. But it’s a big savings for us considering that if my wife and I got a room for ourselves only, we would have spent around PhP 3,000.

Of course, if you’re on a honeymoon, that’s a different story. You obviously cannot share a room with your friends. 🙂

3) Cook your own food

If your resort allows it, it’s cheaper to prepare and cook your own meals.  We were able to take advantage of this while celebrating my sister’s graduation since the resort we got was actually owned by one of my mother’s distant relative.

My aunt and mom prepared the meals together and I helped out grill the pork and fish.  Unfortunately, the weather was not helping out that time since it was raining hard while I was busy grilling.  One thing I learned — It’s hard to grill fish against a windy rain! 🙂

The morning after, the weather was better.  We were able to enjoy and swim on the beach and take a few pictures just like this one. 


Hope the above tips help you save money on your next vacation!  Cheers!

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Money and the Philippine Elections

It’s only a few days before the first-ever Philippine automated elections.  Every time I turn the TV on, all I see are the campaign ads from the different candidates.  It’s becoming irritating to watch these ads over and over again.  It has come to a point where I would change channels whenever any of these ads start to air. 

When you consider that each 30-second TV ad is worth millions of pesos, and you see non-stop airing of these ads for the same candidates, it begs the question, how much money are these candidates (or their supporters) spending for their campaigns?  I’m beginning to imagine that the only one getting rich these days are the TV companies.

Whether we like it or not, money is playing a big role on the Philippine’s first-ever automated elections, not only on the billions of pesos spent staging the automation process but also on the money spent by candidates in campaigning.

The Philippine government is paying billions of pesos for this election automation.  This money is spent on

  • paying for the PCOS machines that read the ballots and count the votes,
  • printing of official ballots,
  • delivering the election materials to the different precincts,
  • compensation for those involved in the implementation of the automated election,
  • controversial (and hugely overpriced?) ballot secrecy folders, indelible ink, and more

The candidates (and their supporters) are spending millions (if not billions) of money in campaigning.  This money is spent on

  • giveaways like shirts, house and lot, and other prizes,
  • endorsements from popular celebrities, actors and singers, 
  • hundreds (or thousands) of cash handed out to each voter (vote buying?),
  • campaign ads on TV, newspaper, radio, internet, 
  • logistics and travel expenses (helicopter?) and more

With majority of Filipinos still glued to their TV screens, TV is still one of the most effective medium through which candidates can reach out to millions of voters. Using the internet would be way cheaper compared to paying a 30-second segment on TV.  Unfortunately, most Filipinos still don’t have access to the internet.  It’s no wonder that candidates heavily spending on this medium are leading in surveys. 

In the end, even if money is influencing a lot of things in this election, one thing it cannot take away is the hope and determination of each Filipino to dream for a better Philippines in the years ahead.  Each vote cast in the upcoming elections is a show of support and confidence not only on the candidates, but on the country’s ability to make the first-ever automated elections happen in a peaceful and orderly manner.

Influenced by money or not, let’s make the country proud by voting wisely, and help the country build a better future.  Cheers!

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Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club Review

I’ve been wanting to do a review on Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club for quite some time but I’ve been putting it off due to busy schedule at work.  When I read about Bo’s recent article “How To Be a Billionaire”, I thought people need to find out more about this.

Before I say anything else, please bear in mind that I am (well, technically I am not, but my wife is) a member of the Truly Rich Club, and if you sign-up to the Truly Rich Club, I (or my wife) earn a little income as an affiliate commission.

That being said, this review is not to persuade you to do something you don’t want to do.  My hope is that by sharing my personal experiences with the club, it will help you decide if joining the club will be of help in achieving your financial goals.


How did you find about the Truly Rich Club?

A couple of years ago, I was an OFW working as a Mainframe Test Lead for a credit card company in Malaysia.  When I came home to the Philippines for a 2-week vacation, I came across Bo’s 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich book.  At that time, I was really trying to find out ways on how I can grow my hard earned money.  After reading the book, I realized he was actually holding Truly Rich Seminars in the Philippines.   Since I only had a few days left in the country before going back to Malaysia, I was not able to attend the seminar.

A few months after, I learned that Bo created the Truly Rich Club.  Because I wasn’t able to attend the seminar – I was very eager to try out the online club!

Since my wife was the one who has a credit card, I talked my wife into joining the club.  I am very blessed to have a very supportive wife.  She agreed to join in. The next month, we received the 2 months worth DVD videos and Audio CDs we ordered from the club.


Why did you join the Truly Rich Club?

I was in a foreign country.  My options were limited.  I couldn’t attend any seminar in the Philippines because I was out of the country.

I didn’t know anything about investing in mutual funds, stocks or internet businesses, especially in the Philippines at that time.  Yes, I learned a thing or two from various blogs and personal finance sites.  In most cases the specific advise on these sites were only applicable to other countries such as the U.S.  I didn’t know if the same thing can be done in the Philippines.

So when I came across the Truly Rich Club, it was like a dream come true.  Joining the club allowed me to learn how to grow my money in the Philippines! Moreover, through the monthly DVDs, I got to watch Bo Sanchez’ interviews and talks.  It was like attending the Truly Rich seminars virtually.


What did you like about the the Truly Rich Club?

The content is simply amazing.  When I started, I was looking forward to the next month’s issues.  My wife and I would always checkout the mail box just to see if the DVDs for the month have already arrived.

What I really liked are the very specific information shared through the various interviews on very successful businessmen.  You can see how they view money, their mindset in terms of relationships and on building businesses and character.

The club products are full-packed with information.  I can’t keep up.  There’s a lot of information to learn.  I’m still catching up with the rest of the power talks.

Bo also sends out a weekly Newsletter where he provides stocks update, business advise, and more.  The content is really overflowing, I only wish you could also learn from those DVDs and Audio CDs and get the financial information first hand.

One thing I really appreciate was the smooth transition of delivering the DVDs after my wife and I finally decided to come home to the Philippines last year. We wanted to have the audio CDs and DVDs delivered to our home in the Philippines instead.  We only had to email them our new address and voila! We received the products to the new address.


What I didn’t like about the the Truly Rich Club?

When we first started with the club, there were times when the DVDs arrived late.  Since we were always very eager, waiting for the next issue was a torture.

It would also be a great idea to have a forum exclusive to club members where lessons can be discussed or shared with each other.  The feeling of being in a community would certainly help boost members’ confidence when they start to struggle in taking action on those valuable financial tips.


Why I recommend joining the Truly Rich Club?

I honestly believe that in today’s world, information is king.  If you are not informed, you will be left out.  You will always be wondering how come others are getting financially ahead while you’re still stuck working at a dead-end job you really hate.

There were a lot of times when I wanted to share the incredible products I’ve watched or heard from the club, but it’s hard because there are copyright issues.  I don’t want to go into the business of piracy.  More importantly, I don’t want to profit from stealing other people’s products.

Thankfully, there’s one “legal” way to help share these products to you.  That is, if you decide to be a member of the club as well.  The Super Gold Package (DVD video +  Audio CD) costs PhP 997 ($37 for International Membership) monthly at the time of this writing.  The Gold Package (Audio CD only) costs PhP 497 ($39 for International Membership) monthly.  The Audio CD is basically a recording of the same DVD video so if you are interested only in listening to the presentations, you can take the Gold Package.  What I do is I copy the audio over to my iPod and I listen to it while working.  The great thing about it is that I can listen to it over and over again.

Bo Sanchez is a preacher so a lot of his talks contain references to passages in the bible.  While I don’t mind since I am a Catholic, others may not be as forgiving.  So if you don’t like hearing the word “amen”, please bear this in mind when you join.

How has the club helped you so far?

After my wife and I finally came home to the Philippines to settle for good, we immediately attended Bo’s Truly Rich seminar.  Even though he was discussing the same basic concepts from his book and the club, it’s still refreshing to see Bo presenting the ideas with my own eyes.  It’s a bit surreal. You can learn more about my experience on the seminar here.

My wife and I also attended the financial coaching program a few weeks after.  After the seminar, I was really excited to finally get started.  Here are 3 things I’ve been exploring since I started taking action on the many lessons from the club and the seminars:

  • RTBs – my wife and I finally started investing in RTBs.  You can learn more about how we opened an account. Here’s an update after we received our first interest income.  And, only a few days ago, we already received the 2nd quarterly interest income.  Yey!
  • Stocks – I’ve started investing in stocks.  I’ve invested through EIP for a couple of months now.  These are small (PhP 5,000) monthly investments on the most stable companies listed in the Philippine Stocks Exchange.  My basic strategy is to take advantage of the dollar cost averaging.  I’ve also learned another strategy from Bo’s Stocks Update that I may try out soon – that is, Super EIP (I think this was coined by Bo himself).  If you want to find out, you can sign-up to the Truly Rich Club or wait for my updates by subscribing to this blog via RSS or Email. Subscription to Rich Money Habits blog is FREE!.
  • Internet Marketing – I am a techie. Having spent the last 8 years of my life working in IT, I am very fluent in more than a dozen languages. Unfortunately, only 3 of them can be understood by human.  No, I am not an alien.  Most of the languages I know, only computers are able to understand.  I can communicate (i.e. program) in Visual Basic, C, Mainframe Languages, Assembly Language, and more.  Which brings me to my point.  I want to be able to communicate to fellow human beings as well as computers.  I want to find out how to present an information product on the internet in a way that the other person will be able to know exactly what he is getting into.  If it is something that will solve his problem, well and good!  If not, at least he doesn’t have to waste his time digging deeper, seeking clarification on that specific product.

What will you get when you join the club?

While reading Bo’s newest book “Choose To Be Wealthy: 8 Habits of the Happy Millionaire” which was launched last Saturday at SMX Convention Center, I got the most updated list of the 11 Big Blessings you will receive if you decide to join the Truly Rich Club.  The list is so much more now than when we signed-up more than a year ago.  It’s really great that Bo is giving away so much.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you will receive:

  • 2 Powertalks every month (instant access via MP3)
  • Bo’s Success Mentors Collection every 3 months
  • 4 Wealth Strategies newsletter every month
  • Daily God’s Whispers email
  • How To Be Truly Rich Seminar
  • How To Conquer Your Goliaths Ebook
  • How To Turn Thoughts Into Things Ebook
  • My Maid Invests in the Stock Market Ebook
  • Monthly update of what Bo invests in
  • Earn passive income by becoming Bo’s affiliate in the Truly Rich Club
  • Earn passive income with Bo’s other internet work

There’s even an amazing “wow experience” guarantee. Here’s how it works.  Should you decide to cancel your membership during your first month of membership, after receiving the stuffs above, the money will be returned to you no questions asked.  You even get to keep all the stuffs that have already been sent to you – an amazing $251.50 value.

That’s all I can share for now.  If you do decide to join the Truly Rich Club, congratulations to you!  My hope is that you become Truly Rich in every sense of the word and share your blessings to other people!  Good luck!


P.S.  CLICK HERE  to sign-up to Bo Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club. Once you get started today, I will give you as FREE BONUS my $605.66-value ebook “Rich Money Habits – 8 Ways to Shift Your Money Habits and Be Rich!” Bo Sanchez himself wrote the Foreword to the ebook saying “This ebook contains the most essential tools you need to start your journey towards becoming truly rich.” Simply send me a message through my Facebook Page @ after signing up so I can verify and email you the instructions on how to download the ebook. Congratulations in advance to the start of your exciting financial journey!

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Rich Money Habits Carnival – The Psychology of Money

Welcome to the third edition of Rich Money Habits Carnival – The Psychology of Money.  The top picks of this edition all share the same common theme – discovering the psychology of money.

How is Warren Buffet, one of the richest people in the world, different from the rest of us?  Why is it that some people make excuses and others continue to blast their way to success?  How can you get what you want by also giving someone else what he wants?  Find the answers out by reading through our top picks for the month of March.

Rich Money Habits’ Top 5 Picks

  • Your Best Library presents 10 Signs You’re a Financial Disaster posted at Your Best Library, saying, “If you show these 10 signs, the chances are high that you’re a financial disaster.” [RMH] Hilarious! I couldn’t stop myself from nodding my head at the 10 signs of being a financial disaster.  Witty, funny and definitely spot on.
  • Silicon Valley Blogger presents Basic Business Advice from an Accidental Entrepreneur posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “My own story on how I became an online entrepreneur.” [RMH] This article is an honest take on the life of an accidental entrepreneur.  The author said it best in “it’s (NOT) enough to say that your business is filling a need…you should actually be good at filling that need.”
  • Joe Plemon presents Are You An Opportunity Seizer or an Excuse Maker? posted at Personal Finance By The Book, saying, “Some find opportunity when it seemingly doesn’t exist. Others make excuses when opportunity knocks. A great rich money habit is to learn how to seize those opportunities.” [RMH] Great article on why we need to stop making excuses and take advantage of opportunities that come our way.  While reading the post, I remember the movie “Yes, Man” starring Jim Carrey.  It’s a feel good movie about saying yes to opportunities that life has to offer you.“
  • Writers Coin presents Warren Buffett’s Investment Advice: Why It’s So Hard to Follow | Wise Bread posted at Wise Bread, saying, “I almost made a ton of money and then almost lost a ton of money in the stock market. Just goes to show you how hard it is to follow Warren Buffett’s advice on being greedy when others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy.” [RMH] Great article on why it’s so hard to invest like Warren Buffet.  I totally agree that investing is more than money – sometimes it is also about handling your own emotions.  As Warren Buffet said ’be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.’  Unfortunately, working with these 2 emotions is precisely the reason it is not easy to invest and go against the crowd.
  • Learn Save Invest presents Know your position posted at Learn Save Invest, saying, “A personal story of how I saved money on truck repairs just by realizing my position, and asking for a break.” [RMH] Inspiring story on how it pays to know what the other person wants when you try to ask for a discount.  In the end, the goal should be to have everybody win.

Other interesting articles in this edition

On Taxes


Banking and Credit Cards

Personal Finance

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Rich Money Habits Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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Where to Invest in 2010 Part 3- Investment with Tax Incentives: PERA vs CTRP

This is part 3 of the “Where to Invest in 2010” series which tries to compare the two investment vehicles with tax incentives: PERA and CTRP.  Part 1 dealt with the Filipino investor profile while part 2 discussed the 5 stages of Life Cycle Investing.

In your journey to financial freedom, one inevitable expense that you would have to deal with is taxes.  It is not enough that you make a lot of money.  It also matters how much you keep. 

Who is richer? A person who makes $100,000 a year and pay $50,000 in taxes?  Or someone who earns only $70,000 and only pays $5,000 in taxes?  The answer is simple.  The one who keeps the more money (after taxes).

Investment w/ Tax Incentives: PERA vs CTRP

According to Efren Cruz, the author of the book “Pwede Na! The Complete Pinoy Guide to Personal Finance”, there are two investment vehicles that offer tax incentives.  There is PERA (Philippine Equity Retirement Account) and CTRP (Comprehensive Tax Reform Package). 

Here are the main differences between PERA and CTRP:




  > Non-OFW
  > OFW
<= PhP 100,000
<= PhP 200,000
no limit
no limit
Max # of accounts 5 none
Tax Benefits on Financial Instruments    
  > Capital Gains
  > Interest Income
exempt if tenor > 5 years
exempt if tenor > 5 years
Tax Benefits on Stocks    
  > Capital Gains
  > Interest Income
Tax Credit 5% of contribution none
Administration with none


As you can see there is a LOT of tax advantages for both types of accounts.  Having a tax exempt investment is like saving at least 20% of your income.  It’s money that you keep. 

Rich Money Habits Thoughts:

To be honest, I haven’t given much thought about retirement until I learned about the tax incentives from the seminar.  I understand that there’s a mandatory SSS or GSIS in the Philippines.  I also read about 401K and Roth IRA accounts in the US but I am not sure if there’s anything similar to it in the Philippines. 

There’s still a lot more to learn about retirement accounts in the Philippines, but the tax incentives definitely caught my attention. The tax benefits from PERA and CTRP are incredible. 

Unfortunately, for reasons I still don’t understand, PERA is still not available in the Philippines.  I guess I’ll have to wait until it becomes available.  As for CTRP, it was my first time to hear about it during the seminar, so I really don’t have any clue. 

My only hope is that I’d be able to learn and take advantage of both financial vehicles and share it to readers of this blog some day.


How about you?  How are you planning for your retirement?  Have you taken advantage of any tax incentives for your investment accounts?

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Where to Invest in 2010 Series: Part 2 – Life Cycle Investing

This is part 2 of a series of articles discussing the lessons and tips from Moneysense Live’s Where to Invest in 2010 Seminar.

Part 1 of the series introduced the Filipino investor profile and shared the overall financial outlook for 2010 along with some tips on how to invest in the coming year according to one of Citibank’s financial analysts.

This time we will be sharing the 5 Stages of Life Cycle investing which was discussed by a BPI representative during the seminar. 

5 Stages of Life Cycle Investing 

  1. Orientation
    • Eager Beginner (mid 20’s and younger)
    • Learn the different types of savings
    • Cultivate the habit of savings and investing
  2. Exploration
    • Investment Apprentice (mid 20’s to 30’s)
    • Gain knowledge and experience on the different investment options
    • Develop skills to choose the right type of investments and avoid scams
  3. Accumulation
    • Wealth Builder (30’s to 40’s)
    • Optimize returns
    • Accumulate wealth by owning a home, new car, higher education, etc
  4. Preservation
    • Asset Protector (50’s to 60’s)
    • Seek less risky investments to protect money accumulated
    • Live on interest
  5. Disposition
    • Legacy Bestower (60 and above)
    • Self-sufficient
    • Leave heirs with as much assets as possible

Rich Money Habits Thoughts

The above 5 stages of life-cycle investing allows you to assess your financial situation and where you’re supposed to be at specific points in your life.  It is a handy guide to achieving your dream of financial freedom. It is a financial roadmap.

If you’re still young in your 20’s, it would be to your advantage to start learning how to personally manage your money as soon as possible.  This is very hard to do especially when you’re young.  You would rather enjoy life and spend as much as you can than worry about saving and investing your own money. 

If you’re in your 40’s and still struggling to save, that’s an obvious sign that you urgently need to start catching up fast.  Decide now to learn about the various ways to save and invest your money while you still have some time. 

If you’re looking for ways to build your retirement fund, you’re in luck as part 3 of the series will discuss the available retirement accounts in the Philippines (PERA vs CTRP) as well as the tax incentives from choosing one over the other.  The article will also touch a little bit on REITs.  So watch out for that in the coming weeks.

If you’re already approaching retirement, I wish you well.  I hope your retirement income from your investments can support you to live out your dream of financial freedom!  Have fun and enjoy life!


P.S.  Watch out for the announcing of the winner of Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert Kiyosaki from our first ever Rich Money Habits Readers’ Survey!

P.P.S. We will also be launching the Rich Money Habits Newsletter this month which includes a special section showcasing the results from the first ever Rich Money Habits Reader’s Survey.