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How To Break Free

As I am writing this, the song playing on the radio is “Jingle Bell Rocks”
I know, we just celebrated All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
Time flies so fast.

Not too long ago, you were writing your New Year’s Resolution.
Once the “BER” months kick starts, it seems time enters warp speed.

Do you realize we only have 6 weeks left before 2018 ends?
Everyone is busy getting all their work done.
Everyone wants to get on with their 2-week holiday vacation.
Maybe go home to the province and spend some time with friends and relatives.

Yes, we are all about ready to wrap up 2018.
But wait, there’s still ONE QUESTION that needs to be asked.

So, how are you with your 2018 goals?

Have you accomplished all you set out to do?
Have you visited the places you want to go to?
Have you achieved the level of success you wanted?
Career? Lovelife? Fitness? Money? etc

The good news is, there’s still some time.
Time to make a LAST PUSH for your goals.
Last 6 weeks to be exact.

This year, my goal was to focus on fitness.
Admittedly, I am nowhere near where I want to be.

My weight has really gone crazy.
There were some good months where I managed to bring down my weight a little bit (around March).
But most of the time, it’s growing in all the wrong places.

One thing I realized is that everthing you do is connected.
If your fitness is not good, you won’t have the energy to accomplish the goals for your career.
You are sluggish. Your mood swings make you a bore to be around.
You undergo roller coaster of emotions as you battle stress from you business, finances, love life, and more.

It also happens the other way around.
A stressful problem in your business triggers your cortisol levels.
It makes you eat more. You dump all your stress into eating out.
In the end, your health suffers. You get sick.
And the cycle continues.

It’s like the proverbial question of which one came first, the chicken or the egg.

The good news is, if you’re like me who went through a similar situation, there’s hope at the end of the tunnel.

Here’s what worked for me.
Do something. Do anything. DISRUPT your pattern.

What you need is to BREAK FREE.

Break free from your mental patterns.
Break free from the self-deprecating beliefs that is causing you pain and lose of confidence.
Break free from the cycle of financial struggles.
Break free from the emotional roller coaster.
Break free from the situation you are currently in.

How do you break free from your current situation?
Here are some things that might help you get started in this direction.

1. Setup a morning routine.

After reading the book The Miracle Morning, it inspired me to create my own.
There’s an acronym from the book that summarizes how to do it.
S – silence
A – affirmation
V – visualization
E – exercise
R – reading
S – scribbling or writing

I’ve created my own morning routine using this as a guide.
– Read the PSALMS after waking up.
– Listen to a 4-minute affirmation audio I recorded.
– Drink Nutrimeal.
– Lace up my rubber shoes.
– Put on the headphones.
– Go to the gym and run.
– Listen to audiobook while running.

I am still not as consistent as I want to be but sometimes the process is more important than being impatient with yourself or your results.

There are also some areas where I want to improve on.
For example, I want to make my wake up time a bit more consistent as well as my exercise routines. I am enrolled in the gym but I am hardly using it. It bores me to walk on a treadmill.
I try to put on headphones and listen to an audio book to motivate me.
Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

I am looking to add sports into my routine.
Maybe play basketball, or tennis or badminton.
We’ll see.

2. Lose weight.

I finally got around doing the USANA’s 5-day RESET program.
It’s been 10 days and so far, I’ve lost 8.2 pounds.
It’s a good start towards a healthier lifestyle.

I’ll tell you more about what worked for me in one of my next articles.
I am still a long way to go from my weight loss goal so I am still not that confident to show some pictures. But if you are so curious and want to join me and get fit too, feel free to message me so I can share with you what worked for me.

3. Take a vacation.

There’s something about going someplace near nature, to the beach or closer to the trees that sooths your soul. When your life is in an imbalance, there’s so many things going on.
You are in chaos mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, etc.

If you can’t go anywhere far, maybe staying at home and doing nothing is something that you need to do. Taking a moment to STOP what you are doing is sometimes enough to disrupt the pattern.

As for me, I go into hibernation mode.
I go back to what I enjoy doing.
Watch that endless videos.
Eat that unhealthy meal you always wanted to eat.

Do something you love doing.
Don’t worry, that is not indulgence, as long as you are not hurting anyone.
That’s reminding yourself that you are LOVED.
And you can ENJOY LIFE’s so many blessings.
Even if your finances are not ok.
Even if you feel you don’t deserve it.
Even if there’s so much work that needs to be done.
Even if there’s a lot of things going on.

Because what’s more important than any of those, is YOU taking care of YOU.

Sometimes, you need to prioritize YOU.
Why? Because when you are not ok, the people who depends on you will suffer as well.

So they need you to be OK. And that’s the best thing you can do at that moment to serve them.
Forgive youself. Let go of your pains and frustrations. You deserve to break free.

No one said you have to suffer endlessly. Enjoying the journey is part of the package.
You have a right to living your life the way you want it.

The same applies to your goals this year.
Yes, you may be nowhere near accomplishing them. But who cares?
Life is a journey.
One moment you are so far away from your goal you can’t imagine how you can achieve it.
Another moment, unexpected circumstances happen ALL AT THE SAME TIME and give you the desires of your heart.
It is as if the heavens opened up to POUR you an AVALANCHE of BLESSINGS that you have been waiting for all this time.

So, enjoy the next 6 weeks.
The path with a heart will always give you the best results.
Sometimes that lesson is not to struggle, but to accept that there are deeper lessons to be learned such as enjoying the joys of the journey while you are in the middle of chaos.

Cheers to your 2018 goals and to the journey that this year has been! 🙂

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How To Get Unstuck

In a couple of days, June is finally over. The first half of the year is done.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for me so far. How about you? Perhaps we are both going through some challenges right now.

I have some encouragement for you. This too shall pass. The best is yet to come.

No, the storm is not yer over for me. But, thankfully, there are people who believe in me that makes me hopeful. They give me the strength to push through and focus on the future.

During the first quarter, our business went through a major overhaul.
Due to a leadership challenge, key people in my business made
the decision to take their business into a different direction.

In short, some people left. Some people stayed.
It was a tough time for me emotionally and mentally.
As a leader, I needed to be strong for the whole organization.

At first, I questioned myself.

Did I fail as a leader?
What can I learn from the situation?

What could I have done differently?

How can I make sure that it will not happen again?
Or if it happens, how would I be able to bounce back faster?

There were times, I no longer feel excited going to the office.
Every day I asked myself whether I should still continue building the business.
It’s hard when people close to you, people you thought you knew, catch you by surprise.

There were days I stayed late at night thinking endlessly.
Am I still fit to lead? I honestly think, my confidence suffered the most.
It hit me deeply. I started to doubt myself.

But slowly and surely, I am starting to get back on my feet.
It helped a lot that I have good people around.

Close friends encouraged me. They provided a listening ear when I needed it the most.
I am fortunate to have people like them that I get to share in my journey.

Having people like that in your life, makes everything bearable.

When you are down, it’s hard to get back to being joyful.
It’s easier to stay in bed. Sleep all day. Do nothing.

But the more you do nothing, the more you become depressed.

Then a friend suggested that I do things that I used to enjoy.
Perhaps to rekindle the excitement in your life.

Doing things you are happy, helps a lot.
Sing with my guitar at home. Check!
Watch movies! Check!
Play with my kids. Check!

Yes there are challenges outside and within. But life is like that.
There are also silver linings, as well as big blessings that come with it.

Business problems come and go. That’s why you are getting paid. You are supposed to solve problems. The bigger problems you can solve, the bigger your income will be.

As Jim Rohn said, “don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills.”

Money problems are just that. You just need to create and handle money better.

No matter how many financial problems you have, there are still things you can be grateful for.

As for me, I was reminded of these things.
1) I have a loving family.
2) I have time to spend with them.
3) Watch them grow.
4) Learn and bond with them whenever I want to.
I am blessed beyond measure. Lots of families can’t say they have all four.

I have people who still believe in me. They trust me that I can help them.
They look up to me, and my confidence grows as I see them grow.

Business is recovering and slowly getting back on track.
The team is growing. New leaders are emerging. Business is once again looking up.

I am thankful I started getting into business.
It’s been 7 years. It’s been a wonderful journey, of ups and downs, learnings and fun times.

What makes life so colorful are the people you meet along the way.
It’s true, some stay with you for a little while, some stay with you longer.
Each for a different purpose, but both are there to help you in your journey.

Life happens for you, not to you.

We are emotional beings. We are meant to connect with each other.
Sometimes, that connection fizzles out. Sometimes, it becomes stronger as the years go by.

We are changing. We are always changing.
As we change, the people you need in the next chapter of your life may change as well.
Embrace the change anyway.

Yes, you are going to be hurt. Definitely, you are going to learn.
But don’t let the fear of being hurt, rob you of the joy of connecting with a fellow human being.
To connect, to enjoy, to feel alive is in itself a gift that you can only experience by giving it to somene else.

We are only passers by here on earth. Our journey is bigger than the hurts, emotional traumas, business challenges, money problems or emotional roller coasters. It’s bigger than what we think it is or what we believe we were supposed to do here.

There’s a reason why you are here. You are destined for greatness.
You may think you have nothing to offer. But you are not here by accident.

You are made for a purpose. You were meant to do something only you can do.

Don’t hold on to past hurts. We need you to get unstuck.
Get up, stand up. People look up to you.
They need you to lead them.

So, take charge and be the leader you were meant to be.


Featured Story: Billy De La Fuente Transformation Story

Today’s article is very special because I will be featuring one of my mentors for the last 7 years in my journey as an entrepreneur. His name is Mr. Billy De La Fuente. One of the things I admire about him is his passion to teach and train people, regardless of their current background. There was this one time where we had a bonding session with my co-mentors. We just decided to play bowling together. I am not very good with bowling but one thing I noticed was, Mentor Billy could not contain himself. I saw him helping out, giving tips to the new bowlers like me. When you are passionate about what you do, it just comes out naturally for you. You can’t help it. It’s already in your blood – a teacher, a mentor, a friend who cares.

Anyway, to get a glimpse of who he is, here’s an excerpt from his website at Read on and enjoy.

Billy Dela Fuente (or Mentor Billy as his team XTRM 1-11 fondly calls him) is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, XTRM 1-11 Founder and CEO and father rolled into one – or to sum it up, superman in a suit, jeans and Jordans. He was born and raised in Metro Manila and is currently residing in their dream abode in Pasig City with his wife Pin, and their three sons Godfrey, Enzo and Joaquin. He graduated Chemical Engineering from the University of Santo Tomas but did not push through with the career, instead he ventured into various businesses while also modeling.

Billy modeled for both Globe Telecom and Coca Cola before. His eureka moment happened when he reached the age of 24, and was already planning to settle down with his then girlfriend Pin. He realized that the amount he was earning from his Franchising and Loading businesses were not enough to support a sustainable future he has envisioned. Because of that, he frantically searched for solutions for this dilemma. Until one day, he was able to read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, and Multiple Streams of Income by Robert Allen. He was also able to watch the documentary The Secret. Those books and video changed his life.

The things he learned became the foundation of Billy’s business fundamentals – the value of Time and Residual Income. Time being our biggest asset and it being limited instilled in him the importance of acting swiftly. On the other hand, Residual Income is having your money work for you. These concepts plus the unrivaled hardwork he has put in, propelled him to become one of the top Directors of USANA Health Sciences, a leading global health and wellness company, today. It has also allowed him to achieve his goals and live the life he has imagined with his family.

Nowadays, Billy’s business and know how have helped touch thousands of lives not only in the Philippines but around the world. The organization that he has co-founded, XTRM 1-11, has been a beacon of transformation in the field of entrepreneurship as well as professionalism. Billy being the head of the pack, continues to train and develop people for them to get their personal wealth and health goals. Expanding his network in the process, his business enabled him the opportunity to live the lifestyle of their dreams. And he’s not finished yet. Because he wants you to live the dreams you have imagined, too.

Billy just needs two things from you: an open mind, and the mentality of helping others to succeed. Because, an open mind makes you become ahead of others, and helping others get what they want will eventually make you get what you want. Pretty neat, right?

Looking back over the years, I got a rare chance to witness first-hand how his transformation has been, from a reluctant leader to a strong leader who leads thousands of associates around the world. He leads by example. He is naturally curious. But one thing I noticed about him is his people skills and his ability to read people. Sometimes, he jokes around and says he is not that fluent in English but he has improved a lot and has been invited as motivational speaker into countries like the U.S., Mexico, Canada and many many more.

Today, I’d like you to get a glimpse of the “Taglish” version of him. He speaks from the heart. He cries when he can’t contain his emotions. But a leader who leads from the heart, sometimes, speaks with his eyes. For the eyes is the window into the soul.

Here’s an excerpt from one of his Facebook Post when he shared his story of transformation.

Alam nyo ba na ang path para maging successful tayo ay hindi diretso?
Yan ang narealize ko looking back at my journey. Kadalasan ang daming detours sa daan. Yun tipong akala mo tama na yung dinadaanan mo, naligaw ka na pala. Or worse, yung tumbok pala nun, di yun ang gusto mo na mapuntahan.
Pero iba talaga si God. His plans are always on point, maybe not in the timeframe that we expected, but in the timeframe that fits. Swak. Sakto.
Naalala ko, nung elem pa lang nagbebenta na ko ng NBA cards (relate ka?), na napalitan ng pagbenta ng magic (the gathering) cards nung High School. At syempre nung college, kaliwa’t kanan ang part time ko: red ribbon crew, sa catering, modelling. Ambitious kasi ako. And I really want to make a name for myself para sa family ko at sa future.

Looking back, all the sacrifices have been worth it. All the detours that I have experienced along the way have been instrumental to my transformation. Ang focus dapat pala wala sa kung ano ka sa ngayon, kundi kung sa ano ang pwede ka maging in the future.
Remember, we are all potentials waiting to be unleashed. Kaya laban lang!

Nowadays, mentor Billy is growing his influence across different channels. You can reach him @billydelafuente on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Snapchat and through his website at to get some tips in life, travel, inspiring stories and more. He also gets invited regularly to different youth organizations to share his story and give some tips on how to become a young leader.

I have had a chance to be invited in his lovely home many times. I can still remember, how he taught me regarding financial management for 3 straight hours. One on one. Not many successful people care enough to invest on a personal level like that. I learned how to grow my financial portfolio by focusing on controlling my expenses and knowing where to invest to grow my income even more. I realized some of my past programming as an employee has been hindering me from fulfilling my full potential. Slowly but surely, I am growing my entrepreneurial mindset and skills. Thanks to mentor Billy.

As with any story of transformation, the main ingredient is having a mentor who can guide you. Yes, mentoring is very important. It fast tracks your success.

Today, much of my work goes into mentoring individuals who are hungry to learn about doing business, just like what mentor Billy has done for me over the years. It is time to pass on and extend the same help to those people who are hungry to learn from a mentor.

Perhaps, you are just like me before, tired of reading so many books and attending so many seminars but with no results to show for it. You may have fears and you are looking for a community of entrepreneurs who will be there to support you, not only in training you the skills but in enabling you to manage the ups and downs of emotions you go through as an entrepreneur. Now, you are ready to take action. Now, you are seriously considering something with your situation. There is hope! As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

If you are at the stage in your life, I have good news for you. This month, I am in the middle of building a new team of 10 people as part of my newest project. If you are interested to be part of it, simply reply to this email or message me through my website at for more details. Let’s connect. This may be the start of a long and successful partnership. Cheers!

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Why The People Closest To You Can Make You Rich or Poor

They say, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with.

At the top of your head, who are these 5 people in your life? Your colleagues? Friends? Family? Make a guess as to how much they are earning. Compute the average. More often than not, the number will be roughly the same amount as your monthly income.

Still can’t believe it? Observe the groups of people in your office. Who do they eat lunch with? In most cases, the managers eat lunch together with their fellow managers. The team leaders, with other team leaders. The entry level staff with their peers as well.

You spend your time with the people you are most comfortable with. The people who earn the same amount flock to each other like magnets aligned on the same sides. People who have a BIG disparity in income more often than not, repel like magnets on opposite sides.

Still not convinced? Are you familiar with the saying, tell me who your fiends are and I’ll tell you who you are?

I rest my case.

This is biologically wired within us.

Have you ever seen a baby smile whenever someone smiles at him? Or is it the other way around? Perhaps the baby smiled first? 🙂

The baby doesn’t speak any language, but both baby and the adult mimic each other. It’s like magic.

The answer lies in the mirror neurons embedded on our skin cells. It’s subconscious.
We are made to subconsciously copy or mimic what we see.

Have you seen couples, over the long term start to seem look-alike?
Behaviours in money tend to be similar as well.

Why is this important?

If you want to upgrade your income, realizing this can put you on the fast track. You will invest more time learning how to develop yourself so your mindset, thoughts, behaviour and skills align with those of the people who are earning more than you.

I am not saying let go of your friends. I am not even saying you make friends only with people who are richer than you. Or even imply to judge people based on how much money they make and use that to determine whether to be friends with them or not. Far from it.

My only suggestion is for you to be conscious of who you spend your most time with. We all have 24 hours in a day. It is up to us to make use of those hours to improve our situation in life. This is the greatest equalizer of all. Rich or poor both have the same number of hours. It’s a matter of utilizing our resources to the fullest within those 24 hours.

Don’t waste your time spending it with cynics. Don’t associate yourself with negative people, people who drown your energy, people who always complain and make excuses but do nothing to improve their situation. If you spend your time with them, sooner or later, you will become just like them.

Instead, invest your time developing yourself. Do yourself a favor and find someone who has achieved the results that you like. If you can, take that person to lunch. Ask him questions. Observe not only his answers, but how he answers them.

The power of a mastermind group

Want something better? Find a group of people who has the results you like. Spend time with them. If it’s not possible yet, start by reading their books. Attend their seminars. Observe them. How they act. How they think. How they behave. Be with them.

It’s going to be awkward at first. You may feel out of place. You may start to think you are way over your head. Just stay. Take a deep breath. Know that you are ok. It will come, sooner than you realize.

Always remember, you are who you are because of the books you’ve read, the places you went to and the people you met. Of the three, what carries the most influence are the people you spend the most time with.

If you want to accelerate your path to financial success, as what Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich, you need to form a mastermind group. He devotes a whole chapter just talking about it. This tells you how important having a mastermind group to a person’s success is.

No one is an island they say. In the same way that nobody can claim to be a self-made man. There is no such thing. Our success is a result of our own efforts plus the help provided to us by the people we encountered along the way.

Once you realize that the universe is ready to serve what you want most in life, you will undrestand that everything you ever wanted is possible. It is reachable. You just have to decide to make it happen.

As Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once said,

“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back. Concerning all acts of initiative and creation, there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. Whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Life Updates

2018 Focus

It’s that time of the year again. It’s the first day of January. A new year is about to unfold. Every year, I share with you my goals and plans for the year. This year, I’d like to do things differently. Instead of goals, I will be sharing with you my primary focus instead. These are one or two areas in my life that I would like to see a major improvement on. I am doing this for the following reasons.

Reason #1: Overcoming mediocrity.

Over the years, I feel like I have been stuck in mediocrity. I would like to get out of that once and for all.

In the book Die Empty, Todd Henry described being mediocre as like going up on a rugged mountain. Climbing the mountain is hard. Through hard work, you can go up and reach the middle of the mountain after some time. You feel good because you have reached a certain level of success. You are content. You ask yourself whether to continue going up, or just rest and enjoy what you have right now.

This is the hardest part of any journey, financial or otherwise, when you get to a point where you can be contented. Being mediocre is not so bad. You are actually accepting good things. But as they say, the enemy of great is good.

If you dream of becoming the best that you can be, you understand that it is actually fear that is holding you back. Fear of going through hardships again. Fear of letting go of the blessings you have right now. You hold dearly into these things. In the end, you will realize it is only an illusion. If you are moving toward personal growth, the path to take is obvious. The greatest growth comes from your biggest fears.

Reason #2: Pushing for imbalance.

Over the years, I realized succumbing to the social pressures of having a “balanced” life is a futile exercise. If you want to achieve something significant on a certain area of your life, you need to become UNBALANCED…for a time. This makes it possible for you to FOCUS your energy, time and attention in that area. In so doing, you will get amazing results, instead of a mediocre one.

Realize that what most people call a balanced life is actually a perfect example of untapped potential and lots of compromises. You end up not reaching your full potential. As they say, you become a jack of all trades, master of none.

Observing my mentors, I have seen that at a certain point in their business, they were actually highly unbalanced. They were focusing in growing their businesses 101%. They eat, they breath, they think about their business even in their dreams. That’s why they also achieved fast and amazing results as well. The financial rewards of that hard work has given them the freedom that they need.

Being in a great financial position allows them the option to become UNBALANCED again in another area of their life (if they so choose), like focusing 101% of their time into their family instead of their business. They may allow their business to slide just for some time, while they give their focus and attention to nurturing their family for the time being.

I think this is a way better proposition than having a “balanced” life where you just go in circles not really achieving significant results in any area. In the end, it’s better to be amazing in one area, than none at all. Of course, you can obviously change your area of focus after some time.

Life rewards those who become masters of something. You can only do that if at some point in your life you decide and intentionally put yourself in a position to become highly focused on one specific area and unbalanced on other areas of your life.

That’s why this year, I want to use that same strategy. I want to focus on a specific area. I understand that achieving a significant improvement in this area will also elevate the other areas.

This year 2018, my area of focus is to improve my overall fitness level and health.

During my time in the corporate world, one thing I learned is the importance of metrics. They say, “what gets measured, gets done.” So if I am going to seriously do this, I need a way to track my progress and measure it on a consistent basis. Perhaps this is where the fitbit or other tracking devices will come in handy.

What do I plan to track? Perhaps, my weight, diet, level of physical activity, etc. But I think one of the biggest things I will need to adjust is my mindset on becoming healthy and fit. I will have to align my VIBE into how healthy and fit people think, feel and decide on things like their diet, exercise and more.

Trying out the 30-day trial to kick-start this.

One thing I also want to explore more is the 30-day trial. I plan to do something related to my area of focus every day for the next 30 days. Just to see if I can possibly sustain it. If I can’t then I am free to drop that trial after 30 days. I am hoping of course that the law of inertia will take hold and it becomes a habit. But there’s no pressure to do that.

John Maxwell said that you will not change you life until you change something you do daily. That’s having a D.M.O. (daily method of operation.) It’s why having a morning routine is popular for successful people. It allows you to be on autopilot and sets up your mind body and spirit to be more condusive to achieving your goals.

What about other areas of my life?

Does that mean I will no longer set goals for the other areas of my life? Definitely not.

On Business.

One thing that has hindered me to achieve more the past few years is my low level of physical health and fitness. There are weeks when I am highly motivated. I work hard and stay up late. A few consecutive days of not having enough sleep and I start to have colds, which turns into cough, and the circle starts. During that time of recovering I won’t be able to do anything. My momentum is stopped. I would have to re-start again if I want to get back on track.

Go through the same thing over and over again and you feel burnt out. You feel like you are just running in circles, not achieving something meaningful. When I look back on why I wanted to start a business, I realize money is important to me only as far as it can give me the freedom to explore and grow myself even more.

I am interested to create a business that would give me freedom in these areas: financial, time and mobility. I am planning to execute some pending projects in my business to make this more a reality. At this time, my mobility is not to the level I want it to be. I am still stuck in traffic most days (who isn’t if you’re living in Metro Manila anyway?) Perhaps moving some of the stuffs I was doing offline to online will help.

This is also a good time to re-examine what I want to get out of my business. Setting expecations is going to be critical in making sure I find meaning in what I am doing and be able to enjoy enough to do it for a long time.

I do realize that some things in my business simply can’t be done online. I know the importance of offline activities especially meeting people in person. There is no substitute to being face to face especially if you are building a team.

There’s a reason why airplanes are still needed. It allows people to conveniently be there in person to meet face to face. It allows for better communication. High-tech doesn’t mean we need to forego the high-touch aspect of business.

On Personal.

I plan on improving the way I use my energy and allow time to recharge effectively. Challenges in handling emotions, low physical fitness, solving business problems requiring lots of mental energy are some of the things that I will need to watch out for if I want to improve in this area.

Facebook is overwhelming. I feel de-energized when I scroll through Facebook. Perhaps it’s just me. But I feel it sucks my energy. I need to reclaim that focus and conserve my energy. Perhaps I am getting older or maybe I just need to refocus my mental energy to other areas.

I plan on re-evaluating how I currently use Facebook in my personal life as well as for business. Hopefully, I will come up with a plan soon. I cannot drop it yet because some of the business tools I use require Facebook. But I do need to find a way to use it that it adds value to my life and my business, instead of an energy drainer.

I realize that I am an introvert. I like to recharge alone or with nature in order to get back my energy. Being in an environment where I am constantly surrounded by many people can be overwhelming for me. It drains my energy, to the point where I no longer have anything to give.

I will need to allot some time to recharge whenever I feel overwhelmed. I may also need to restructure the way I do business to align it to how I use my energy.

One of the areas I can do this is in utilizing my online channels to do some of the stuffs I currently do offline. This year, I will be writing more. Or use this platform more to share more of my thoughts. I can also speak and share a little bit more about how I do business. This way, I won’t have to waste my energy so much.

Writing an article is something I can do that can add value over and over again to my readers, without me having to drain my energy over and over again. I can also do some stuffs on video or audio, or maybe try out podcasting.

Anyway, I’ll see where this leads me. It is always exciting learning something new and figuring things out along the way.

Looking forward to 2018.

As you would have observed, these are not mutually exclusive to my main area of focus. Having better health and fitness will allow me to perform better in executing my business projects as well as give me the energy I need to grow as a person.

There are a lot of things in my mind right now, but they are not yet as polished as I want them to be. They are just ideas at this point. In any case, I will be sharing them here in this blog throughout the year. This way, it will help me be accountable to you, as my reader.

When you observe that I am not sharing my journey about my fitness, you can nudge me in the right direction. Or message me, to keep me back on track. It helps. And I do appreciate it. In fact, I read each and every email I receive, and try to respond as much as I can.

How about you? Can you share what particular area of your life you would like to focus on this year 2018? Let’s make it happen! Cheers to an amazing and fruitful year! 🙂

Life Updates

2017 Year-End Review

Year 2017 is about to end. This is the perfect time to look back about the past year and share with you the lessons I learned.

This year marked my 6th year being a full-time entrepreneur. It has been a year full of challenges and blessings. They say, most businesses fail within the first 5 years of existence. It’s an amazing milestone to be able to grow the business up to this point. Yes there are challenges, but we have reason to be hopeful and look ahead in confidence this year 2018.

The highlights.

One of our biggest milestones in the business this year is that we were able to buy our BRAND NEW BLACK FORD MUSTANG! Yehey! This is our 3rd car in the past 6 years. For me, it’s not just a car, but the realization that anything you can dream, you can achieve. Always remember, you were meant not just to make a living, but to live life to its fullest.

Our car is nicknamed, “Knight Rider”, based from the TV show of the same name. I realized recently that I must be getting older. Some of our younger teammates ask me who is knight rider. I realized, they were not born yet when the 80’s tv show was shown. They often try to guess the name as Dark Knight, from the Batman movie. It makes me think perhaps I should change it to that instead. 🙂

On a personal level, there were some other exciting firsts too. This year we had our first out of town family trip via airplane Bacolod with my 2 boys. They were so excited riding in the airplane for the first time.

There were also a lot of other wins this year, including being awarded as multi-million peso achiever for the 3rd consecutive year. I’ve had the opportunity to visit and train for the first time in Iloilo and Antique about building a sustainable business.

There were also invitations to talk about financial literacy in Batangas, Marilao and at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati. It was year of opportunities to share how to handle money to hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs.

On a personal level, my wife and I also celebrated our 10th year together this year. It’s been an up and down journey through all those years but I am happy we were able to overcome the challenges and stay stronger together.

There’s been a lot of blessings this year that’s for sure.

The challenges.

We had a lot of challenges this year both personal and business. Here are some of the most important ones.

On the business side, we had leadership challenges. We had one of the most challenging year so far in terms of leading a team. Relationships with key leaders went through rocky times. I wasn’t sure how to navigate the challenges at first. It took a lot of mental and emotional toughness to go through all of them at the same time. It’s not easy always to see the end of the tunnel when you are currently in the midst of going through it. You just hold on to the hope that eventually, things will get better. And it did for me. I have had to swallow my pride and admit my mistakes not only to myself but also to the people I have failed.

The hardest part of being a leader is to be constantly worrying about the welfare of the people you lead. When you see them go through challenges both financially and personally, you cannot help but feel their pain as well. You try to think of ways to help. But in the end, it’s their battle to go through. You can only be there when they need someone to talk to. But you cannot go through it on their behalf. Perhaps they need to go through it to learn some lessons that would help them grow and become stronger individuals.

It’s like the story of a boy watching a butterfly go out of its cocoon. Feeling the pain of the butterfly, the young boy tried to help it by breaking the cocoon for the butterfly. In the end, the muscles that needed to develop for the butterfly by pushing the cocoon out of the way did not mature enough. It grew weak and could not fly. That I think is the hardest part, to watch but not able do anything other than cheer. But in the end, it’s not about you. It’s about the growth of the person you want to help.

On a personal level, my health has been going through some challenges as well. My weight went up because of all the stress I was going through. I had some nights where I could not sleep very well. That’s why this new year, this is going to be my primary focus to improve.

The lessons.

One thing I realized is that people change. Relationships change. You need to continually give effort and invest time, money, attention and care in any kind of relationship. Nurture it. Let it grow with care. Never take people for granted.

You have to face whatever challenges you go through with strong faith. Always remember, that it will get better. It gets better faster if you are willing to admit your mistakes, say sorry. Swallow your pride. Make up for it. Make an effort to improve. The sooner, the better.

You are responsible for all the results (or lack thereof) of your business and personal life.

I realized that I was afraid to face the challenges head on. I let it slide for a long time when I could have addressed it sooner than later. In the end, I think the outcome could have been better than expected.

There’s fear. There’s doubt. Your lack of confidence is brought to the surface as well. You question yourself if you can still go back on track. It is a hard and a demanding process. It cannot be rushed.

In the end I think, it worked out ok. That’s the most important part of all. Let go of the past, so you can boldly face the new.

Though it all, I am thankful for 2017 for it taught me a lot of things. By going through it, it gives me confidence that next year is going to be a lot better.

Thank you for being a part of my year as a reader of my blog. I appreciate it. I hope the things you read here helps you in your life as well. I wish for you a richer and more prosperous 2018! 🙂


Featured Story: Former IT Software Developer Fulfills Dream Europe Trip

A couple of weeks ago, Ana Angelica Ricafrente or “Anj” as we call her, shared her inspiring story with our team. She was back from a 49-day Europe trip travelling 11 countries and exploring 26 different cities.

Anj is also an IT professional just like me so I related so much with her stories, and having started the business in around the same time as her 6 years ago I was a witness to her struggles and triumphs along the way. She loved to travel and proved not only that her business can finance her dream Europe trip but she also found a way to have the FREEDOM to live the life she wants.

I totally agree with her when she said that MONEY was NOT the problem. She could earn it! Especially if you’re in IT, you are paid well. She can work harder. She can go abroad. That’s not a problem. The problem was she did not have TIME. I think this is the curse of being a great worker – if you do great work, they give you MORE work! Haha! I used to think “ngayon lang naman to, lilipas din to, makakapag-bakasyon din ako.” But the sad truth is that after the completion of a BIG project, they will give you an even BIGGER project! Obviously, they are not paying you to TAKE A VACATION. They are paying you to WORK.

I too, was there when these words were uttered in Meralco Theater back in 2011. It has become a blueprint for some of us, a goal we are willing to work hard on for a dream to take a vacation and STILL get paid, get paid, get paid!
“Work Work Work Work Get Paid
Work Work Get Paid Get Paid
Work Get paid Get paid Get paid
Until Eventually
get paid get paid get paid.”
— Monica & Bryan Penrod, Meralco Theater, June 30, 2011.

Truly, there’s more to life than earning an income. There’s LIVING the LIFESTYLE of your DREAMS!

Read her story below and be inspired.

When my mom and dad died when i was a teenager, I felt that life can be really short and i must see the world before i die. Left with only P50,000 (roughly US$1000) as inheritance money to finish my final year in the University, I was excited to work and earn my paycheck and use it to see the world! When i got the job as a software development analyst in a Telecommunications company, I made sure that i travel at least once a month! But with 15 vacation leaves a year (15 sick leaves), i felt it was not enough!


Staying in a cubicle for 8 hours everyday felt like life is passing by me. And weekend trips or long holidays felt like an ‘escape’ rather than reality.

It’s true, i believe that anyone who works hard can earn lots of money in IT or any other career. But is there an opportunity out there where i can work hard now and earn lots of time in the future?

June 2011, i was presented with an opportunity that’s not in line with my profession. I saw it’s potential because some people were living the life I wished for: a life where i can choose where to spend my time. I told myself, what’s 2-5 years of learning and working on a new profession if i can create the life i want? What’s there to lose? Time would pass anyway so I might as well try it.

“Work Work Work Work Get Paid
Work Work Get Paid Get Paid
Work Get paid Get paid Get paid
Until Eventually
get paid get paid get paid.”
— Monica & Bryan Penrod, Meralco Theater, June 30, 2011.

That’s the future i wanted.
Fast forward to 2017. No longer do i post the words “back to reality” after a vacation… because this is now my reality. 🙂

I did not Y.O.L.O. as others might think. I built a passive income source first that can allow me the flexibility of spending my time to things important to me.
My mentor told me, Y.O.L.O is not true. You don’t live once! Y.O.D.O., You only DIE once, but you should LIVE EVERYDAY! <3


Watch this video to learn more about Anj’s amazing travel adventure to Europe!!! 49 days, 11 countries and 26 cities!!! Fully-paid all by her online business!!! The best part is, she was still earning PASSIVE INCOME while travelling since her business is thriving even without her.

Life Updates

Midyear Update: Project 100 status, Travels and what’s next

Time flies so fast. Have you realized it’s already June? The first half of the year is almost over. How’s your New Year’s Resolution so far? I’m sure some of you have forgotten all about it. Perhaps, now is the perfect time to re-visit and re-new your commitment to your goals this year.

As for me, one of the major goals I had this year is to relaunch Project 100. The goal of the project is to help people earn $100/month part time. Last March, I opened up the first batch. Some of them have already earned their first $100 and more. One is a Pediatrician by profession. She is an onsite doctor for a hospital in Romblon for 10 days of the month. She uses the rest of the month to work with me. After 2 months, she has earned more than $260. Another, is a CPA based in Hong Kong. After office, she trains with me online and after 2 months she earned more than $320. This is the best part of having an online business. The world is your playground. You can be in the Philippines but your business is running in multiple countries. With the proliferation of smart phones, and relatively faster internet, anyone with WIFI, FACEBOOK and a DREAM can build a business at the comforts of his or her home. These are exciting times!

You might have noticed, this is only my 2nd time to post this year. Part of the reason is that I am travelling a lot and my schedule has been very busy the past few months. Also, when you have a business operating in different places, my prority has always been to support the people who are running my business. After all, it is my business that’s supporting my family of 2 kids. Since 2011, after doing business part time, I gave up my 9-year IT career and never looked back. It’s been 6 years that I have not held another job. If I was able to make it, you can do it too.

Recently, my mentor invited me along to visit our teammates in Western Visayas. It was my first time to train our team in Antique and Iloilo. I learned so much from the trip. Iloilo is a fast growing city, with lots of ongoing construction. They have a booming real-estate sector as well as growing BPO industry. It’s amazing to see it happen. Traffic is not bad, unlike in Metro Manila. Roads are wide and the airport already accomodates international trips. This is a growth area I think will become really BIG in the coming months and years.

Last April, my wife and I went to Singapore to attend our company’s international convention at Suntec City. This trip was unique in the way that we did not have many side trips. The trip also reminded me of the times when I was starting 6 years ago. It brought me to what is really important in building a business. Much has been written about strategies, skills and techniques, but the most important is to have a clear idea of your own CORE VALUES.

In 2011, I had a dream to be part of something special, to build a community of entrepreneurs with the right core values. Whenever I make a decision, I always go back to these core values: LEARNING, INTEGRITY, SERVICE.

I am always curious and eager to LEARN. In my former career as IT programmer, this has become second nature to me with the fast changes in technology. I know that people who keep on LEARNING are people bound to succeed. They are humble. They are not afraid to say I don’t know. They are like a sponge who soak in the many learning experiences along the way.

Another core value I have tried to live by is INTEGRITY. Do what you say you will do. Never sacrifice long term success for a short term gain. Do the right thing even when no one else is looking.

Lastly, I wanted to have a community of people who love to SERVE, people who find ways to help. In the business world, you will always get what you are worth. It doesn’t matter if you worked on it for 8 hours or 1 hour. What matters is the VALUE of the work that you do. Look for ways to add value. Always do more than what you are getting paid for.

Last May, we achieved one of the biggest milestones in our business. After years of hard work, we were able to buy our own brand new Ford Mustang. When I was starting in the world of entrepreneurship, I dreamt of buying my own car, a Mazda 2 compact sedan. Who would ever thought, that after 6 years in business, we have bought our 3rd car, and it’s not just a car but a DREAM turned into REALITY. If it came true for me, it can also be possible for you.

Over the years, I have had a chance to share my story and tips on how to grow an 8-figure business. I have met a lot of people at different stages in their entrepreneurial career. When I meet someone who has the DESIRE to CHANGE his life, it makes me excited. It reminds me how it was for me to be HUNGRY to LEARN. It reminds me how desperate I was to get out of all the stress, the limited income of employment, the loss of freedom to pursue ventures outside of your cubicle. It reminds me that there is HOPE for someone who is decided to make a change in his life.

This month of June, I’m in the middle of building a new team of 10 people. 2 slots have been taken. 8 slots left. As much as I would like to accomodate everyone to be part of the team, the reality is that it takes so much effort on my end to help you get your first $100-$200/month in your online business. You will have access to me 24/7 in the first 2 months. You will be able to leverage the system that has created 100+ millionaires in the last 5 years. To think, I don’t even charge anything for coaching. I only get paid, if you earn an income. Sounds like a good deal? Of course it is. But I do look for very specific things if I will be investing my time with you or not. First, you should be READY to take action now. Not next year, not next month. Second, you are looking for a hands-on MENTOR to guide you. Third, you should have at least 10-12 hours per week to devote on this project. Lastly, you should be willing to LEARN and BE COACHED. Otherwise, you are going to waste your time and mine. I can always make more money, but I can never make more time. So if you think you have all these, visit my website and follow the instructions at the end of the page.

Life Lessons

The #1 Reason Why People Don’t Become Rich

Over the years of coaching a lot of would be entrepreneurs, I realized one thing that I think is the #1 reason why people don’t become rich. Most people think that to become rich all you have to do is earn more income. But only a couple of months after getting a promotion, or getting a bonus, however, most people still end up living day to day. They are no better off than before they got promoted.

Here is the brutal truth. More money won’t make you rich, if your problem is you don’t know how to handle your money.

The scary part of having more money is that it reveals how good or bad you are in managing your money. Money has a way of magnifying things. If you are having problem handing little money, more money will only compound your problem.

Have you read stories of people who were once broke and then suddenly won the lottery? After a few years, they end up more broke and more in debt than before they won the lottery. Strange isn’t it?

If you have plans of starting your own business, the #1 skill you need to learn is how to manage your money. I won’t recommend you do investing when you are heavily in debt. If you are in that situation, the first thing you need to do is to get yourself out of debt. After that, you have to be able to set aside money for emergency situations. After which, you can then move on to setting aside money for increasing your investment portfolio.

Earlier this month, I have had the privilege of learning from one of the Philippines’ sought-after financial coach, a registered financial planner and author of the book ‘No Non-sense Personal Finance’, Randell Tiongson as part of our team’s 3-day retreat.

Over the years, I have had the chance to share the same principles in my team through my financial literacy talks. I feel strongly that more people should learn these things so that they are better equipped in handling their own money. I know how it feels to be in debt. I know how it feels to not being able to save up for emergencies. I know how it is to get confused in the myriad of advise on investments. That’s why, it has become my mission to guide people starting in their business how to manage their money well so they won’t fall deeper into debts, hoping that one day, they will reap the harvest of their hard work just like what happened to me and the leaders in my organization.

Basics of Financial Literacy

Depending on where you are currently in your finances, here are some things you can use as your guide in your own financial journey.

  1. Get out of debt. This is a huge topic all-together. Some people use credit card as if the bank gave them a bonus.  They act as as if the credit limit given is money they actually own. Worse, some use this as their “emergency fund.” Always remember that the rule of the game in the world of money is, “who is indebted to whom?”. As the saying goes, “the debtor is the slave of the lender.” When you really think about it, this description is quite accurate. Have you observed how people who have debts behave on social situations? Their self-esteem takes a hit. They feel ashamed not being able to pay off their debts. Something deep inside them starts to feel inferior. It is more than the money that is eating away inside of them. It is their soul. It is their confidence and self-worth. With this, it is imperative then that you get out of debt as soon as you can. This is specially true for retail debts like credit cards or personal loans. If you own several credit cards, your goal is to pay-off one card at a time and only pay the minimum on the others. The sooner you can pay-off one credit card, the sooner it will be for you to gain back your confidence and momentum. That’s what people call “snow-ball” effect, that after paying off one card, soon the habit you formed will allow you to carry it on in paying the next card, and so on, and so forth. You can apply the same technique in paying off personal loans from other people.
  2. Save for emergencies. Most people have only one source of income, their job or their business. In the event that this stream of income suddenly stops, they get into financial trouble. One must be able to prepare for this event. Financial experts recommend having at least 6 months worth of expenses. The reason for this is because it normally takes around 6 months to be able to replace your stream of income, either by finding another job or setting up another business. Have you tried saving for emergencies, only to experience an “emergency” a few months after and at the end of the year you are still no better of than when you started? Still no emergency fund saved. The trick that I discovered in saving off for emergency fund, is to make it very convenient and hassle-free to deposit money into your fund, and very inconvenient to withdraw money from it. In my days as an employee, we had this savings and loans association where they automatically deduct a percentage of your salary into your savings account. I never saw the money. In fact, it never reaches my ATM account. To withdraw, I would have to fill out several papers and I only have a 30-minute window on specific days to be able to do it. The extra hassle is enough for me to just leave the money out there. I’ve applied the same thing in my business. Once money comes in, I automatically transfer them to my different accounts including the one for emergencies. My mentor described the emergency fund as “peace of mind” fund, because it’s supposed to give you peace of mind.
  3. Grow your money. Once you are able to save for emergencies, that’s when you will have the confidence to venture out and explore other options to grow your money even more. We all know that you will not earn a lot when you leave your money in the bank. In fact, you are actually losing money if you take into account inflation. Inflation is when the price of goods rises every year. This is around 3% to 4% on the average. Savings accounts on the other hands rarely give more than 1% interest. You are on the losing end. The only reason you leave your money in the bank is for liquidity reasons. Because you can withdraw them anytime because of emergencies. If you want to grow your money, you are better of putting your money in investments. There are several ways you can invest. Personally, I have tried investing in real-estate, retail treasury bonds, stocks, insurance, and business. Each one is not better than the other, it depends on your particular goal at the moment. Obviously, if you ask a real-estate agent, he will say investing in real-estate is the best. If you ask a stock broker, he will say you should invest in stocks. If you ask a businessman, he will say you should invest in a business. For an ordinary employee like me before, it is quite confusing to receive different advice from different people, but one thing that has helped guide me in my journey, whether to listen to a particular advice or not is this, “every time you buy into someone else’s opinion, you are also buying into his lifestyle.” Ask if the person giving out the advice is personally investing on his or her own recommendation. If not, better to turn around and ask someone else. If yes, then get to know the person’s values and character, as well as the lifestyle that he has. Is he living the lifestyle that you dream about in the future? If yes, then listen to him. If not, you might be better of doing business with someone else, you share the same values with, and someone living the lifestyle that you want to be in the future.

These are just basic tips for you to get started in your financial journey. It has been more than a decade since I applied these same principles in my finances, and it has carried me well enough for me to be able to quit my 9-year IT career in 2011 and live the life of my dreams. I can honestly say, yes it is possible. It is not easy, but it is not to0 hard either. There are people willing to help you along the way. All you have to do is to make your own decision to take the leap of faith and follow the small voice within you yearning to have your own freedom. There is greatness within you. Unleash it this 2017. Cheers to your success!

Life Lessons

The Price of Your Dreams


If you are like me, you have already realized by now that relying on your paycheck alone won’t give you the desires of your dreams. Want proof? Let’s say you are a young family with 2 kids. You and your wife both have a stable job with a promising career. You have BIG DREAMS for you and your family.

In the real world, here’s what’s that look like:

1) HOUSE & LOT (P5M) – You want to have a HOUSE & LOT. What do you say is a reasonable amount for a house and lot? P5Million? P10Million? more? Of course some would argue that they can live in a simple house, preferably in the province…or just outside of metro manla. The thing with having a home away from your work place is you would need to increase your spending for transportation.

2) CAR (P1M) – Let’s say, since you want a comfortable ride for the whole family, you want to buy a decent car. That will, be around P1Million, not including parking, toll, gas, maintenance, insurance, and more.

3) TRAVEL (P2M) – You also want to travel and bring your whole family to a beach vacation in Boracay or overseas at least once a year, so let’s say you want to do it for at least 10 years, that will amount to P200,000 x 10 = P2Million pesos.

4) SAVINGS (P5M) – Of course, for any emergencies you want to have the peace of mind of having SAVINGS…say P5Million. If you want more, you can always add more for you. 🙂

Total all of the figures above and you will get the PRICE of your DREAMS. In this example, that is going to be P13Million. That’s only for a decent living with basic expenses. Certainly not at a luxurious level yet.

The #1 reason most people don’t achieve their dreams is because they don’t know how much the price is. If you are still reading up to this moment, you are way ahead than most people because now you know HOW MUCH IS YOUR DREAM.

Now, the next question you will have is HOW WILL YOU CREATE THE P13Million?!!!

Would you let me give you some ideas you can consider?

1) You could become a celebrity. Become an endorser for a commercial in TV. 🙂 We all agree that celebrities earn a lot from endorsements. P13Million will be a piece of cake if you are a sought-after celebrity like Piolo Pascual, Sarah Geronimo or the like. But not everyone is cut out for the intrigues in showbiz. That’s why I didn’t even try. I want a peaceful life. Hehe 🙂

2) You could marry someone rich. For some people that’s their basic strategy in becoming rich in life. Obviously, there’s a lot of pros and cons to that. But, living with someone for the sake of money may not be the best use of your life. You only have one life to live.

3) You could become a famous athlete like Manny Pacquiao or a basketball start like James Yap. Did you know the minimum wage of a basketball player in the professional leagues is around P50,000/month and the maximum is around P425,000/month. Not bad! But we all know the life of an athlete is plagued with a lot of risks. What if you injure yourself, what if you get cut, etc etc. Not to mention that you would need to start at a young age to train just to be able to compete.

4) You could become a businessman. Did you know majority of millionaires are entrepreneurs? But we all know the world of business is not for everyone. 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 5 years. Of those that survive, only 1 out of 10 make it after 10 years.

5) You could do nothing and stay where you are. In most cases, as an employee you would have to rely on your paycheck to earn the P13Million.

Now let’s take a closer look.  Let’s say for example that you are able to save up at P10,000 a month from your job. In 1 year, you would have saved P120,000..after 10 years, that’s P1.2M, after 20 years, P2.4M…and by the time you reach the retirement age of 60 (after 40 years of working), you would have saved a total of P4.8Million pesos. Let me give you a moment to digest the last figure one more time. P4.8Million after 40 years of working. All your life, you did as you were told. Never made any scene. Stuck to your job and worked…so hard, only to get this in return. P4.8Million in 40 years.

Here are some things that you will soon realize.

1) The P4.8Million you saved is nowhere near the P13Million you need to buy your DREAMS. In fact, it’s not even enough to buy your DREAM HOUSE OF P5Million. Even if let’s say you are able to save the additional P200,000 to reach the P5Million price, do you really think the price of the house is going to still be the same after 40 years? The answer is definitely not. There is such a thing called inflation.

2) Some people would argue that the P10,000 can increase after some time since you can get promoted. At first glance, you would think that makes sense. In real life, it doesn’t happen that way. After a promotion, an upgrade in lifestyle would soon follow. What used to suffice is no longer appealing. Of course, a manager or a doctor would have to look the part of a successful or a newly promoted professional. Buy new clothes, new gadgets, and eat out at new more expensive restaurants that would align with their new image or lifestyle. This is what some people call as keeping up with the Joneses. So even if the salary increases, the expenses increase as well. Nothing is still saved up.

3) Everyone who have been working for at least 5 years already know this. It is NOT ENOUGH. In fact, when you ask an employee, what they will do after retirement, almost all will say they will put up a business. Surprisingly, famous athletes go into business after their playing days are over as well. Even celebrities go into business just the same. Everyone know relying on your paycheck is NOT ENOUGH, and adding income by starting a BUSINESS is one of the most feasible options you can have. Why? Anyone can enter a business. Today, anyone with a mobile phone can do business. With the power of the internet, this has become possible.

Why then are people still not starting a business?

Lack of capital. I don’t have money to start a business.

Lack of knowledge. My father was an employee. My mother was an employee. Everyone I know is an employee. Who will mentor me to start a business?

Lack of resourcefulness. What if I fail? What if I lose money? What if it doesn’t work?

Fear of what other people will say. What will other people think of me? What if everyone will ridicule me? What if I become an embarrassment to my clan?

There are so many reasons why starting a business is not feasible for you. But always remember, you only need one reason why you can make it a success.

So what if you don’t have money? Can you borrow capital from someone who trusts you? It’s not a question of having resources…but of having RESOURCEFULNESS.

So what if you fail? At least you tried. Those that do not fail are not doing anything at all.

So what if you don’t know how? You can always ask. Google. Act. Fail. Succeed. Learn. Repeat.

So what if people will ridicule you? They do not own the DREAMS in YOUR HEART. You alone will look in the mirror at the end of the day and say, you made it.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. My journey has been like that for the last decade. After realizing I need to make some changes, I simply closed my eyes and got started. I started a business part-time, struggled to get it off the ground. I failed many times. Got rejected. Discouraged. Got up again. Licked my wounded ego. Moved on. Eventually, I was able to quit my 9-year IT career to grow my business full-time. Now it’s been more than 5 years since I quit. Never have I felt more free to DREAM and pursue the things I want in life. The next 5 years is going to be very exciting. The DREAM is still alive. 🙂 I hope you find the courage within you to pursue your dreams as well. There’s help on the other side when you decide to make a change in your life. 🙂 Cheers to your success!!!


P.S. In my next article, I will share you the one thing you need to know before you start your own business.  If you don’t learn this, starting a business will get you further in debt instead of earn you additional income.

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