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Work Smart

Today, we will temporarily take a break from our ongoing Baby Steps to Financial Riches Series to give way to a guest article ‘Work Smart’ by one of my friends Sha Nacino.  Read on and enjoy!

Work Smart
By Sha Nacino

We always hear the phrase “work hard.” Yes, working hard is very important. However, I think working hard is not enough. One needs to work smart as well.

I am a poor singer. My father and brother would always tease me when I sing. When I was in High School, I auditioned for our school choir. No matter how hard I practiced, I didn’t pass the audition because I was tone deaf and my voice was sintonado. In fact, I was lucky if I could finish a song without revising its tune.

John Maxwell said, “Don’t work on your weaknesses”. By weaknesses, he is referring to our talents and skills. For example if you rate yourself 3 in singing in a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest, then pursue another career other than singing. Because companies only reward excellence! Assuming that you work hard to improve your singing and you raise your score by 2 points, your rate is just average at 5.

It’s the same thing with work. You may be doing a job that is not in line with your skills. No matter how hard you would try, the best that you could achieve is an average performance.

It may also be that you want to augment your income because you want to provide a more comfortable lifestyle to your family. So you decide to work overtime on weekends. Then you begin to think about rewarding yourself for your hard work. You then treat yourself to a nice movie or a sumptuous meal, or an expensive watch. You are too busy and tired to realize that though you’re earning extra from your overtime, you also spend a lot.

I therefore suggest that you work smart aside from working hard. If possible, try to commit working only 5 days a week. Use the one day to feed your mind regarding financial management and the other one day to bond with your loved ones. Read lots of financial books from best-selling authors. Look for mentors and take time to talk to them and learn from them.

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